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February 2020 AD

Crony Capitalist Jew
Crony Communist Jew

Bernie Bloomberg

Berrnie Sanders
Michael Bloomberg
America's premier
America's premier
Can the Jews be more obvious about their deceptions? Playing both ends?

Jew Bernie Sanders points a finger of hatred to rich Jew Michael Bloomberg as a crony capitalist. Stealing American's wealth through the Jewish-owned Stock Market.

Just don't call crony Capitalist Bloomberg a crony Jew!!!

Jew Michael Bloomberg points a finger of hatred to Jew Bernie Sanders who opposes his "All-In Economy". Wanting to steal the rest of America's wealth through Judeo-communism.

Just don't call crony Communist Bernie a crony Jew!!!

Here you are with the two most extreme political positions; Both rich, old, white Democrats; Both Jews.

Both of these Jews are the real enemy of the American People.

Just don't call these Jews The Enemy of the People!!!

For if you do, 

You are a NAZI!!!

You are a HITLER!!!

You are the real ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!

Does America really want or need a Jewish President?

Seems many other Jewish Billionaires are hedging their bets. 60 for Biden, 56 for Buttigieg, and on and on.

Billionmaires and Democrats

But we always love Babylon Bee satire...

Bernie Sanders Frustrated with Having to Ask for Money Instead of Just Taking It!

U.S.—The campaign trail is reportedly taking a toll on Bernie Sanders. The main thing that seems to be wearing him out is the extremely foreign concept of having to convince people to voluntarily hand over money.

“This just feels so wrong,” Sanders told staffers. “If you know you really have a good idea how to spend that money, you just take that money from people under threat of imprisonment. Having to convince people to voluntarily hand over money just feels too much like capitalism.”

Bloomberg Gives A Billion Dollars To Bernie Sanders Causing Him To Destroy Self

DURHAM, NC—Billionaire Michael Bloomberg came up with a genius plan to destroy Democratic rival Bernie Sanders: give him a billion dollars. 

Bloomberg waited in a Sanders campaign office ahead of the socialist's next rally and leaped out as soon as Sanders walked in, handing over a briefcase full of cash before Sanders knew what was happening. As soon as the money was handed over, the time-space paradox of Bernie Sanders now being a billionaire caused him to explode.

"I'm a billionaire? Billionaires shouldn't exist. I SHOULDN'T EXIST!" Bernie screamed as he burst into flames. "Noooooooo!!!"

"All I wanted was to eeeeaaat theeeee riiiiiich," he groaned as he disappeared from existence.

He was burnt to a crisp, melting to the floor like a Nazi opening the Ark of the Covenant, though more Communisty.

It was unclear what would become of the billion dollars. Sanders did not reportedly have a will leaving his assets to charity since he was unfamiliar with the concept of being generous with his own money.

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