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January 2020 AD

Fidel Castro

Student to high school history teacher,

        "Why hasn't our country invaded and freed the poor people of Cuba/"

High School teacher's response,

        "Because we are afraid of starting a nuclear war with the Soviet Union"


        "But I thought you taught us that the Soviet Union died 20 years ago?"

Miles Mathis, writer of the article below, is a man after my own heart.

Sure this site has commented on Fidel Castro's miraculous ability to remain in power under the umbrella of the strongest military power on Earth, while constantly sticking his finger toward this country.

But Miles puts numbers to this imbalance. Our spending on our base on at Guantanamo, on the island of Cuba itself, is ten times the entire military budget of Castro. Our military is 10,000 times bigger.

Our fear of Cuba never made any sense, because before Castro, we had no fear of North Korea with an 8,000 miles supply chain, and after Castro, we had no fear of North Vietnam with the same 8,000 mile supply chain, but Castro's Havana is within the 200 mile exlusion zone for this country.

But Miles is asking why did we do a Bay of Pigs from the other side of Cuba when Havana is on the North facing America and could be bombed into submission in a matter of hours.

We have wondered how our U.S. marines could be defeated by Castro at the Bay of Pigs, but we had already defeated a real world power, Spain, to gain Cuba itself in the Spanish-American war? 

Was Castro really stronger than the empire of Spain?

Miles goes the extra step, asking if Castro had such superhuman military might, why has Castro not been able to overrun our base at Guantanamo?

Fact is that Castro is in power because we want him in power.

And Miles makes sure to let us know all historians are LIARS!

For how else could a REAL historian profess to believe such easily proven falsehoods?

This site has also informed about the drooling love affair the Jews in Hollywood have with Fidel Castro.  We explain it away merely as their love of communism; the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

But Miles gets right to the chase; the real reason Castro was both able to maintain power for so long AND was so beloved by Jews the world over.  And yes, we are so utterly ashamed to admit we had never even considered the possibility.

Miles informs us that Fidel Castro is a Jew.

A Marrano Jew.

Castro was a crypto Jew; hence the reason why Jewish Hollywood swooned all over this blood thirsty tyrant.

How could I have not even thought this once in the last 10 years?

Jews don't hate real murderous tyrants like Jewish Castro or Jewish Lenin or Jewish Bernie Sanders who Project Veritas showed had a paid campaigner who espoused hard labor Gulag reeducation camps right here in America, burning cities and all.

Jews only really hate those they falsely get us to believe are murderous tyrants, like Christian Ronald Reagan or Christian Donald Trump.

Jeffery Goldberg interviewing Fidel Castro:

    "I don't think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews," Castro said. "I would say much more than the Muslims. They have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything."

    Discussing the horrific consequences of anti-Semitism, Castro noted that the Jews "were expelled from their land, persecuted and mistreated all over the world, as the ones who killed God.... Over 2,000 years they were subjected to terrible persecution and then to the pogroms.

    One might have assumed that they would have disappeared; I think their culture and religion kept them together as a nation.... The Jews have lived an existence that is much harder than ours. There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust."

-- from "Fidel Castro, with Ploys and PR Stunts, Seeks to use Jews", by Jaime Daremblum

Fidel Castro

by Miles Mathis
First published January 1, 2016

As usual, this is just my opinion, based on personal research.

Let's start by studying the photo above closely.  Could Castro look more Jewish there?  You will say that doesn't mean anything: maybe he was lit by a Jewish light.  So how about the fact Castro admitted he was Jewish?  That's right, he has admitted his ancestors were Marranos—Spanish Jews who pretended to convert to avoid the Inquisition.

He was never an ideological fascist, Cubenas said, and was defnitely not an anti-Semite.  Fidel had explained at the time that he could not be 'with' the fascists because they were against the Jews, and he could not be against the Jews for the simple reason that he was one.  He volunteered that he was descended, through his grandmother, from Jews.  Fidel was Catholic, not Jewish, and Cuban, not European, but he told anyone who would listen that the Jews were his own people. [Symmes, p. 335]

That is not from Stormfront, that is from a book by respected mainstream journalist and historian Patrick Symmes.

For more evidence, we find these two quotes from Castro at IMDB: I don't think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust. For a Cuban of Spanish descent, allegedly crushed by US foreign policy from the beginning, he seems awfully concerned about the Jews.  Besides, it is known that Marx was Jewish and I have shown much evidence Marxism was an early Intelligence project.  So Castro's Marxism is evidence itself that he was part of this project, as well as Jewish.   Marxism has always been a joint project between prominent Jewish families and billionaire Industrialists.

There is also evidence Castro was an actor.  For one thing, he has a page at IMDB.  How many other Communist leaders have pages at the Internet Movie Data Base?  He was an extra in several Hollywood movies, including two in 1946.  That year was the year the CIA was formed. 

We are told at IMDB that famous admirers of Castro include Ted Turner, Jack Nicholson, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Steven Spielberg, Chevy Chase, Leonardo DiCaprio, Vanessa Redgrave, Robert Redford, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings and Oliver Stone.

Most of those people are actors.  Why would those people admire Castro?  No, really, ask yourself that and demand an answer.  Why would Peter Jennings and Dan Rather admire Castro?  Are they Communists?   I suggest to you that these people admire Castro for his acting skills: his ability to hold a believable pose for many decades.  They may also admire him because he is Jewish and so are they. A large percentage of Hollywood actors are Jewish, as we know  What about the others on that list? Oliver Stone is Jewish, the son of stockbroker Louis Silverstein.   For all we know he could be related to Larry Silverstein. 

Oliver Stone

We are told his mother is French Catholic, but have no way to confirm that.  Her mother's maiden name is conspicuously denied us and the genealogies have been scrubbed.  All we know is the name Adele for Stone's maternal grandmother, with no last name.  This is a red flag. 

Harry Belafonte

Surprisingly, Harry Belafonte also has Jewish roots.  His grandfather was a Jew from Holland who probably owned land in Jamaica and probably had relations with one of his workers there.  I assume this means Belafonte's father was also Jewish, unless he was disowned.  We have to assume he wasn't, since Belafonte probably wouldn't have been born in New York in that case.  His father would have been trapped by poverty in Jamaica.  He also wouldn't have taken the name of his father if he had been disowned and left to his black mother.  We are told the name was originally spelled Bellanfanti, but that is another dodge.  It was probably spelled Belinfante, the surname of a prominent Jewish line from the Netherlands that includes the famous cellist Frieda Belinfante, the famous theologian Moses Belinfante, and the famous journalist Emilie Belinfante.  Harry is probably related to all these people, and knows it.  It was his connections that probably helped him to become famous.  Later, Harry married a Jewish woman, dancer Julie Robinson.

This is all very strange, and I admit it.  I had no idea all this would come up when I began researching Castro.  Is that list at IMDB a clue?  Are all those people on the list Jewish?  Even Ted Turner, Dan Rather, and Danny Glover?  We have seen stranger things.  You will say Glover is black and can't be Jewish, but we just saw that Harry Belafonte, who most people would say is black, is in fact part Jewish.  So who knows?  It is something for someone to research more thoroughly.  I made some quick searches but found no genealogies of those people online. 

Which brings us back to my original question.  Why would these people admire Castro?  Let's ask why Harry Belafonte would admire Castro.  Belafonte was mentored by Paul Robeson, a Communist, so I will be told that is the link.  But I have shown you all these prominent people must know that Communism is a project itself.  It was created in around 1848 to draw attention away from the worldwide Republican revolutions in those years.  It has been used since to undercut unions and real workers' societies, as we saw in my paper on Eugene Debs.  In other words, Communism is gigantic and longstanding hoax.  Nobody is a real Communist, since it was never a real thing.  Is was a manufactured thing from the beginning, and its leaders have been manufactured as well.  Therefore, not only is Castro not really the revolutionary we have been sold, or the leader of an independent country, he is not even a Communist.  All three things are acts.  

And since that is so, Harry Belafonte can't admire Castro for being a Communist.  He can only admire Castro as a fellow performer.

Curiously, there is another link between Belafonte and Castro.  Remember, Castro is a Marrano, a Spanish Jew.  Well, the Belinfantes are from the Netherlands, but before that they were from Spain.

Charlton Heston

That is Belafonte with Sidney Poitier and Charlton Heston in 1963 at a Civil Rights march.  Notice how they got the Lincoln Memorial in the background, although it looks faked.  The lighting isn't right. It looks like another paste-up.  But anyway, that photo from Wikipedia is telling, since I outed Heston in my paper on Marx.  It wasn't hard to do since the information is all up on the web on mainstream sites, most of it at Wikipedia.  Heston had top secret security clearance all the way back to 1947, year one of the CIA. 

Therefore, seeing him with Poitier and Belafonte here is a huge red flag, indication that Intelligence was controlling the Civil Rights movement from the beginning, and that Heston is acting as some sort of handler here.  Heston was never a progressive, so what was he doing at these Civil Rights marches?  Obviously, he was either controlling them or infiltrating them.  You may think Poitier and Belafonte didn't know that, but my assumption is they did know it.  My assumption is that they were actors or performers playing a part they were paid to play.  The evidence in this paper is only circumstantial, I admit, and it would take a lot more research to prove it.  But this picture with Heston certainly doesn't whitewash them at all.  Just the reverse.  We have seen in my papers that the left in this country has been manufactured for at least a century, propped up to make it seem our country is not just a fascist construct.  So it looks to me like all these prominent leftists are either agents or dupes. You can think they are dupes if it makes you feel better, but I have shown lots of evidence they aren't. No one I have previously researched turned out to be a dupe. 

But back to Castro.  The mainstream sites tell us that his lucky number is 26.  He formed his famous group MR-26-7, on July 26.   Curious, since that is also a favorite number of the CIA—since it adds to 8.  Think of all the agents, artists and musicians who allegedly died at age 26: Sharon Tate, Gram Parsons, Nick Drake, Otis Redding, Randy Rhoads, Hillel Slovak, Jimmy McCulloch, Paul Kossoff, Yutuka Ozaki, Jean Harlow, Charles Emmett Mack, John Wilkes Booth, Aubrey Beardsley, etc.  Many of these people are Jewish.  Kossoff, Beardsley and Slovak are admitted to be Jewish.  Mack is probably Jewish.  So is Jean Harlow, who was discovered by her husband Paul Bern, Jewish.  Randy Rhoads was probably Jewish—see Rhoads and the two Jewish kids from KISS.  Rhoads' first band formed at Bingenheimer's Disco.  His bandmate from Quiet Riot Kevin DuBrow is Jewish.  Rhoads also probably faked his death, although I won't have time to unwind that here. 

Gram Parsons

Gram Parsons was probably Jewish.  His grandmother was Laura Irvin.  His mother was nee Snively, which was changed from Schnebele, which is probably Jewish.  He went to Harvard, despite having poor grades.  Before that Parsons went to Bolles School in Florida, founded by Jewish Billionaire Richard Bolles, who had a seat on the NYSE by the time he was 23.  The Schnebeles were closely related to the famous Hersheys, also Jewish.   Gram's father Cecil Connor was a decorated pilot in the Air Force, reaching the rank of Major by the 1940s.  He was also very wealthy.  He is said to have killed himself in 1958, but that death also looks faked to me.  He was likely a Colonel or Lt. Colonel by that time and went into Intelligence.   His wife didn't grieve for his death at all, which some have taken as a lack of remorse, but which I take as a clue to a faked death.  We will see other clues below.

Gram's mother then married Robert Parsons, and—amazingly—he is tied to Cuba.  We are told that not only did he own nightclubs in Florida where Gram played, he also leased heavy construction equipment.   Curiously, his construction clients were mostly in Cuba.  Dave McGowan tells us this was under the government of Batista, but he seems to be misdirecting you a bit.  We have reached 1959 by that point in the narrative, and by then Castro had taken over Havana.  So you see that just by Googling on the “died at 26” search, we have found more strange connections. 

Being involved in nightclubs and construction equipment, Robert Parsons sounds like a mobster, right? I mean, this was Florida.  But remember what I have shown you about that.  By that time, the mob had been taken over by Intelligence, so Robert Parsons was more likely to be one of them or under their thumb.  In support of that, we find Robert Parsons not only adopting Gram, but drawing up a new birth certificate indicating Gram was his biological son.  No one has that power but the CIA. Go try to rewrite your own birth certificate and see how far you get.  Another indication is Robert “marrying” Gram's mother Avis, but immediately taking a mistress.  I suggest the marriage was a fake, since Cecil Connor was still alive and Avis was still married to him. 

We have still more indication of Gram being Jewish when he named his first band the Shilos.  Shilo is a Jewish name.  Soon after that, Gram met John Phillips [Mamas and Papas], who has red flags all over him.  See my paper on Sharon Tate for just a few of them.  See Dave McGowan for many others.  In 1965, Gram's mother allegedly died, although, again, it looks to me like she just retired from the project and went to live with Cecil Connor “underground”.  We have indication of that in the fact that Gram showed no emotion at her reported death.  He continued on as if she were still alive. 

At Harvard, Gram got involved with the famous Club 47, founded in 1958.  Curious, since Gram's dad

Cecil Connor allegedly died in 1958.  Maybe he went to Cambridge and founded the club.  The name is also curious.  Why the number 47?  That was year one of the CIA, remember?  They insert that number all over the place as a marker, sort of like the number 33.  Dylan and Baez were already there by 1961. Both were spook babies like Parsons.  So was the fake Boston Strangler, who worked his magic at that time on the street on which Club 47 sat.  As usual, Dave McGowan tells you there was misdirection with the Strangler, but leads you away from the right answer.  The right answer is not that there were multiple killers, but that there was NO killer.  It was yet another Intel project to create fear, although I will have to unwind that fully elsewhere.

But enough of Parsons.  He is relatively small fish.  Do you know who else on that list above might be Jewish?  John Wilkes Booth.  It is not my research that discovered that, it is in the new book on Lincoln by Sarna and Shapell—who are Jewish themselves—and in the testimony of Booth's sister Asia and brother Edwin.  Both stated that their father was Jewish, attending synagogue and speaking Hebrew. You may wish to take that back to my paper on Lincoln, since it gives it another turn of the screw.  The authors also admit that the Lincolns attended a performance of the Merchant of Venice, in which John Wilkes Booth played Shylock.  Why is that worth mentioning?  Because Shylock was a Jewish banker.

My readers will be saying, “Oh, God, not the Jewish thing again!  Are you obsessed with Jews or something?”   No, I'm not.  I'm as surprised by all this as much as you are.  I am not choosing these subjects based on their Jewish content, it just keeps coming up.  I had no idea Castro (or Parsons, or any of the rest) might be Jewish when I started writing this.  I had mentioned in several previous papers that the Bay of Pigs event looked like an obvious fake to me, so I thought I should research it more fully.  This naturally took me to Castro.  But once I got into it, the Jewish question hit me in the face once again.  It is there, so I can't help but find it.  In almost every event I research, it is very poorly buried, and it is one of the first things that surfaces.  So don't blame me for it.  I am not the one who made all these people Jewish.  I didn't create these projects just so I could have the privilege of discovering them.   I don't like discovering this anymore than you do. 

Anyway, back to Castro.  He was a good friend of Ernest Hemingway, who now admits was an agent.

Castro was also friends with Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada 1968-1984.  We are told in the mainstream histories that Trudeau was a minor anti-Semite—basically because he had some soft feelings for Palestine early on.  Then why was he a friend of Castro, at a time Castro was admitting to his friends he was Jewish?  Makes no sense.  Trudeau was schooled as a Jesuit, and he later appointed many Jews to high posts.  He appointed Jack Austin as the first Jewish Secretary to the PM. He appointed Bora Laskin as the first Jewish Supreme Court Judge.  He appointed Herbert Gray as the first Jewish Cabinet minister.  He appointed Maxwell Cohen as the first Jewish Envoy to the Court of Justice at the Hague.  And he appointed Alan Gottlieb as the first Jewish Under-Secretary of External Affairs.  The Jewish websites now admit this, eulogizing Trudeau as the best friend Judaism ever had in Canada.  He was the parliamentary representative of the largely Jewish area of Mount Royal in central Montreal. He kept a number of Jewish advisers around him and “always made himself accessible to the Jewish community,” said Moshe Ronen, national president of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

In 1951, Castro tried out for the Washington Senators baseball team.  This is curious, since we find with some digging that their long-time chief executive Clark Griffith has many Jewish names on his mother's side, including the surnames Starbuck, Dillon, and Ruckman.  His father's side is scrubbed, which is also a red flag.  The Jewish names may have been even more obvious on that side.  

More indication in this line is Griffith's well-known propensity for hiring Jewish ballplayers, including Al Schacht and Charles “Buddy” Myer.    But regardless of that, it is curious to find Castro trying out for a major-league team in the US.  Again, not the expected arc of the ruler of a Communist country.  It would be like discovering Joseph Stalin had appeared in The Wizard of OZ and had tried out for the Los Angeles Rams. 

Both Snopes and the Washington Post have tried to debunk this baseball story, but both places are also umlimited hangouts for the CIA, and they have debunked a lot of other things that are true.  The Post has long been known as the CIA's own newspaper, and they have owned many of its editors over the years.  As for Snopes, it was bought out early on and has been a front for Intelligence for years, running disinfo on thousands of topics.  Neither outlet is trustworthy.   Seeing Snopes leading the debunking on any topic is just indication it is true, in my opinion.  According to my research, the main project of Snopes is debunking the truth. 

Castro was born to great wealth (sugar plantations) and later became a billionaire.  He is also a lawyer. His first wife Mirta Diaz-Balart was also from great wealth, being a relative of Batista.  Although Batista and Castro are sold to you as enemies, they are actually relatives and fellow US agents.  Castro lived in New York City on many occasions, and he spent his honeymoon there.  He and Mirta were married in 1948, and although we are told her father disapproved of the marriage, he nonetheless gave them “tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a three-month New York honeymoon”.  Yes, I am sure a lot of revolutionaries of the time could say the same thing. 

Castro joined or co-founded the Party of the Cuban people in 1947, year one of the CIA.  This party was also founded by Eduardo Chibas, who allegedly killed himself on air in 1951 during a radio broadcast.  He was a senator at the time, and was only 44.  His death appears to have been another fake.

Also in 1947, Castro was part of a planned invasion of the Dominican Republic, which was stopped by Grau.  Somehow Castro and his compatriots avoided detention and even arrest for this major uprising, which is not really believable.  However, we do know that Grau stopped the invasion from Cuba at the request of the US, indicating the US was controlling Cuba all along.

The next year Castro went to Bogota, Colombia, where he was allegedly involved in more uprisings. Although he stole guns from a police station, we are told that since they couldn't tie him to any of the killings with those guns, they let him go.  Right.  Go steal guns from your local police station and see if they let you go with no prosecution.  Even worse, go to a foreign country and steal guns from a police station.  Go to Colombia, steal guns from a police station, and see if they let you off like they did Castro. 

We are told Castro volunteered to deliver a speech for the 30-9 Movement on November 13 [1949], exposing the government’s secret deals with the gangs and identifying key members.  “Attracting the attention of the national press, the speech angered the gangs, and Castro fled into hiding”, first in the countryside and then in the U.S.  Returning to Havana several weeks later, Castro laid low and focused on his university studies, graduating as a Doctor of Law in September 1950. 

Yes, hiding from prominent gangs only requires you hide out for a few weeks.  We all know that. Gangs have a very short memory, especially when famous rich guys out them on the national news.

Castro again skated charges in 1950, when he was arrested for fighting with police.  Charges were mysteriously dropped.  We are told he had money problems in that year, with his furniture being repossessed and his electricity cut off.   Curious, since he was still married to the rich girl.  Not only that, but his own family was still wealthy, too.  So this story makes no sense.

In early 1952, Castro first ran for Congress, although it is unclear why anyone thought he was qualified to do so.  Nonetheless, he met with General Batista only months before Batista took over the country. That's curious, seeing that Castro was only 25 and had done absolutely nothing important.  His law practice was a failure and he had held no offices.  So why was he meeting with Batista?  Well, remember that his rich wife was related to Batista.

We are told Castro brought several legal cases against the new government of Batista, but you don't sue a dictator, do you?  So once again, this makes no sense.  If you sue a real dictator, you get thrown in a Gulag.

In 1953, Castro began his “serious” revolt against Batista.  He was arrested and sentenced to 15 years, but was pardoned only a year later by the same people that prosecuted him.  Not believable.  It is not even consistent with other parts of the same story, where we are told other captured rebels were tortured and executed without trial.  So why was Castro given a prominent trial where he could make famous speeches?   Not only was he not executed, he was somehow pardoned a year later.  My guess is he didn't spend a single day in jail.

Although we are told Batista no longer considered him a threat (hence the pardon), in 1956 Castro tried again, attacking Cuba from Mexico with Che Guevara.  Upon landing, Batista's forces supposedly attacked them, killing most of them.  The remaining 19 went into the mountains and waged guerrilla warfare from there.  Right.  Kind of like the 19 hijackers, I guess?  Somehow, during this time, Castro was interviewed by the New York Times and became a celebrity.  Amazing, isn't it, that Batista's forces couldn't find Castro in the mountains, but a NYT reporter could?  CBS and Paris Match also found him.

We are told Castro's men overran a military outpost in La Plata in 1957.  Right.  Nineteen poorly armed men overran a military outpost?  C'mon.  Only three months after being wiped down to 19, this group attacked the Presidential Palace in Havana.   Right.

In 1958, Batista is said to have led a major offensive against the rebels, but failed “because he knew nothing about guerrilla warfare”.  Yes, and what did Castro know about it?  He was a rich boy, lawyer, actor, and baseball player, not a guerrilla warrior. He was only 31 then, and before landing from Mexico had never been in a battle.  

In short, large parts of the Civil War in Cuba were faked.  They never happened, except in the history books—which were written from Langley.  Castro rose to power in 1959 not because he won any battles but because he was picked by the US to head the puppet-government in Cuba.

To understand this, it helps to jump from the Castro history page to the Cuba history page.  Cuba was taken from Spain by the US in 1898, after the Spanish-American War.   The fakery in Cuba goes way back, since that war was entered under false pretexts.  The US battleship Maine was sunk in Havana Harbor, and the sinking was blamed on Spain.  However, it was a false flag, used by the US to get into a war they wanted to get into.  The Hearst newspapers led the disinformation campaign, inventing the war cry “Remember the Maine!”  Many mainstream sources now admit the sinking of the Maine was done by US agents.  Like the Gulf of Tonkin event, it is a declassified false flag.  They don't care if you know it.

Notice how the Wikipedia page on Cuba misdirects on this, burying the entire Spanish-American War under the heading of “Independence Movements”.  As if the US entered that war to fight for Cuban independence.  You have to laugh.   Although it is admitted that Spain ceded Cuba to the US, not to Cuba, we are told Cuba was given independence by the US in 1902.   So we are supposed to believe the US spent all that money fighting a war, and then just gave away what they had been fighting for. They admit that the US maintained the large Guantanamo Bay Naval Base on the island, but we are told that the US was just leasing it from Cuba—for their own protection, I suppose.  But remember that the US maintained that base throughout the 20th century, up to the present moment.

Guantanamo Bay Naval Station is 45 square miles, and contains two separate air fields.  That's huge. Do you know how much we paid to lease it?  We leased it for a period of 113 years for a total of $6,000.  That's right, you read that right.  Six thousand dollars, total.  You can't buy a Vespa for that now.  Gitmo costs about half a billion dollars to run every year and houses about 10,000 soldiers and contractors.  But it is large enough to hold many more, and in the 1960s it swelled to more than twice that number.

Each year Cuba spends on total military about 1/10th what we spend on Guantanamo Bay alone.  The total military budget of the US is about 10,000 times that of Cuba—and that doesn't even include Intelligence and black ops, which may double that number. 

You may wish to re-think the Bay of Pigs story with that in mind.  If Cuba was able to repel an invading force in 1961, why isn't it able to drive this US base off the island? 

We are told Cuba has wanted the base to close since 1959, but we just ignore them.  You may also want to ask yourself what all these soldiers at Guantanamo were doing while the invading force was allegedly being repelled in 1961.  We are told the US invaders included only 1,400 paramilitaries.  We are told that training of these troops was in Florida, Alabama and Puerto Rico.  Really?  Why not train them at the US base on the island of Cuba?   Why not use the thousands of US soldiers already camped on the island? 

It is beyond belief, really.  Go read the Bay of Pigs Invasion page at Wikipedia.  The US Naval Base on the island is not mentioned once.   This is all you need to understand that the entire event was a hoax.
Map of Cuba

Here is rough map of the island.  Now, say you are the head of the US military and you want to invade Cuba.  You have a huge base on the island.  Are you going to choose the Bay of Pigs as the location of your invasion, flying in paramilitary from Florida? 

Not a chance.  You are going to attack from the base you already have on the island, and you are going to attack Havana directly. 

Havana is right on the coast and your base is a naval and air force base.  So you come in from the north and land right at Havana, overwhelming it immediately.  Why in the world would anyone attack Cuba from the south, having to trek all the way across the island to reach Havana? 

But we didn't have to invade Cuba, because it was already ours.  You don't need to invade an island where you already have a large military base.   The story couldn't be any stupider if it included clowns
on tricycles. 

We find the same misdirection on the page for the Cuban Missile Crisis, where Guantanamo Naval Base gets three mentions, but none of them tie the base to the Crisis in a sensible way.  Since we already had a huge military base on the island, there is no way the Soviet Union would think of putting one there also.  The whole story is absurd from the first word.  For example, we have large bases in Germany.  Do you think Russia is going to start construction on their own military bases just up the road from those?   No, it doesn't happen that way, for obvious reasons. 

For instance, if Cuba had really been independent and Castro had really gone into negotiations with Khrushchev, the US would have immediately nullified that independence and taken over the island from Guantanamo.  It would have taken a matter of hours.  Therefore, we know that the long and illogical story we are told is just more yarn spinning, told to create fear and keep military budgets astronomically high.

In conclusion, we have found another ludicrous story passed off as history.  Castro's bio is another patchwork of inconsistencies and impossibilities, one that is almost as risible as the bio of Jack London.

It is just more indication they think we are all idiots.  We don't even merit a well crafted tale, one where the plot holds together. 

Do you think “real” historians can't see what I see?  Do you think thousands of college-educated wonks, as detail-oriented as any scholars, don't know what I have just told you? 

Of course they know.  Anyone who has bothered to read these bios and histories closely must know they are total disinfo. 

I put it that way because it means that all the historians are in on the con.

They aren't dupes, either.  They are all hired to shovel this gruel down your throat, to the last man and woman. Why else would you have to hear it from me? 

No historians ever tell you these stories are faked.  No lawyers ever tell you the court cases are faked. No artists ever tell you the art market is a big con.  No scientists ever tell you science is a hoax.  So what does that tell you about the world?  It tells me current “culture” is a total fucking write-off. Modern society is little more than a longrunning conjob, a smokescreen, a fairy tale written by twisted trolls.        

It is time to hand it back to the creators with a big NO THANKS!  Tell them you have no use for their fake world, and then start making your own real one.  It can be done.  I am doing it.  Why don't you join me?  It is a far better place. 

Addendum February 16, 2018: 

A reader just sent me this:

If the 9/11 story is manufactured and the terrorists are fake, it means Gitmo prison is also a fake.  Here are some of the alleged prisoners:
Prisoners at Guantanamo

See any problems? 

Long beard and palm-tree like hair are not allowed in prisons. 

This type of hair reminds me of Sideshow Bob, a character from the Simpsons, who, incidentally, is a criminal mastermind and an actor .  Also, study many of these photos and you will see that they are computer generated, with several of them based on the same face.  Miles showed this with the Aryan brotherhood fakes in his Manson paper, and we see a similar thing here.  The same actor may be playing several prisoners.   If you watch YouTube videos about Guantanamo, you can fnd a gazillion inconsistencies, so it's useless to list them all here.  But one example is that Men's Health magazine (placed on a book shelf labeled as Women's Fitness) shows up prominently.   They also like to read Harry Potter (nice plug of this other Intel project) and watch The Desperate Housewives .  Sure they do.  I guess they took lessons and are now advanced students of English language. And what about those pictures with prisoners lying on stretchers, wearing handcuffs and flipflops ?  In the frst few years after the war, these were some of the few pictures of the prisoners published in the media.  Are the guys on stretchers injured and need to be carried to the doctor?  Or do they expect us to believe they carry them around the prison like that all the time?  Why would they need to do that in such a secured prison?  It makes no sense, except as more nonsensical drama. According to Human Rights First organisation, the cost for running Guantanamo Bay prison facility (not the whole base) in 2015 was $445 million ($5,6 billion in total up to 2015!).  The annual cost per prisoner at Guantanamo is a whooping $10 million, while the annual cost per prisoner at the federal maximum security prison is only $34,000.  It seems this old dumpyard prison is another obvious money pit.

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