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March 2020 AD

Socialism is the Opiate of the Masses

As of this writing openly-socialist Bernie Sanders is being beaten by secret-socialist Joe Biden. But what an eye opener this election cycle has been to show how weak and fragile are American freedoms. 

How can this be?

First, the truthful message of Christianity's promise of salvation, of everlasting life, is perverted by Jewish Marxists as the opiate of the masses.

Second, the real "opiate of the masses" has always been the Jewish Marxists promise of everlasting paradise under socialism.

The drug pushers promise free healthcare to the uneducated poor and free college tuition to the educated rich. "I will give you socialist paradise if only you will democratically elect me," say the drug pushers of this socialist opioid.

The Russian Revolution by the masses who were deluded by socialist opioid spelled utter disaster for the masses, 20 million wiped out by their own government. The Chinese socialist-addicted masses found 60 million of them starved to death when marched out to communal farms. Cuban masses were addicted to Castro's communism and then line up in front of firing squads. The current Venezuelan opioid addicted masses transitioned Venezuela from the most prosperous nation in South America to the most destitute.

Once addicted, these masses cannot, and are allowed not, to free themselves of their destructive addiction.

How does a country transition  from a Constitutional Republic which created the most prosperous country on Earth all the way over to Communism?  

Small Lies, then bigger lies and finally, gargantuan lies.

Note that Jew Bernie Sanders also says he is not a communist, but he so loves the literacy program of Castro and honeymooned in the former Soviet Union.

When Hugo Chávez was running in his first successful presidential campaign, back in 1998, he was asked point blank in several television interviews whether or not he was a communist.

His reply was identical to the one given by Fidel Castro to Princeton University students during his visit to the United States in 1959:
            “I am a humanist.”   -Link

Communist Aging Process

Crony Jewish Billionaire Michael Bloomberg and Crony Jewish Billionaire Tom Streyer use their billions of corrupt graft money to buy the votes of elite liberals.

Rich and Powerful Jew Bernie Sanders uses American taxpayer money to buy the votes of poor blacks and poor Hispanics.

Other Peoples Money

Pervert Jewish Hollywood, Lying Jewish media, and censoring Jewish Internet giants work toward the same goals.

Their combined goal? The complete subjugation of Christian America and destruction of its Constitution, replaced by a Judeo-Tyranny as they enjoyed in the USSR.

The rich and powerful such as Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg are always tell us they will protect us from the rich and powerful, but never do.

Rich and Powerful Bernie Sander

Anyone playing defense has never been a good long-term strategy and will be suicidal for America.

Every day shows more Christian patriots in jail and more Christians censored and marinalized.

Every day shows no arrests of coup conspirators from the Deep State, no arrests of Antifa or round-up of Communists.

Where is our hallowed POTUS, with his converted Jewish daughter, son married to a Jew, and all Jewish grandchildren, upon whom so many Americans have pinned so much hope?

The PACA Plan and The Christian Solution are the only REAL last minute ways of avoiding an America permanently addicted to the opioid of Socialism.

The PACA Plan and The Christian Solution are the only REAL last minute ways of avoiding a devastating second Civil War, which is not a sure bet Christians can win if the Russian Revolution is any indication.

Passing the Hammer and Sycle

Hammer calling the Sycle Black
Obviously not a Communist

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