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November 2020 AD

  The Great Reset
of the
Protestant Reformation

Protestant Reformation

Let's hold, for another discussion, the fact that many Protestants believe today that the Early Church was corrupted by secular rule under the government of Constantine.

This belief being too easy an argument to counter, as millions of Protestants in prime examples like the Church of England have gladly submitted to a far worst corruption of the faith.

Constantine got all the clergy together to create the Nicene Creed, but did not declare himself God as many Roman emperors before him would have done; not as serial-wife-killer King Henry VIII all but did when he made himself Protestant Pope of England.

Instead, I want to concentrate on the Five Solas.

The Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation

Sola Scriptura   (Solely Scripture)
Solus Christus   (Solely Christ)
Sola Fide          (Solely Faith)
Sola Gratia       (Solely Grace)
Soli Deo Gloria (Solely God's Glory)

And in this, let's restrict ourselves to examining just the first and second of the Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation as those two seem to encompass all the others. By reading your Bible and following Christ, the last three Solas seem to automatically fall out of the first two Solas.

Finally, let's narrow our focus of these two Solas to the narrow intertwining of the two: Sola Christ in the Sola Scripture.

So to start off with discussing the famous Protestant  rant against Catholicism.

The Reading of the Sola Scriptura

"Protestants read their Bibles, Catholics do not!",
so Protestants say.

When Protestants read a Bible, how do they get from the very simple definition of Antichrist, which any child in Sunday school could understand:

"Who is a liar,
      but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ?
This is Antichrist
     who denieth the Father, and the Son."

[1 John 2:22]

To Protestants reading this into the Bible; where, all Protestant Reformation leaders engaged in a very real and very Great Apostasy by using this simple definition of Antichrist to convince some Christians into believing a "reverse Great Apostasy" where:

1) All Popes are said to have "denieth that Jesus is the Christ" and therefore
2) All Popes were Antichrists;
3) Explained oftentimes as the Whore of Babylon; which follows, that
4) All their Christian mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters suddenly became
5) Pagan followers of this "Antichrist" as
6) They too would have to have "denieth the Father and the Son" in following the Pope?
7) And being a Great Apostasy which
8) Protestants would never fall for

Says so in Wikipedia, so it must be true.

Protestant Reformers,
  John Wycliffe,
      Martin Luther,
        John Calvin,
            Thomas Cranmer,
               John Thomas,
                  John Knox,
                      Roger Williams,
                        Cotton Mather, and
                           John Wesley
   as well as most Protestants
of the 16th-18th centuries,
   felt that the Early Church
had been led into
The Great Apostasy

   by the Papacy
and identified the Pope with the Antichrist.

Luther declared that not just a pope from time to time was Antichrist, but the Papacy
was Antichrist because they were "the representatives of an institution opposed to Christ".

Wikipedia - Antichrist

How do Protestants completely miss the Angel Gabriel in the Chapel when Christ, even in his day, speaks of whom he is most concerned who will "deniath that Jesus is the Christ?"  

Whom does Jesus say will openly deny both the Father and the Son?

Whom does Jesus worry will deny he is the Messiah?

Whom does Jesus all but identify as Antichrist?

(Hint, the Antichrist of whom Jesus spoke was not gentiles worshiping Zeus, nor the occupying the Roman Empire, nor the outsider Emperor of Rome, nor even his own mother Mary who would be prayed to later by millions, and certainly not Peter upon whom he was to build his Church)

Who is Jesus talking to here?

Jesus therefore said to them:
     If God were your Father,
         you would indeed love me.
      For from God I proceeded,
         and came;
      for I came not of myself,
         but he sent me:

      Why do you not know my speech?
         Because you cannot hear my word.

      You are of your father the devil,
         and the desires of your father you will do.

-- John 8:43-45

I know thy tribulation and thy poverty,
   but thou art rich:
and thou art blasphemed by them
   that say they are Jews and are not,
   but are the synagogue of Satan.
-- Apocalypse (Revelations) 2:9

How do faithful Bible-reading Protestants honestly miss this and/or how do they reconcile their ill-conceived thoughts?

Where is this leading you ask?

What does...
  1.  Christian life under Jewish rule during the time of Christ
  2.  The creation of Protestantism in 1521 AD
  3.  The Great Apostasy
  4.  Christian life under Jewish rule in the New World Order
  5.  The Great Reset
...all have in common?

It’s long and complicated.

Antifa call themselves Antifa and portray themselves as anti-Fascists; and yet, they are fascists.

Antichrist call themselves JUDEO-Christians and portray themselves as JUDEO-Christian; and yet, they are in battle against Christians whom they wrongly call Antichrist, while being in league with the true Anti-Christ, Jews.

The First
Great Reset

The greatest and most destructive fraud ever perpetrated upon Western Civilization is the fraud Protestants tell the world that they read ONLY the Bible and think ONLY of Christ first, as all evidence say they do not.

The First Great Reset of Christianity was the Protestant Reformation which caused a huge Judaizing Apostasy in the Christian world which centrally featured Old Testament Fire and Brimstone Protestantism.

Protestant religions actually went away from Jesus, and famously away from his mother and his Church, not toward Christ as they claim.

Jesus was not fire and brimstone, but 450 years later, all I heard from Protestants as a child was much talk about Sodom and Gomorrah, lots of movies about Charlton Heston's Moses, Esther, or David and Goliath, with little talk about Christ.

Sure, over just the last 50 years, this rigid "You-are-going-to-Hell!" Protestantism of Puritans, Quakers, Jehovah Witnesses and Calvinists has softened into a complete reversal, now focused on a loving "Turn-the-other-cheek-to-every-sin" Jesus who would ask you to give everything unto Caesar, as it is Caesars' job to feed the poor and to heal the sick, as well as at all cost, it is Caesar's job to protect the Israeli military junta.

The  Second
Great Reset

The Second Great Reset of the World War/Great Depression/World War/UN, was the destruction of all the great Christian empires, themselves being the Old Christian World Order.

The Third and Last
Great Reset

We are entering the upcoming Third Great Reset with the final take-down of the last remaining obstacle, the United States under our Founder's Constitution, which brings about the completion of the New Jew World Order.

Calling it The Great War, The Great Depression, The Great Reset, The Great Revolution or The Great Recession, 9/11 or the Great Covid-19, it's all the same crisis created to be an excuse for PROGRESSION to Jewish World Order.

Martial law freely given to handle any current crisis, which leaves in its wake never ending laws after the crisis has ended.

Protestants supported the creation of Israel under the misconception that all Jews would travel back to the Promised Land and live there, because they are Jews greatest supporters; but instead, dual-citizen Jews have found the best way to defend Israel is to control OUR mighty military and economy of the United States and have it defend and feed THEIR Israel.


"Protestants read the Bible",
Yeh, I've heard

Let's review a few simple minor apostasies to Christian life where Protestants have misled their believers before we arrive at the vilest part of The Great Apostasy, which is The Greatest Reset.

At one time Puritan Protestants did read a little of the Bible about maintaining a moral life.

At one time, Calvinists used to pridefully say you were "GOING TO HELL!", especially in regards to violating any of the Old Testament parts.

But no more.

What is more Christian than worshiping Christ over earthly possessions and what is more Christian than in treating others as you would want them to treat you? 

And yet...
  1.  All decent Protestants used to understand the parable about the rich man being unable to fit through the eye of the needle, but reality is that millions of Protestants openly follow prosperity Protestant ministries from the likes of Joel Osteen where the aim is not eternal salvation but using Christianity to obtain earthly riches. Not quite the ultimate outcome Christ had in mind for Christianity.
  1.  All decent Protestants used to understand the Christian principle for marriage of “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder”. Yet many Protestants cheat on their wives these days, while making sure to vote for politicians who will make no law criminalizing adultery while making laws allowing for easy divorce where government judges break apart what God joined together.
  1.  All decent Protestants used to understand “Thou shall not murder.” And yet, the majority of Protestants today vote for politicians lying about a fake Constitutional “women’s right”, which allows for a “personal right to murder innocents" in the worst possible way by infanticide, where limb by limb of the baby is ripped out of the mother's uterus, if the mother so wishes.
  1.  All decent Protestants used to understand “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods.” They still understand this sin today, as they still don’t believe in “personal thief.” Instead, they do a fake end run around the prohibition of stealing by voting in politicians who openly make promises to institutionalize "public thief."  Money is indirectly stolen (taxed) from others with politicians promising to give that stolen money to themselves as welfare booty, as EIB stamp booty, as free college booty or as free healthcare booty. Islam was never as efficient in sacking and plundering the enemy.

         (Plenty of Catholics such as Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, or any of the Kennedys, do the same sins as above.)

Believe it or not, these are just run-of-the-mill sinners. Been with us since Adam and Eve / Cain and Able.

Justification for sin is a recent phenomenon with Protestants though.

  1.  It’s one thing to sin by robbing a bank, knowing as a Christian that you have done wrong and if caught, fully expecting to be punished by being locked up in prison. Quite another idea to rob the bank thinking you have a right to other people's money in the bank and outraged upon capture to both have the money returned to the bank, with you placed in prison.
  1.  In fact, it’s one thing to commit the sin of adultery by “divorcing” the mother or father of your children, then shacking up with another in adulterous sin, and it’s quite another thing entirely to expect your Protestant Church to accept the breakup of your family, to accept your continuous unrepentant adultery by living with another, and even to go so far as expecting your church to welcome you back into the fold with open arms, and yet Protestant churches are filled to the brim with such unrepentant adulterous adults.
  1.  The Catholic Church today, in keeping up with the Protestant Jones, is only a tad less egregious, for the Catholic Church will say the opposite partner suing for governmental divorce, is prima facie proof of fraud before God from the very start of the marriage in stating they would marry "till death do part." This fig leaf is called an annulment (a true marriage never existed, just fornication, which can be forgiven if you stop fornicating. Having your sin forgiven meant you were still free to enter into a real marriage).

These washing away of everyday sins, even as the sin continues, had not been present since the start of the Protestant Reformation.

Early Protestants were mercilessly Old Testament fire and brimstone crusaders against sin. (Old Testament focused being a clue to the Great Apostasy)

No, these are not the primary killers of Western Civilization, but these recent trends toward an acceptance and accommodation of sin while “reading the Bible” are indicators of something seriously wrong.

The Real Missed Part in the Bible

Where the Protestants get their reading of the Bible spectacularly wrong is not in getting sinning wrong, for they certainly know what sin is.

In fact, when it comes to sin, Moses pretty much had this summed up in the Ten Commandments.

So, with sin prohibitions already being established by the Ten Commandments, the nature of sin was not the true nature for Christ's ministry.

Christ added nothing new here and said so himself.

Where Protestants consciously and deliberately and blatantly destroy the entire concept of Christianity is in their missing Christ’s entire message about the purpose of the Chosen People of the Old Testament, and the relative purpose of the "Chosen People" in the New Testament.

These Protestant "readers of the Bible" ignoring this, take their destructive concepts of Christianity and apply their Great Apostasy to America today.

You can discover this Protestant Great Apostasy for yourself.

Ask any Protestant who considers themselves well read, then or now, about their beliefs.

Ask them their concept of modern-day Jews.

Puzzling that the answers will always be worshipful of a religion other than their own.

  1.  God will curse those who curse Jews and bless those who bless Jews.
  1.  Christ was Jewish (Implying there’s not a bean's worth of difference between Jewish people and Christian people).
  1.  Christ was a Rabbi (Better going to a synagogue for spiritual guidance).
  1.  The Holocaust was all but Christian original sin against the Chosen People (Germans were Christians after all) for which we must ask for Jewish forgiveness for eternity or until Christ's second coming where Jesus will wipe away this Christian original sin as he had wiped away Jewish original sin the first time.
  1.  Israel who rejects Christ must be defended at all cost against Muslims who reject Christ, because the end is near and Jews will become “Woke” don't you know. (but we presume Muslims will never become Woke?)
  1.  And my favorite. We must be on their side, until they are on our side, and only then can we again be on our own righteous side.

Here is an idea closer to the truth.

  1.  In reading the Bible, Protestants have missed the very concept of why there is an Old Testament and why then there is a New Testament.
  1.  What Protestants miss: The entire New Testament is a parable about the Chosen People and who they really are in relation to Christ.
  1.  In a word, Protestants have missed Christ's message in the Bible about the incompatibility of NEW Christian belief to NEW Jewish belief.

That's right, you heard me;

Christ did say he was not here to change anything from the Old Testament.

But please get this right:

It was actually Jews in the New Testament who changed from their Old Testament ancestors...
  1.  When they stopped believing in the Messiah.
  1.  When they stopped believing in Christ.
  1.  Stopped believing in the Son of God standing directly in front of them.
  1.  Would still believe Jesus to be an apostate to God.
  1.  Protestants who read the Bible would not read the Talmud, right? So they do not even know the current views of Talmudic Jews whose Talmud teaches them that Jesus was the whore son of Mary who committed adultery with a Roman soldier and Jesus will rot in hell. Even Islam says Christ was a prophet.

What is the most important part of all missed by Protestants? 

  1.  Modern Jews stopped being the Chosen People worthy of Christ's salvation.
  1.  Modern Jews became Antichrist,
  2.             by denying the father and the Son,
  3.             by denying Jesus is the Christ.
  1.  Modern Jews are the Synagogue of Satan.
  1.  JUDEO-Christian Protestants became useful idiots for the Antichrist,
  2.              as they became The Great Apostasy.
All this is not the fault of Protestants so much, for they were misled by the clever Satan himself.

How COULD this happen?

In a word, Jewish Propaganda.

Christians can honestly have differences of agreement among themselves.

Prime example:

The split in the Church between Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox in 1054 AD, 500 years before the Protestant Reformation, shows how Christians can amicably split without resorting to calling each other apostates and Antichrist without leading to waging devastating religious wars against each other.

But then came the printing press

World history was bound to change with the invention of the printing press back in the 1440’s, for knowledge was bound to become decentralized.

Destruction of the centralized control of Church and State would be a forgone conclusion.

The only question for history would be who would wield the power of the printing press to reshape the world to accommodate their own selfish aims?

Not the existing Christian Church and State, for they wanted to maintain the current status.

In fact, the first creation of this decentralized New World Order were the creation of the Protestants, and surprise, surprise, they are famous about delegitimizing Christianity by saying that the Pope did not want Christians to read the Bible on their own.

Truth be known, the Pope did not want Christians to read the Judeo-heresy of the Judeo-Protestants and be misled.

An trick as old as time. Call your enemy what you are. 

"You are a racist if you believe Black Lives Matter is racist." 

"You are the heretic if you think I am the heretic."
  1.  "You" don't read the Bible which we printed on our printing press;
  1.  "Your" Pope lies so he is Antichrist, so says our printing press;
  1.  "You" are the one misled and you would have known this, if you had read our damnation-to-hell pamphlet, from our printing press.
Here is the painful truth.

The ones to change the Western World with the printing press would be the Jews who abhorred both the Christian Church and the Christian State.

Get one Christian moron to rant against the Church and Jewish presses start pumping out the drivel in the untold  millions, sending to everyone and making good Christians start to question their own faith by thinking everyone else believes this.

Sheeple Propaganda WORKS!

The printed word is indeed stronger than armies. Propaganda in the right places can make your two enemies into enemies of each other where those two enemies are fighting each other rather than fighting you.
This Global New World Order, now controlled by the printing press, would be created by Jews in shaping populations to their choosing, to their vision.
  1.  Christian kings could build border walls to keep out dangerous Judeo-radicals, but they could not keep out dangerous Judeo-books.
  1.  Christian kings resisting this Judeo-published Jew World Order would be characterized in the Judeo-books as tyrants and overthrown.
  1.  Christian kings censoring and outright banning the Judeo-publishing would still be labeled a tyrant, now in the Judeo-books being circulated underground, and overthrown.
  1.  Hitler famously destroying Judeo-propaganda and book-burning of Judeo-books would become synonymous with ultimate evil.
  1.  Christian religious leaders would be said to be opposed to "science" and rejected.
  1.  Christian religious leaders would be said to be opposed to "progress" and rejected.
  1.  Christian religious leaders would be said to be hypocritical evil Inquisitor pedophiles bent on unholy Crusade and rejected.
  1.  Christian Founders of America would be said to be racist, sexist, homophobe, anti-Semite, Islamophobic, and rejected.
  1.  Christian authors could not publish books with Amazon on-line telling of The Great Apostasy because Jews owned all the printing presses.
  1. Christian authors could not upload videos to Google's YouTube speaking of The Great Apostasy without being deleted, because Jews own Google.

How DID this happen?

The cost of printing presses dropped as a printing industry was formed. Mass production of paper dropped paper costs. Ink started to be produced by the drum full. And of course, the three combined produced a mass production of books, dropping book prices to levels even the poorest of families could afford.  

Literacy rose in proportion to the mass production of books.

The years to learn to read could now be justified since there were now so much to read. (And the industrial revolution was both freeing time for people to read and creating millions of jobs which required reading comprehension)

This evolved over a few decades until the start of the 1500’s where the printing press finally tore society wide open.

No longer would a small elite of scholars, who had the time to learn to read and the means to keep expensive meticulously hand-written books, have a monopoly on world history, a monopoly on the written law, have a monopoly on the written Bible, and thus a monopoly on having the say in shaping the present and the future.

Traditionally, one of those trusted elites were the State with their one-man rule in the form of centralized Christian Kings, kept in place by a small elite of noblemen. Democratic forces of a well-read citizen base though would take a seemingly long time to develop - for Kings have strong armies.

Took 300 years for The American Revolution to break the dam in order for decent informed Christians to finally rule themselves. The French Revolution immediately following was the down side of an indecent misinformed Judeo-socialist mob bringing misery down upon their own heads.  French Christians were promised the American Revolution but got The Terror instead.

Our contention all along was Jews were the behind-the-scene influence for the disastrous French Revolution against Christian King and Christian Pope.

In contrast, there was a lack of Jews in the relatively poor New World of New England, where only hard work was reworded and thus Jews avoided like the plague. Jews were instead profiting from the shipment of tea throughout the British Empire and we threw their tea overboard. This is what allowed for the successful revolt against an increasingly Judeo-manhandled English King, Jewish intrigue dominant throughout the English country following Oliver Cromwell allowing Jews back into England.

But that would all come later. 


The first to bear the brute force of the printing press a mere 60 years after its creation was the Catholic Church.

The Bible was the first book of importance published by the printing press and Catholic priests and bishops were naturally the ones who, in a sense, would be the first to be overthrown.

Naturally religion was going to be the easiest to be overthrown, for priests carry no weapons to impose their will. They carried nothing but books and now everyone had one.

The lay folk were no longer as impressed as they said, "I can look it up myself!"

Another reason it was going to be easy to overthrow religion is because the Church carries a heavy burden of responsibility for moral behavior in society. They hold the feet of the State to the fire for good conduct.

Even in the Old Testament, Kings of Israel could be brought down by the prophets.

If a King wanted to viciously eliminate an enemy, a Catholic Bishop may object to too much brutality, insisting the King provide Christian fairness and forgiveness of enemies.

In those pre-printing-press days the people would listen to their Bishops, so Kings were tied down to this Checks and Balances between Church and State. In return, the Church supported a devout Christian King who gently ruled his people, allowing him to keep his power.

The world changed when people had their own Bibles and could be swayed with other thoughts (often from Jewish quarters in a Judaizing sense).

  1.  No longer could a Bishop have the complete attention of his parishioners
  1.  No longer did a Bishop have the power to keep the King in check. 
  1.  No longer then would a King be required to come to the rescue of Bishops under fire from his people to uphold religious principles.
  1.  No longer did a King have a desire to defend the Church, because that freedom from the check of the Church now gave him more power.
  1.  The balance of power between Church and State was broken.

The word of one questioning monk named Martin Luther, being pushed by a power-crazed German aristocracy, and naturally Jews in the shadows looking to divide and conquer the faithful, would be the spark to ignite the Protestant Reformation.

A serial-wife-killer King in England named Henry VIII, could now declare himself Pope, reserving for himself all power, both on Earth and in Heaven.

(Funny how Queen Elizabeth II is nothing but a rich beggar in England now, having no religious or political power. And she is the lucky one to still claim a mere ceremonial position.)

Today, there are no real Kings having any power. They turned out to be mere useful idiots, with them and their empires eliminated in the Judeo-World Wars, making way for the Judeo-Global-New-World-Order of the United Nations. Along with the UN satellites, the European Union and the still to be finished North American Union, with the newly created-by-Trump Israel-Arab Union centrally monitoring this Jew World Order.

Ironic for a German Martin Luther to kick off the destruction of Western Civilization called the Protestant Reformation, since the Roman Empire had fallen as well a thousand years earlier to Germans. But the Catholic Church had converted the former German pagans to Christianity and over time, by the 1500's, had well restored civilization.

Medieval Europe before the printing press was a Catholic Europe and this Catholic Europe paved the way for enough societal security to allow for the establishment of the printing press. Not Ottoman Islam, nor Indian Hindu, nor Chinese Confucius, nor African pagan, nor Central American pagan, but Catholic Europe was responsible for the Renaissance.

And yet, prior to the printing press, the Catholic Church had grown fat and lazy, even corrupt, resting on its laurels. For nations having 14-year-old sons becoming King upon the death of their father, few eyebrows were raised when the Medici, who had long paid for the construction of churches and defense of the same Churches, asked that a 14-year-old Medici priest be allowed to be coroneted as a Cardinal and shortly thereafter be elected Pope.


Interesting that the Protestant Reformation was not formed on this obvious corruption of the State and mercantile powerful appointing religious leaders of their choosing, for the powerful would have fought back against those Protestant religious rebels rejecting their appointments of Popes by having the blame pointed back at them.

For this was a break in Separation of Church and State, where the State appointed the Church leaders.  Sure, it was like the President appointing members of the Supreme Court for life and they could theoretically vote against the State if they wanted or needed. And a devout Christian King appointing a Christian Cardinal is not necessarily a bad thing, but in practice there was no longer any real Checks and Balances in place.

Nope, the Protestant Reformation was instead created by silly little Karens screaming "Oh my God, indulgences!"

Indulgences are nothing more than a priestly forgiveness of your sins through showing penance for your sins by contributing to Catholic charities.

Perhaps the only wrong here was the sequence. Should have been God's forgiveness first and penance later, but point is, if you don’t want to be “taxed” by the Church, then you had the freedom to not ask for forgiveness requiring indulgences, or you even had, the freedom to just not sin.

Perhaps, the King wanted those indulgence taxes to go to him instead and a fight against that would indeed be an idea a King could stand behind.


In the end, there would be little to stop this printing press forest fire. It raged across Catholic Europe and Jews could not have been happier.

Any avid reader of history knows which side the Jews backed in this divide and conquer of Christendom.

But the Jewish-controlled monopoly on the printing press can be said, and most arguably is today, to be the very source of corruption. The Protestant Reformation is a great example of how one small corruption of a small but knowledgeable Christian elite before the printing press could be completely overwhelmed by a far greater corruption of a partially informed mass of Christians being misled by larger Judeo-nefarious forces after the printing press.

Diverging in thought for a bit, we have seen this same dirty deed play out in the propaganda for the 17th Amendment.

To advocate the enactment of the 17th Amendment, a State was found to have a small bit of corrupt, so to prevent the States from corrupting the gloriously uncorrupted federal government by way of State legislature appointments of Senators, the 17th Amendment simply took away the State's right to govern the very federal government they had created. This has only led to a massive corruption at the federal level without any State Checks and Balances left in place to restrain the Federal Government.

Protestant Reformation Fraud

The main context for the Protestant Reformation was for people to read the Bible for themselves, not to have a priest cherry pick out portions he was interested in relating to his parish.

No longer having a Pope or anyone below him to decide what Bible passages meant, we now have 33,000 Protestant church denominations all deciding for themselves what the Bible says.

Oh, really?  You don't say!  Rejected themselves 33,000 times?

  John Wycliffe,
     Martin Luther,
       John Calvin,
          Thomas Cranmer,
             John Thomas,
                John Knox,
                   Roger Williams,
                     Cotton Mather, and
                         John Wesley

....all got God wrong as well?

.... "Jesus save us, they must be Antichrist along with the Pope!"

....Guess finding out you were wrong does not equate to putting the genie back into the bottle by rejoining the faith of your ancestors, but must mean you should wander off to follow even more outlandish quacks.

There is a saying:

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

 Benjamin Franklin

I don't know why Ben never published this, but have Franklin's religious corollary:

"When the people find that they can create a church which will call single mothers virtuous that will herald the end of Christianity.

--Benjamin Franklin's ghost

All the rage as well now are non-denominational churches saying they themselves are not even a denomination.

England's King Henry VII declaring himself Pope of the Catholic Church of England was just a humble start of merging Church with State.

Now with non-denominational believers,

  1.  Everyone can be their own Church,
  2.  Everyone can be their own Pope,
  3.  Everyone can say the Bible says anything they want it to say.

One Baptist friend of mine was very proud of his Bible reading. So pure was his Biblical beliefs that he was even going back to Biblical origins by telling me what this word truly meant in the original New Testament Greek and what that word precisely meant in ancient Old Testament Hebrew.

Wow, you know Greek and ancient Hebrew? 

No, he didn’t really know how to read anything but modern English, barely able to read the old English dialect of the King James Bible. What he was really doing was having complete strangers tell him the “meaning of the Bible!”

Not even a trusted parish priest.

Was quite a wakeup call for him when I pointed this out.

Nothing really astounding here except the hypocrisy, for no one reads the Bible from front to back like a novel.

We see this in every Christian Church today, Catholic or Protestant even. Bible schools abound with cherry picked stories of baby Moses and sling-shot throwing young David against Goliath, and the Sermon on the Mount.

This cherry picking does not get much better with the adults.

We know this because there is no church who quotes verses teaching that Heber had two sons named Phaleg and Jectan because the earth was divided?   Go ahead, ask any Biblically literate person you know who the heck were Phaleg and Jectan.

They had never heard of them because there is just too much to read in the Bible and much of it goes off into the weeds of irrelevance.

This passage is simply deemed not important by priest and lay person alike, so it is never studied and remembered.

The story of Heber is innocuous though.

What is really telling is that:

  1.  ALL Christian Churches teach their children in Sunday School that the innocent Chosen People were to have all their first-born children slaughtered by Pharaoh but instead were miraculously saved by God’s Passover.
  1.  All Christian Churches teach their children in Sunday School that Moses took these innocents to the Promised Land.  
  1.  NO Christian Church teaches about the first thing the Israelites did when they reached the promised land.
  1.  NO Christian Church tells their children about the bloodbath of the Canaanites at the hand of the Jews.

…Where the Lord said to Moses:

 “Command the children of Israel, and say to them:

“When you shall have passed over the Jordan, entering into the land of Chanaan,

Destroy all the inhabitants of that land:

beat down their pillars, and

break in pieces their statues, and

waste all their high places, 

Cleansing the land, and dwelling in it.

For I have given it you for a possession.

And you shall divide it among you by lot. To the more you shall give a larger part, and to the fewer a lesser. To every one as the lot shall fall, so shall the inheritance be given. The possession shall be divided by the tribes and the families.

But if you will not kill the inhabitants of the land: they that remain, shall be unto you as nails in your eyes, and spears in your sides, and they shall be your adversaries in the land of your habitation."

-- Numbers 33:50-55

Cannot tell our children this!

For what the Israelites did right after the death of Moses sounds too much like what ISIS Muslims would do to Christians, which does not comport well with what we just told them about sacred Moses and the sacred Ten Commandments.

Why do Jews make hundreds of Holocaust movies explaining genocide in graphic detail, which Protestants pay good money to see by the hundreds of millions, but we never get to see in our movies Jews committing genocidal Holocaust of others even when Jews wrote it down themselves in the very book Protestants say they read?

Where are the Hollywood movies for what the Canaanites had coming to them?

Where are the Hollywood movies for Jewish blood lust?

Jews are always innocent and always persecuted?

Christians are always guilty and always persecutors?

No, Protestants just don't read their Bibles.

Protestants are just too busy going to see Holocaust movies made by Jews.

Justified it appears if God told the Jews to do it, but I want to be entertained with genocidal violence BY JEWS as well.

Why can't I see my Bible come alive in my local movie theater by seeing a Jew righteous mob beheading little pagan girls after they had just raped and mutilated them?

(For that matter, why can we not see contemporary history, where Jews running the Soviet Union under Stalin commit the first genocide, setting the stage for Hitler. When Jews commit Jewish genocide against seven million Ukrainians in the Holodomor, a mere 10 years before the Holocaust?)

The Ultimate Christian Taboo

The last section highlighted polite self-censorship by Christians about a few dark spots in Biblical history showing Jewish atrocities.

Much more important is what no Christian has the courage to teach their fellow Christians throughout the Protestant Reformation to this day, not even the Catholic Church since Vatican II.

And that taboo is a theme which runs the entire gamut of the New Testament 

This taboo being the fact that:

Jewish elites tried to commit another genocide,

             this time against Christianity

by trying to eliminate Christ and his followers


at all times these Jewish elites failed.


From the day Christ was born, our Christmas holiday is a celebration of Christ’s survival on Earth against relentless Jewish elite attempts to kill all new-born Jewish poor children in an attempt to kill Christ.

Even the Pharaoh’s attempted killing of innocent Jewish children during Passover was not as much of an atrocity to be abhorred, since this was now actual death of Jewish children by the hands of their own Jewish leaders.

Not heeded by the Jewish elites in their failed attempt to kill Jesus was the same message of failure learned, by way of protection by God, they had learned from Moses.

Thus, the Jewish elites heinous murder of fellow Jewish Chosen Peoples, trying to kill the Ultimate Chosen Person, Jesus Christ, was a full rejection of the salvation of Moses brought on by the Passover. 

Christmas is the "birth Passover" where God first saved Christianity from the Jews.


Jews today love to take credit for Jesus. He was a Rabbi they lie. The truth is that many Jewish elitist attempted to discredit Christ in his teachings which also failed miserly.

Christ told them that the only salvation is through him, but the lessens were not listened to by the Jewish elite of the need to follow Christ.

Jews reject the teaching and salvation of Christ.


Christ died in body when the Jewish elite coerced Roman Pontus Pilate to be their hit man in murdering a Jew, which the Jews could then wash their hands of, but Christ survived in spirit against this Roman “Pharaoh”, while the Jewish elites still refused to follow Christ.

Easter is the "death Passover", where Jewish intrigue to blame others for their foul deed of killing Christ, failed again thanks to Christ's resurrection.


Our celebration of Saint Paul is the miracle of Saul’s conversion from Jewish hatred and persecution against Christians as the chief Jewish Inquisitor sent on a Jewish Crusade of genocide to wipe out any former Jews who adhered to any remnant of Christianity after Christ’s resurrection.

Saul's Road to Damascus moment was God's "Resurrection Passover" to keep safe the Apostles from Jewish tyranny.


Funny thing is that the Catholic Church at the time, up until Vatican II, was teaching these important lessons from the New Testament.

Even the parts about Christ relating the Antichrist Jews who rejected Christ to a Synagogue of Satan.

But interestingly, the “READ YOUR BIBLE” Protestants have NEVER taught any of this in context.

From the way I hear Protestants tell it, much of anything you need to know and concern yourself with in terms of Jews are that “If you want to be blessed by God, then bless the Jews Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff, but if you want to be cursed by God, then curse the Jew Sacha Baron Cohen because he will disgrace you in one of his Borat movies.”

There is another stream of thought in Protestant beliefs where Jews who reject Christ and Christians who follow Christ are seamlessly merged together as Judeo-Christian.

I call this Judaizing.


The One-World Global government we are moving toward is a Jewish empire with Judaized Islam and Judaized Christianity alike subservient to it.

In terms of a post printing press society, where the individual is reading the Bible for themselves without authoritative Christian interpretation, the Protestant Reformation has been the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon mankind.

(Outside of Islam which is a different fraud altogether, but at the same time much the same. Islam was Jews taking the Arabian pagan religion of Al-Lah and Judaizing it. There are lots of articles in the Christian Solution explaining this, so we will not divert here)

Protestantism, with much help from European Jews of the day, was taking the Christian religion of Christ and Judaizing it in terms of Judas.

The Jewish produced Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale, was supposed to show Christianity coming full circle to portray the old fashioned Fire and Brimstone Protestants of old as an evil we never wish to see again, but most of it looked to me to be old fashioned Old Testament eye for an eye, stone your raped handmaid, while not letting any sperm hit the ground, Judaism.

Nowhere in the Old Testament are there an example of any pagan society surrounding Israel ever seen blessing the Jews so that God will bless them. Or worried about cursing the Jews for fear of God cursing them. 

That’s the silliest notion in the Bible.

If this verse were truly followed, then these surrounding peoples would become Jewish converts and no longer outsiders making sure to bless them and not curse them. They would become the ones others would bless and not curse.

That verse in the Bible, used by many Judeo-Christians to begin and end their discussion of Jews, is there solely for Jewish Supremacy.

No one expects others outside Judaism to actually agree to this.

This verse is merely God telling Jews, for now, that they are the Chosen People and have dominion over the Earth. Jews are supposed to religiously believe that everyone else on Earth should either give them tribute or expect to be righteously wiped out as was done to the Canaanites.

Sort of a traditional belief of all pagans in fact, as seen in Mongols who would wipe out entire cities for not being properly subservient or converting, all the way to Islam doing the same today.

Never would there ever be another religion subverting their religion to the religion of the Jews.

Until the birth of Protestantism.

These are fighting words to anyone in Islam, but Islam followed suit and, in many ways, unknowingly are subservient to Judaism as seen in Jews calling the Muslim occupation of Spain their Golden Era, where Jews dominated Muslim Spain for 800 years at the expense of Christianity.

Catholics did not become subservient to Judaism until Vatican II.

But what is it about those Protestants?

  1.  Catholics had always understood Jewish leadership did not actually believe in a peaceful Messiah and hence could not believe in Jesus.
  1.  Catholics had always understood the destruction of the Temple as a prophecy of Christ.
  1.  Catholics had always understood the  Christ-rejecting Jew’s foolishly following a false Bar Kokhba Messiah into destruction in 136 AD caused their Moses-like wanderings for 2,000 years because they were no longer worthy of the Promised Land. They have still not rebuilt the Temple because they are still unworthy.
  1.  Catholics had always understood that Christ-rejecting Jews helped and followed the false Muhammad Messiah and his Islamic hordes in 613 AD.
  1.  Catholics know of this rejection of Christ by Jews because the Jewish King Herod ordered the death of the baby Jesus. 
  1.  Catholics know this of Jews because the Jewish Pharisees and Sadducee constantly tried to trick Christ into making heretical statements, which they could use to condemn him, but were never successful.
  1.  Catholics know this of Jews because only at the end could they bribe Christ’s weakest apostle Judas to turn on Christ so they could wash their hands of Christ by having him executed by their Roman hit-man, Pontus Pilate.
  1.  Catholics understood the allure of a heretical turning away from Christ and understand the re-embrace of Judaism through Judas as Apostasy.
  1.  Catholics understood that the Romans would not be their persecutors without the hand of Judaism involved, as Catholics knew Pontus Pilate washed his hands of the blood of Christ, knowing Jews would not relent in demanding his death on threat of revolution.
  1.  Catholics understood that the Romans were not that religious, understanding instead that fighting was in their blood. Romans militarily defeated the Greek, but everyone knew the Greeks won the religious battle by converting the Romans to Greek Mythology. Likewise, Christians were now having no problems converting the Romans to Christianity. Hence, Catholics knew there was no real hatred of Christianity in the Roman world. There would be no Roman persecutions against Christians without Jews spreading malicious slanderous lies against them.
  1.  Catholics understood that the Jews wanted revenge for Rome conquering Israel and revenge against Rome in their not unexpected harsh measures against Jewish revolts in 70 AD and 136 AD. Rome destroying their Temple while relocating Jews throughout the Roman Empire as slaves, especially to Spain, the furthest distance from the cursed Promised Land that Romans could move them, was plentiful reasons for Jews to curse Romans.
  1.  Catholics understood that the Jews, now as slaves, agitated other slaves and slave owners alike all over the empire to resist against the Roman Senate and soon enough the Roman Senate was overthrown, beginning the dictatorships of the Caesars.
  1.  Catholics understood the first order of business for the Jews -- Blame everything bad on the Christians. 
  1.  Catholics understood that Jews were never persecuted for bringing down the fall of the Roman Empire even though it was their crafty agitation and anarchist techniques to divide and conquer which did the deed. Blaming Christians was just killing two birds with one stone. Deflect from their own blame while killing off a fast-growing rival religion.

Even with all these hints Christ gave throughout the New Testament about what is the main theme of the New Testament, Protestants just don’t get it.

  1.  The eye of the needle allegory is one key. The most privileged (i.e. Jews) have the hardest time gaining salvation.
  1.  The Sermon on the Mount poor and meek (i.e. Christians) shall inherit the Earth is another key. The persecuted have the easiest path to salvation, while privileged Jews will be denied salvation for denying Christ.
  1.  The prodigal son was more blessed by his father for returning to the fold than the faithful sons, showing how formerly cursed gentiles could be more blessed than privileged Jews.
  1.   And that the Jews, the chosen people in the Promised Land, whom God gave so much, should have the easiest path to salvation, but instead will have the hardest path to the heart of Christ.

How do we know Christ demanded so much more from the Jews? His own people? 

Because he specifically told Jews that any Jews who do not follow him, have instead chosen to follow Satan, for theirs was the synagogue of Satan.

Why do Protestants miss Christ's message about the synagogue of Satan and instead say Judeo-Christian?

For Christ could just as well have said that the main message of the New Testament was to determine the ultimate salvation for mankind by separating the real followers of God from blasphemous pretenders.

          Paraphrasing Christ:

“Anyone who blesses the Jews,

   who reject me,

             will be cursed by me


Anyone who curses the Synagogue of Satan,

            and follow me,

                  will obtain everlasting life through salvation.”

This is how I know Protestants do not actually read their Bibles for they get this completely backwards.

The Last Great Reset
Christianity under a Jewish New World Order

And this is how unfaithful Christians, who do not read their Bible, have allowed the Jewish enemy of God within, to freely run all the world’s forms of the printing press, from books, to magazines, to movies, to Broadway, to TV, to cable, and now to the Tech giants of the Internet.

  1.  You know these Judaizing Christians by the name they call themselves, JUDEO-Christian, saying they follow a JUDEO-Christian ethic. A real Christian puts no other Gods before them, including a God who does not have a Son, as both Jews and Muslims refuse to believe.
  1.   You know these Judaizing Christians by the country they support, Israel, and the country they do not support, America.
  1.   You know these Judaizing Christians by the wars they fight. Not to defend Christians in Cyprus from Turkish Muslims, or Serbian Christians from beheadings by Kosovo Muslims, or Christians in China, or Christians in Nigeria. Instead, these Judaizing Christians are only are interested in defending Israeli Jews from their old Assyrian Empire enemy (Syria today), their old Babylonian Empire enemy (Iraq today), their old Persian Empire enemy (Iran and Afghanistan today) and their old Egyptian Empire enemy (Egypt today, who we just pay off not to attack Israel).
  1.  You know these Judaizing Christians by the immigrants they favor. Always favoring Jewish immigration of course, mainly from Russia now, formerly from Germany, but also Muslims of all sorts, as Jews founded Islam to be Israel’s shock troops against Christianity. And just for the hell of it, allow in Hindus from India and Buddhists from China.
  1.  You know these Judaizing Christians by their politics. Socialism is their true religion. The State controls everything so long as the State is in Jewish hands and leaves no room for Christianity.
  1.  You know these Judaizing Christians, who call themselves evangelical Protestants, who tell you not to worry about Jews running Wall Street, Main Street, Mass Media and High Tech, in fact, you are an anti-Semite, because didn't Christianity do just fine 2,000 years ago with Christ under Jewish Sadducee and State of Herod?
  1.  You know these Judaizing Christians who tell you to do nothing but pray God will work everything out.  God will cause these Jews to be "woke" soon enough they say.
  1.  You know these Judaizing Christians, who call themselves Protestants, the worst being the evangelicals, from the outlandish lies they tell about reading the Bible.

I was raised in the belief that God helps those who help themselves. 
  1.   You sin, God will not help you.
  1.   You allow sin, God will not help you.
  1.   You live a virtuous life, God will help you.
  1.   You help others live a virtuous life, God will help you.
  1.  I was never told if you help Antichrist Jews, God will help you.
  1.  I was never told if you curse Antichrist Jews, God would curse you.
The biggest fraud is calling your sworn enemy your friend, for that is a suicidal belief from which you will not survive.

Blind Evangelical Protestants enabling Jewish Antichrist tyranny upon the entire world are the most dangerous frauds in America.

Unless Jews are permanently expelled from every Christian country, The Third Great Reset to create the New World Order where Jews are finally allowed global  free reign is the Greatest Apostasy, and one which will bring God's wrath upon the enablers of the Antichrist.

Yes, I'm talking to you Protestants!

You thought you were brave and courageous to stand up to your fellow Christians in the Catholic Church, but truth be known, you have always been cowards to stand up to the Jews.

Then, you did not call out Jews as Antichrist because you were self-servingly strengthened by the Jewish printing press and Jewish money.

Now, you do not call out Jews as Antichrist because you are afraid of the Jewish printing press and Jewish money.

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