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January 2020 AD

Jew or Not Jew

Spoiler alert:::: You heathen goy, you followers of the ORIGINAL HEATHEN GOY JESUS CHRIST, put down your FILTHY PIG sandwich.

Jewish site asks, "Jesus, Jew or not?"  Jewish site answers, "SADLY, a Jew".

And your FILTHY PIG sandwich is getting stale.

Born 8 BCE to 2 BCE?  Wait one minute! Don't you mean born 0 BCE or 0 CE?

BCE = Before Christian Era            CE = Christian Era

Same site asks, "Louis Brandeis, Jew or Not?"  Answer, "Proudly yes, and so are all the good doctors, lawyers and judges!!!"

Last one, "Stephen Breyer, Jew or not?"  Answer, "Thank God for the treasonous Heathen Goy Clintons whom we paid an enormous amount in bribe money to help us run this place called America!"

Jesus Christ
Louis Brandeis
Stephen Breyer

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