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March 2020 AD

Christian Men
Must Rule

Snopes wants you to know that the girl above powerful world-leader Merkel is really her, but the other two are just her high school friends, not May and Dalial.

Three Female World Leaders

OK, we obligatorily allowed women their day in the sun.

We first gave them the right to vote and then they voted anti-men women into office.

And wow have they managed to screw things up much worst than the men were doing.

Men just don't get it. Clueless men come to the defense of a married woman when she is crying of being beaten by her husband, but her instincts were always to mate with the strongest lion out there. Who the hell are these second-place male outsiders to imagine they can second-guess her rightful marriage choice?

And that is the problem.

When you allow into your country strong lions from Africa and strong lions from the Middle East, don't be surprised when all your sister's friends pass on dating you, "the meek and humble white Christian good guy", whom they only see as mere sheep ready to be devoured.

These women will themselves be devoured by their own lions sure enough, but those male lions unleashed into Western society also be the ones devouring you as well, just as the women's instincts predicted.

The women of all conquered lands always fight to mate with the conquerers.

Germany has Angela Merkel. Britain has Queen Elizabeth and had Theresa May. Their husbands are all wimps, but that's not the point here.

What these female Western leaders have allowed to happen, along with the Fem-Male Emmanuel Macron of France, is to allow all those African and Middle Eastern lions into your lands, which you will have to deal with sooner than later.

America has a legacy of African lions, not of our making as addressed in the last article; however, we are so lucky we have relatively few Middle Eastern lions, no thanks to the Bushes, the Clintons and yes, even H1B Hindu loving Trump.

While you see these strong men as dangerous adversaries, your women see them as mates.

There is a Third World War coming and a big IF we win, these traitorous women will find themselves locked up back in the homes with the kids.

Jews had this all figured out long ago with the story of Adam and Eve. Adam suffered when he allowed Eve to guide him. And if we were smart, the Jewish Problem will finally be dealt with which brought all this on.

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