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April 2020 AD

  What about
Legionaire's Disease?

California has had nearly 50% of all their ChiCom Covid-19 deaths occurring in nursing homes.

We can only speculate as to how many illegal Chinese, just returned from the Chinese Yew Year celebration back home, are being hired to work "cheap" at these facilities of death.

New York City, with a fig leaf executive order to establish legality, had their infamous mayor Andrew Cuomo ordering certain death on the infirmed by his demanding infected nursing home patients be returned to their nursing home, where the infected infirmed went on to infect many other infirmed.

As a direct result, the NYC nursing home death rate has been around 25%.

So this Plandemic is mostly the story of the decimation of old people with weakened immune systems.

Humm!!  When has this happened in the past?

Believe it or not, you cannot talk about the political implications of the ChiCom Red Death without first referring back to the American Legion.

Jewish Media tells Americans that "Trump is evil" for referring to the pandemic as the Chinese flu, instead of referring to it by its scientist-named moniker of Covid-19.

You see, the colloquial name of "Chinese Flu" shows bias, racism, and hate; but let's be (Ann) Frank here, Jewish Media for all eternity will never stop calling another such illness the German Measles.

Naturally for Jews, there is even a far, far, worst example of hypocrisy.

This Judeo-MSM cabal have never had any concerns saying Legionnaire's Disease.

The Conspiracy of
Legionnaire's Disease

Indeed, it was not a mere coincidence in 1976 that this new, far deadlier novel disease showed up precisely...
  1.     Timed :  200th Anniversary of America's Independence
  2.  Located :  Philadelphia, capital of that Independence
  3. Affected :  Only American Legion war heroes in attendance 
And let's not forget, the disease was given its name,
  1. Not by medical scientists
  2. Not by medical doctors
  3. Not by medical researchers
  4. Not by medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic
  5. Not by the NIH (National Institute of Health)
  6. Not by the CDC (Center for Disease Control)
  7. Not even by the globalist WHO
  8. But by the most hateful of all racists
  9. The name Legionnaire was given by the Jewish Mass Media;
  10. Thereby, causing the American Legion to become virtually wiped off the Internet in all search engine results, because only the disease come up when you search for the actual Legionnaire patriots. 
One in the Judeo-media who bemoans racist-naming cannot be a more hypocrite than this.
(But then we are talking about the Judeo-MSM.)

Why are the Judeo-Media today
supporting this foreign-based censorship?

TDS meets SARS

Most can see why China is so touchy about the COVID-19 virus being called the Chinese Flu, but why has our globalist Judeo-MSM agreed to stop using that name?

Why are they buckling to censorship from a foreign Communist dictatorship? 

Why would they want to limit their freedom of the press to deliver news to Americans?

Why are the Judeo-MSM not giving the United Nation's WHO any blame?

Answer to all four questions: Because they want to.

You see, if Americans all start hating the Communist Chinese, by seeing the full ramifications of this infamous Communist Chinese flu export to America, and seeing how worthless the United Nation's World Health Organization is in protecting World Health, then Americans may also learn to hate their own Judeo-Communist goal of World Globalism as well.

You racist Zenophobe

The American Legion

The American Legion before 1976 historically and proudly stood for:
  1.   Promoting Americanism
  2.   Individual obligation to the community, state, and nation
  3.   Peace and good will
For this, you should know that the American Legion is an organization hated by the anti-American, anti-morals Judeo-MSM, for the simple fact that the American Legion stands for everything the Judeo-Mass Media utterly and completely despises and hates.

If patriotic conspiracy theorists were ever to believe the Jewish Mass media had it in for America so bad that they joyfully would jump at any reason or chance to smudge the good name of the American Legion who defended America in past patriotic wars, then certainly, patriotic conspiracy theorists would have no better reason to believe a theory that the Judeo-MSM not only planned to totally distract from the 200th Anniversary of the American Revolution, but as well while they were at it, to besmudge the good name of the American Legion forever as the way to accomplish this satanic feat against America.

Thus in 1976, during the 200th year anniversary of America's Independence Day, at the center of that Independence - America's first capital of Philadelphia, during the American Legion convention at the Bellvue-Strattford Hotel on July 21, 1976, it is entirely conceivable that a deadly virus was consciously and deliberately released upon our poor frail war heroes of past American wars.

If you have read this site for long, we don't believe in coincidences on the national stage. And we especially do not believe in the coincidence of this virus hitting right at that time in American history, at that historic American place and against those historic American war heroes.

Furthermore, to seal in most minds that this was not a coincidence, our Judeo-Mass Media were the one to name the disease, for it was not scientists at the Center for Disease Control, or doctors at the Mayo Clinic who named it. Yes, indeed, the MSM named this disease as it fit their globalist narrative to a tee.

Journalists Paul Carpenter and Bob Dvorchak were responsible for coining the term 'Legionnaires disease'. Carpenter broke the original Legionnaires' disease story in 1976, and Dvorchak, who was the editor on the Associated Press desk who handled Carpenter's story, first came up with the name.
Wikipedia "Legionaire's Disease"

The CDC and WHO could have given this a scientific name other than  Legionella pneumophila, itself a reference to the Legionnaires, or for common usage, even named the disease the Philadelphia Fever, but being the deep state globalists that they are, they took their marching orders from the Judeo-MSM.

The terms "Philadelphia fever" and "Legion fever" appear to have been used at the time of the outbreak and for shortly thereafter, although at least one 2008 source which covers disease in a historical narrative sense also included "Legion Fever" as alternate name. Both the World Health Organization in 2018 and the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2017 only use the term Legionnaires' disease to refer to the serious version with pneumonia.
Wikipedia "1976 Philadelphia Legionnaires' disease outbreak"

Legionnaire's Disease was all the Jewish Mass Media talked about from then on. Forget America's heritage, forget America's 200 year anniversary, forget patriotism, forget even thinking about Making America Great Again.

Even today, a Google or Bing search on "Legionnaire" or "Legion" returns nothing on page one referring to the American Legion organization. Certainly searching for "American" would not get you there either.

The American Legion has been virtually wiped clean from the Internet.

The only way you could find them is if you already knew they existed; that is, you would have to know to fully type out "American Legion" in your search bar.

We have outlined a lot of diabolical Jewish plots in this website in the past, but this one surely stacks right up there with some of the most diabolical.

Racism today

The communists of China have infected the world. They are the source of the ChiCom Wuhan Flu, the Chinese Flu, and as arrogantly as ever, they will take no blame or responsibility in the matter. In fact, they are exercising their ever increasing muscle on the world stage to squash any reference the names of Communism, China, ChiCom, Chinese or Wuhan as associated with this disease.

Only now are our Judeo-MSM sensitive to a name on a virus. Once Communist China barked, they now only refer to it as simply COVID-19. No such sensitivity shown the American Legionnaires, our sacred war heroes.

The Rocky Mountain fever is still from the Rocky Mountains.

The Ebola virus is still from the Ebola River.

In fact, any number of flu cases have geographic names like Spanish Flu, Russian Flu, Fort Dix Flu.

Is Typhoid Mary now a sexist term.

Is German Measles always going to be used by the Jewish Media against Germans?

Notable, the Legiobnaire's disease will never be referred to as the Philadelphia Disease or the Phili Disease, the Bellvue-Strattford Hotel disease or any number of scientific disease names like H1N1 (Swine Flu).

But Communist China snaps their fingers and our Jewish MSM who support them take a bow.

Last I checked, the Chinese had not given me 10 million dollars, so I can still say what I want to say. (And not to give them ideas, but they have not threatened my family yet either thank God).

So I will call out China for not containing this from the rest of the world.

Or, as Ann Coulter says about Viral pandemics:
  1.   H1N1 (from China)
  2.   Bird flu (from China)
  3.   SARS (from China)
  4.   Wuhan virus (from China)
  5.  MERS (Not Ann's article and not China but just as bad, from an equally dispicable place, the Middle East)
For all this, China has earned the name CHICOM RED DEATH for all of history.

The American Legionnaires though
are innocents
who will be forever tarred
as the name of a horrible virus.

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