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April 2020 AD

China Syndrome
Where was WHO?

Do not Blame Chinese for Chinese Flu

Here's another interesting question for you. 
Which country has the highest IQ?
(Choose only one answer)

Answer A?
China - who placed a Level-4 Bio-warfare facility deep in the heart of the densely populated city of Wuhan and right next to a nasty wet market?

Answer B?
Japan - who placed the Fukushima heavily-radioactive nuclear power plant right on beach of the Pacific coast, which is known to be prone to devastating tsunamis, while insuring to place their emergency backup generators into pits in the ground where they could be flooded?


Answer C?
America - who in the 1940's conducted nuclear weapons development deep in the sparsely populated Sonoran desert of New Mexico.

Everyone was expecting China

to export a computer virus to us
that would totally
disrupt the American economy.

"Made in China"
exported to the World

Made in China and Exported

Bablylon Bee's take is spot on.

PR Disaster: President Xi Forgets To Remove 'Made In China' Tags From Coronavirus

BEIJING—In a PR disaster for the Communist government of China, President Xi Jinping suddenly realized he forgot to take off the "Made in China" tags from all copies of the coronavirus his government shipped all over the world.

"Oh, shoot, I knew I forgot something," the totalitarian Communist president muttered as his scientists examined COVID-19 viruses under microscopes and realized every copy of the virus had the telltale tag attached. "All this time I've been trying to blame America for this thing and the evidence was right there."

"How embarrassing!" Luckily for the Communists, the American media immediately began calling anyone who pointed out the tags' existence a racist, buying the CCP some time to deal with the PR fiasco.

The CCP has issued a recall on the virus, asking everyone with copies of the novel Wuhan coronavirus to ship them back to mainland China so the tags can be replaced with new ones reading "Made by Evil Pig-Dog President Trump."

If blame is required,
why is this not
the UN's fault?

WHO to blame?

WHO is to Blame

Why does no one point the finger at the World Health Organization (WHO) for not preventing a world pandemic?

The Covid-19 Wuhan Flu, Chinese Flu, Kung Flu, Plandemic, or my favorite, the current Black Plague becoming the ChiCom Red Death, simmers then explodes in China, months later it's transmitted around the world, and now that it is in the lap of Donald Trump, it's all his fault?

Why does no one point to the United Nations as being derelict in their self-proclaimed duty to insure their own agency WHO, who they said themselves has the self-anointed responsibility to protect the health of the world?

How many "Walking Dead" Contagion movies have been produced by Judeo-Hollywood hinting this might happen?

How many pandemic news articles about the need for vaccines has Bill Gates authored suggesting how we should handle a crisis?

And still we had a contagion that the World Health Organization was totally not prepared for?

Of what good is the lying political United Nation's WHO?  (see here and here)

The useless WHO totally ignored Taiwan's warnings.

Taiwan Chinese are not racists against the Chinese people of Communist China. They just don't care much for lying atheist Communists who dominate the UN's World Health Organization. (see here)

WHO is Wrong to Trust China

Actually, I can answer that question raised about the damage to credibility to the globalist WHO. According to the Judeo-globalists -- "The problem will continue, not because the UN is corrupt and incompetent, but BECAUSE, the UN has not yet been given enough money and enough power to effectively solve the Chinese Communist Red Death problem."

Answer to every government or quasi-government failure -- more money, no accountability.

The China Syndrome

China Syndrome

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