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December 2020 AD

  Take Vaccine or Not?

If you take the Covid-19 vaccine, you might not have heard of any of its dangerous side-effects because the Jewish MSM will have decided that anything which does not fit their Judeo-narrative is "misinformation", and if you get harmed for their censoring of this vital health-care information, then too bad, the government have given the Jewish media immunity to lawsuits.

But if you do take this vaccine which has been rushed by emergency governmental decree, rush through clinical trials in record time, open to the dangerous unimaginable consequences of CRISPR gene splicing, then you again cannot sue, because the government have given vaccine makers immunity.

Of course the government is sure to give itself immunity to lawsuits.

Your company will require you take the vaccine, regardless of you crying MY BODY, MY CHOICE!  Your company will say, MY CHOICE, TO FIRE YOU!

The Good Ol' Days

How many remember when the government was not a part of our every day life?  Where there was a separation of Individual and all-powerful State.

How many remember the days when you could pick up your phone and talk to anyone about anything and nobody interfered with your call?

Or remember when you could walk onto a job site, be hired on the spot, and fired only if you cheated on your time or didn't do the job.

Welcome to the Covid-19
Totalitarian State

Let's talk about the Covid-19 hysteria to examine how we have lost these freedoms.

I'm going to be a hypothetical guy who writes on social media something like the following:

Imagine you are a virus and you are infecting a massive creature.

To fight your infection, the creature's defense mechanism would try to identify you as friend or foe in his blood stream.

His immunity agents would "feel you up" so to speak.

Ahha! This is a foreign body as there seems to be two appendages (your arms) coming out either side near this shorter appendage with a round shape (your head). On the other end, there are two additional apendages (your legs).  So anytime we see this we attack because nothing else we have looks like this.

Now, the creature doesn't want to kill you AFTER you have flayed around his body for weeks on end, trying to hide inside cells of his body as some do. Too much damage caused before the cure of immunity happens.

The creature wants to kill you at first sight.

So for a vaccine the creature gathers up others similar to you and "stabs them all in the heart", killing your virus counterparts. These dead bodies are certainly close enough to what you look like to do the job, so these dead bodies are then injected into the creature and same as before, the creature's immunization agents learn their identity through now dead arms and dead legs, using this information to post guards we call antibodies.

Your cover is blown. Now when you try to sneak in, with your beating heart and ready to cause mischief, you are instantly identified and dealt with by the creature's immune system.

This is traditional immunization.

But this is a crafty creature who gets smarted and smarter each year.

He tells himself that if he uses CRISPR gene splicing to fabricate a mutant virus that has your legs and arms embedded in it, then his immune system would recognize the arms and legs and still be able to create an immunity to that as well. The creature has no idea how this artificial LIVE mutant virus will affect his life, but hey, what can go wrong?

Must be better than catching a bad common cold!

But Guys, I personally don't feel comfortable putting this live gene edited vaccine into my blood stream.

I was never forced to take the Smallpox vaccine even though the disease had devastating life-threatening effects and so I am certainly not going to let anyone force me to take a vaccine for the common cold that has been artificially created in a lab like some sort of Frankenstein's monster.

So here is now this will play out.

You are not the President of the United States, so you will not get your social media post merely labeled as "misinformation".

No, your social media post will be removed entirely.

You had spent years building up a good following on social media with the understanding that they would guarantee free speech.

Or worst, insiders at the clinical trials wanting to inform the public about the results of the vaccine will be labeled as disgruntled employees and the Judeo-Social Media will totally block them.

But today, you did not align with their crazy ideas, so your ideas are no longer allowed.

You are permanently banned, just because some guy said so.

You cannot sue this social media company for your loss of free speech, because the government who is not supposed to be directly limiting free speech, has given social media sites total immunity from law suits, meaning government has indirectly limited your free speech.

The government has effectively suppressed free speech, under the guise of protecting free speech.

You cannot use government courts to protect your speech due to this immunity from lawsuits, and so the government court becomes the means of governmental suppression of free speech.

You cannot sue the Judeo-Social Media for blocking vital healthcare information from you, because they have total immunity from lawsuits.

Government has suppressed and censored your Constitutional right both:
  1. to give free speech and
  2. to receive free speech 
even in the government's own courts.

Actually free speech suppression is done everyday in every courtroom in America:

Pretend you are on the witness stand in your own defense, but the judge tells you what you can and cannot say in your defense. "The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth", so they say; however, just when you need your freedom of speech the most, when on trial in a government courtroom for life or limb, try to say what you really want to say before the judge arrogantly shuts you down.

Objection!  Says the government's Prosecutor

Sustained!  Says the Government's Judge

That is, the government's prosecutor has an objection to free speech of a citizen and the government's judge sustained the censoring and suppression of the free speech of a citizen.

So your right to free speech by yelling across an open farm field to the farmer in the next field, was preserved by extension to your telephone lines where you now talked to your farmer neighbor, using equipment owned and operated by the telephone company.

But this free speech has not been extended to communicating with your farmer neighbor via Twitter or Facebook.

Why not?

Not only that, but traditional free speech in the town square, has not been extended to the electronic town squares of Facebook or Google. 

Why not?

Because, they are a private company who has government approved immunity to lawsuits don't you know.

Did "Maw Bell" AT&T ever have to have immunity from lawsuits in order to operate?  I never hear of any time where they were sued for anything.

What about work?

So the social media censored the guy above talking about Frankenstein vaccines with the social media suffering no legal responsibilities for withholding medical information.

But not before he found out that a copy got to your HR manager at his work.

Lucky for the guy that his "free speech" got that far you say, but don't you know, he should not expect "freedom from repercussions", right?

Actually, the guy had thought he was all good at work.

He did everything his employer wanted him to do for his job by showing up on time everyday promptly, never cheating the company out of time, and always doing his job faithfully and cheerfully.

In addition, and as demanded, he did many other things which were not at all on his job description and were not required for the job he was doing for the company.

For one, he helped the government dictate who the company could and could not hire by "involuntarily" legally self-identifying himself on his job app as a non-Hispanic, non-female, non-handicapped white Christian; although true, he did not have to say he was non-Jewish and non-Muslim YET.

(For it is far easier to prove you have 50% women in your brick building construction business than to prove that women just don't often apply to be bricklayers or quit the job because laying bricks is either too hard or breaks their fingernails.)

As well, he had "involuntarily" legally helped the government fight the government's war on crime by taking all the drug tests which proved he "had nothing to hide" and he was not "guilty until proved innocent" of committing the heinous crime of taking drugs, since he had passed the drug test and was now proved innocent. 

All these impediments to work and the white Christian man was still lucky enough to get the job. Amazing!

Likewise, he  was lucky enough to have held the job because he had not been racist toward any co-worker whom he was having to clean up after their messes; he had not been sexually harassing the cute girl in the short tight skirt with plunging neckline who is advertising to be harassed by the right guy, just not him; and he had not been xenophobic to the Indian girl, born and raised in another country, worshipper of cows, who was promoted with half the real qualifications of him in terms of language skills, social skills, hard work and creative thoughts.

He had been the perfect Politically Correct cuck.

But now he was  told he had been terminated for violating global policy.

"What 'global policy' did I violate," he ask?

"Had I been racist, sexist, Islamophobic, gayaphobic, antiSemitic, antiHindi, or antiMexionic at work?", he asked again?

He got no response (Yes, this author can vouch that you can be fired for violating a non-stated "global policy," as that has happened to me and yes, no response from the company was forthcoming.)

He suspected that he was fired because the company intended to force  the Covid-19 monster vaccine immunization on their employees and he was obviously going to be a trouble maker for them because he had said on social media that he did not want to take the vaccine.

But let's say that the company never got the social media post he put up saying he was not comfortable with the vaccine.

Time came when the vaccine arrived and the company told him that he would be required to take the monster CRISPR vaccine to be able to work at the plant.

Enough is enough. He put his foot down. "Not this time will I bend", he said.

Sadly he tried to present a well thought out logical reason for not taking the vaccine expedited by emergency decree.

If I consent to taking the Corona-19 vaccine,
then I have consented to losing all my Constitutional rights to sue for damages, as Congress has given Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers legal immunity. The first totally man-made and thus totally experimental Frankenstein life-form ever made, and I don't care to be the guinea pig who cannot have Constitutional free speech to speak a word of it in a Constitutional courtroom should something go wrong.

I have also already lost my right to sue the Social Media companies for censoring the vital healthcare information I needed to make an informed consent because they too have legal immunity.

If I do not consent to taking the Corona-19 vaccine,
then I will have lost my right to gainful employment, because you will not allow me on your premises without proof of having taken the virus. You will say I have no right to work because you are afraid of being sued for damages should people become sick at your workplace.  You reject my plea of "MY BODY, MY CHOICE!" as that only applies for decisions relating to killing babies.

Either way I have lost my rights to American citizenship.

I cannot sue anyone -- but you insist I take the vaccine anyway.

Your company may be sued -- so you insist I MUST take the vaccine.

"Yelp, you have summed it up pretty well, YOU'RE FIRED!"

Christians don't fare so well

True story.

A Funeral Home owner fired an employee who became a cross-dresser due to surgery to change his sex and CAME TO WORK cross-dressed.

The funeral home was Christian-based and wanted to serve the Christian community of that town.

Cross-dressers in a Christian-based funeral home are not considered to be an image they wish to support. Bad for business they said.

Too bad!

The Supreme Court just ruled that the funeral home was wrong to have fired the individual and fines then $250,000.

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