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April 2020 AD

  The Soviets were Never Woke

Per our Jewish Progressive Old White leader Bernie Sanders, honeymooner of the Soviet Union, how could he have ever endorsed the Communism of the Soviet Union?

After all, the Judeo-Commissars were ultra-conservative in their day.
  1.   All Soviet Union communist leaders were WHITE and MEN (and mostly Jewish)
  2.   They never had a 5-year Green Plan. In fact, the countryside was wrecked
  3.   There were no protections for Gays and Lesbians
  4.   They didn't acknowledge transgenders even existed.
  5.   There were no drag queen story hours in the gulag.
  6.   The gulags separated men and women as if there were a difference
  7.   The gulags maintained strict Separation of Church and State
  8.   They were no misogamists, they killed men and women equally
  9.   In fact, AOC called Stalin center-right
On the other hand, there were liberal elements.
  1.   They were preparing for global warming in their Siberian slave-work camps.
  2.   Not a single member of the gulags were allowed to have a gun
  3.   Not a single member of the gulags were allow to practice their religion
  4.   Abortions performed (on the mother) successfully terminated the fetus
  5.   Non-aborting mothers worked while the state cared for their little ones
On the whole, the best that Bernie could say was that this is be yet another example of "True Communism has not yet been tried?

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