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March 2020 AD

Jewish causes
American Civil War

Slavery was peacefully eliminated in dozens of countries who had far fewer ideals of freedom and liberty than America espoused. Only in America did the fight result in a Civil War.


High school history book reasons for the American Civil War: 
  1. Cotton gin (Made the South totally dependent on Slavery)
  2.  High tariffs on European manufactured goods and subsequent reaction tariffs by European countries on American-made cotton (Meant the Southern States were all but forced to buy goods from New England States and forced to only sell their cotton to New England States)
  3.  Irish immigrants from Potato Famine (Made for cheap white labor in the North, reducing their need for black slave labor, thus allowing them to become self-righteous against the South.)
  4.  Bleeding Kansas (Balance of Power fight between Northern and Southern States)
  5.  Abolitionists (Outside interference in Southern State operations)
  6.  Drew Scott Case  (abolished Northern States Rights to regulate slavery in their own state)
  7.  Nat Turner's rebellion (Raised legitimate fear of a Haitian-styled total massacre, but made worst with no condolences from whites in the Northern States)
  8.  John Brown's Harper Ferry raid (No federal support to defend States from enemies outside their state)
  9.  Election of President Lincoln (Promised in inaugural address to  keep  federal  forts in Southern lands even if the States succeeded)
  10.  Southern succession (Cumulation of all the above)
  11.  Lincoln's re-supply of Fort Sumter (Provocation which promised a military response)

Real reasons for the American Civil War:
  1.  The fundamental proximate cause for the Civil War: Immigration to America of Radical Communist Jews following their expulsions from Europe with the 1815 AD defeat of Napoleon which ended the Judeo-atheist, Judeo-communist French Revolution era with subsequent restoration of Christian Kings across Europe; and especially, following the defeat of the 1848 Judeo-Communist Revolution. 
With this root cause in place, existing business Jews were pitted against these radical communist Jews who agitated America into war for all the following actions:
  1.  Long before Pre-Civil War: An entire colony of Jews fled their Dutch Indies sugar plantations in Recife, Brazil following the defeat of the Dutch against Portugal, arriving in New Amsterdam (now New York City) in 1654 AD against the wishes of their people, especially Governor Peter Stuyvesant who was blackmailed under threat of a trade boycott of the struggling colony by Jews on the Board of Directors of the Dutch East India company. These Recife Jews immediately set out to do the only thing they knew to do, they established slavery in America, getting rich on the importation of those slaves in their slave ships. Pre-Civil War: overseas Jewish trade in African slaves had been abolished long before the Civil War by Congress in 1799, the ten years grace period Congress had to wait after the Constitution was enacted in 1789. Slaves no longer were needed to be imported from Africa as there were now plenty of native slaves procreating as the need expanded.
  2.  Pre Civil War: NYC Jewish clothing manufacturers were the chief proponents of "cheap immigrant labor" of black slaves to procure a cheap cotton supply, thus business Jews opposed abolition. Post Civil War: Business Jews helped insure Lincoln's repatriation to Africa plan was destroyed and set up the sharecropper system of cheap black labor to keep their cheap cotton.
  3.  Pre-Civil War: The new radical Jews pushed social justice to free slaves.
  4.  Pre-Civil War: The unstated major reason for pushing the nation to the edge was because Jews needed the political elimination of States Rights which had up till then excluded Jews. Post civil war: Standing behind the excuse of protecting the rights of blacks, Jews succeeded in implementing the 14th Amendment bringing federal freedom of speech, press and religion for Jews down to the State level and forcing States to accept Jews and the Jesus-denying Jewish faith. This allowed Jews unrestrained access to control the public discussion through control of the public media.
  5.  Pre and Post Civil War: NYC Jewish industrialists needed high tariffs to protect them from foreign competition in Christian-ran countries, angering Southern States.
  6.  Pre and Post Civil War: NYC Jewish clothing industrialists needed high enough tariffs to cause Christian European countries to retaliate with high tariffs on cotton from America, resulting in Jews being able to fix the price for themselves. Further angering the Southern States.
  7.  Pre-Civil War: NYC Jewish elites were successful in having New York City succeed from the Union at the same time the Southern states did. (NYC was quickly forced back into the Union and that sin was quickly wiped under the rug.)
  8.  Pre and Post Civil War: NYC Jewish clothing manufacturers took advantage of cheap Irish immigrants to work for them thus allowing the Northern States to eliminate slavery and become  self-righteous about slavery.
  9.  Pre-Civil War: Bleeding Kansas. The Northern side, who were the main provocateurs in violence, was mostly composed of European radical Jews.
  10.  Pre-Civil War: John Brown's Harper Ferry raid. Composed of European radical Jews agitating to provoke insurrection in the South
  11.  During Civil War: Lincoln's trusted top General Ulysses S. Grant's issued General Order #11 excluding corrupt Jewish cotton merchants trying to bribe his officers for preferential treatment on cotton purchases for NYC Jewish clothing manufacturers. Especially, corruptly bribing Grant's own father to be their cotton representative to Grant.
  12.  Post Civil War: Ended with Lincoln's Assassination by Jewish actor John Wilkes Booth, as Lincoln was repatriating needed freed blacks back to Africa.

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