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January 2020 AD

Trumpian Blowback

Iraq's Parliament

calls for

expulsion of U.S. troops

Speaking to lawmakers in Parliament, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said that after the killing of Soleimani, the government has two choices: End the presence of foreign troops in Iraq or restrict their mission to training Iraqi forces.

"As a prime minister and supreme commander of the armed forces, I call for adopting the first choice," Abdul-Mahdi said.

This site was wondering if Trump would ever fulfill his campaign promise to get us out of the Muddle East, so we were left to think after yet another embassy attack this time in Iraq, and yet another mindless drone assassination: "How did we get from Obama's "Hope and Change -- for the worst", to Trump's own version of "Hope with no Change"?

But perhaps Trump is just the stable genius he thinks he is. They all call him a Nazi, so all fair after that: Trump gets to call the military leader of another country a terrorist. Words have no meaning in total war.

All Trump had to do was to show the Iraqi government that America really is the Great Satan Iran always called us.

It's tough love, but after the cowardly assassination from a drone on their own soil by our President, Iraq finally had to wake up to the fact that they will now have to pull up their own pants.

Now, consider the ramifications for Trump, all a win-win:

  1. Trump gets YUGE atta-boy slaps on the back from his Judeo-puppet master, Netanyahu. In response, naturally deciding it needs to defend itself with the same nukes Israel has, Iran has suspended the remaining part of its agreement to not develop nukes, thus giving Israel all the justification it propagandasizes about to wipe Iran off the face of the Earth.
  1. A great Wag the Dog action to distract from Impeachment hearings, by Jewish-Democrat Judicial Chairman Adam Schiff and Jewish-Democrat Finance Chairman Jerry Nadler, with Jewish-Democrat Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer waiting in the wings for the Senate trial. The assassination of the guy Israel hates the most of all the people they hate only makes these Jewish Congressmen look like pissant idiots for opposing him.
  1. The blowback is fantastic for Christians, since our troops and our money get to finally come back home to America from a fake WMD Judeo-propaganda trick to get us into Iraq in the first place. Thereby, Trump automatically fulfills a key campaign promise to get us out of the Muddle East. The Judeo-Neo-Cons cannot complain one bit we're getting kicked out, since both the democratically elected Iraqi Parliament voted, and the democratically elected Prime Minister agreed, for America to GET OUT!!!! After the WMD was proved to be a hoax, the Judeo-Neo-Cons cannot go against their own mission-creep raison d-etre of falsely claiming the need to create and support democracy in the Muddle East. In a word, the Judeo-Neo-Cons cannot go against the democratic wishes of the Iraqi people we spent so much time, money, and blood protecting and defending. This is our monster we created. And furthermore, since it is what Iraqis want, nobody in the Judeo-Neo-Con movement can accuse Trump of abandoning Iraq as he was accused of with the Turkish invasion of Syria for Turks to kill our allies the Kurds.

Alternate Ending
"America is tyranny"

Asked shortly before the parliamentary vote whether the U.S. would comply with an Iraqi government request for American troops to leave, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would not answer directly.

"We'll watch. We're following very closely what's taking place in the Iraqi Parliament,” he told CBS' “Face the Nation.” “It is the United States that is prepared to help the Iraqi people get what it is they deserve and continue our mission there to take down terrorism from ISIS and others in the region.”

Translation: It is not for the Parliament of Iraq, whom the Iraqi people voted for, to determine what's in the best interests for the people of Iraq, it's for Mike Pompeo to decide what the people of Iraq need.

In fact, Judeo-Neo-Cons are already arguing that what appears to everyone else to be a democracy is not really a democracy at all, but a Parliament under the diabolical control of Iran.

(Sort of the same as our Congress being under the control of Israel which all Judeo-Neo-Cons laugh off as a crazy conspiracy theory. Only their conspiracy theories are correct you see.)

Except, if we do NOT leave their country when asked to leave, then all normal appearances are that we have officially become an occupying force, against their wishes and/or Iran's wishes; disproving the lie that the Iraqi people are in control or that Iran is in control of Iraq's parliament, while proving the reality that WE ARE IN CONTROL of Iraq's parliament.

Only time will prove the Judeo-Neo-Cons as depraved as they obviously are in pushing off on the American people their Democrat-styled easily-proven false lies and that our President will go along with them, keeping our troops as occupiers for Israel. Should Trump do so, he will prove himself to be every bit as DEEP STATE as they are.

Iran already knows how hypocritical America is in "revering democracy" in the Muddle East when Jimmy Carter told them our dirty little secret that our CIA overthrew Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953.

Will be interesting for sure to see how this plays out.


Iraqi Parliament Votes to Expel U.S. Troops Following the Killing of Soleimani

  Posted: Jan 05, 2020 10:47 AM

The Iraqi Parliament on Sunday passed a resolution that would expel the United States military following the killing of Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani. 

“The government commits to revoke its request for assistance from the international coalition fighting Islamic State due to the end of military operations in Iraq and the achievement of victory,” the resolution read, CNBC reported. “The Iraqi government must work to end the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil and prohibit them from using its land, airspace or water for any reason.”

Although Parliamentarian resolutions are non-binding to the government like laws are, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi encouraged the Parliament to take urgent action.

“Despite the internal and external difficulties that we might face, it remains best for Iraq on principle and practically,” Abdul Mahdi told parliament in a speech.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Iranian-backed terrorist organization, Kataib Hezbollah, threatened lawmakers who failed to show up or vote in favor of the resolution. Hezbollah considered those people to be "traitors."

Kataib Hezbollah has given Iraqi security forces a deadline of Sunday evening to move at least 1 km (0.62 mi) away from bases where American troops are stationed, urging military commanders not to allow their soldiers to serve as human shields for the U.S. Iraqi security forces have been unable to prevent a spate of rocket attacks targeting those bases in recent months, which U.S. officials blame on Kataib Hezbollah.

On Saturday, multiple rockets attacked the fortified green zone in Baghdad, right near the U.S. embassy. Thankfully no injuries were sustained.

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