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April 2020 AD

  Drug Fixing
by Government

What an astounding eye-opener to our criminal justice system was shown in the Netflix show, How to Fix a Drug Scandal!

Our previous eye-opener to injustices in the justice system was in finding out how totally unreliable eye-witness testimony has always been in criminal cases. This was scientifically proven when DNA testing became widely available proving the false imprisonment of thousands of men who were largely convicted on eye-witness testimony and police line-ups to identify who they saw on the night of the crime, only for DNA evidence to conclusively prove they could not have done the crime of which they were convicted.

Now we are shown what happens behind the scenes in our crime labs. And it's not a pretty sight.

In fact, the corruption involved in the criminal drug labs was so rampant and alarming, as exposed in this Netflix documentary, it really highlights why we will really need to watch the new technology of DNA testing itself in future crimes where crime labs are increasingly the ultimate means of convicting criminals.

Everyone has been affected by the war on drugs.

We are all judged "Guilty until Proven Innocent" everyday In America by being forced against our will to be drug-tested before we can be allowed to have a job. Sometimes, we are continued to be judged guilty even after proven innocent, by being forced to take random drugs to maintain employment.

Not so it seems if you are the one actually doing the drug test.

In the criminal drug testing facilities of Massachusetts, Sonja Farak was a drug addict when she was hired to test for drugs. She was never given a drug test to obtain a job, whose responsibilities were to convict people using drugs.

And at no time during her employ, when she was surrounded by every drug known to man for pleasure, day-to-day testing for these drugs was she herself ever tested for drugs.

And she was smoking and doping up all the evidence for years while on the job.

There were pure bottles of cocaine in the lab, used as a measure of the efficiency of testing methods. To be used to prove the drug test worked on a known sample of cocaine, before using on the suspected criminal sample she was to test.

She was using the pure cocaine for herself, instead of using it for its intended use as a means of calibration.

Never presumed guilty, never presumed to give into the temptation of drugs all around her.

Lesbian Muslims seem to always be assumed innocent even while working in crime labs and tampering with evidence (by using the evidence), while everyone else were going to prison.

Sonja Farak

That was in the Western labs of Massachusetts.  Meanwhile, in the Eastern lab there was Annie Dookhan.

"Annie get your gun" was so pro-police, she would ask prosecutors what outcome they wanted and would oblige them. Totally non-objective as you would expect a scientific drug test to be.

Again, the drug test is only as good as the tester. Liars can still lie. And it appears Indians can lie with the best of them.

Annie Dookhan

Annie Dookham explains why justice so much demands you have access to your "own prosecutor".  That is, you need to have a defense lawyer present when evidence is being presented against you.

Especially in cases such as these when it is the State versus the citizen accused.

These drug cases are not a farmer Joe accuses Farmer Jack of a crime. These crimes are often state-employed police officers arresting a criminal with drugs.

These drug sample should have always been sent to the drug labs in a blind test, as any scientific evaluation is done everyday in the real world.

The lawyers for the defense should be present with the lawyers for the  prosecution when drug samples are being prepared for delivery to the drug labs. It would be best that the prepared drug sample to be sent to the drug lab with two other control substances, one a known drug and the other a fake. The three samples will be tested and all three results should match what the drug really is.

As a minimum, there should not be a real case number, a real person identified, or a real victim identified, so as to bias the case.

Prosecutors Annie Kaczmarek and Kris Foster were two such corrupt prosecutors who never saw any of the same kind of justice they were bringing down on the heads of people they were trying to place in prison.

Kaczmarek Foster

Which leads back to the head of the snake. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley whose only punishment for trying to limit the scope of the case, was giving up her cushy political job to push the DRUG OF JUUL E-CIGARETTE!!!

Martha Coakley

In the end, this documentary about the addiction of Farak and the obsession of Dookhan comes down to having to emphasize the word FIX in How to FIX a Drug Scandal, as the State over and over is shown trying to limit the reopening of the 35,000 drug cases tainted by this ineptitude, corruption, lack of due diligence, bias, and yes, even criminality inside the criminal crime-fighting unit of the State.

Lawyer Duke Ryan is the real hero here who exposed all the corruption in the Massachusetts drug labs.

Luke Ryan

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