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October 2020 AD

  Wieners are Pedophiles

What does this Wiener have in common.....
With this Wiener?
Anthony Wiener
Scott Wiener

  1.   Anthony Wiener is a pedophile who molests young girls
  1.   Scott Wiener is a pedophile who molests young boys (allegedly)
  1.   Both Wieners are Jewish men.
  1.   Both are prominent Jewish elected officials.
  1.   Both are defended by sympathetic prominent Jewish organizations
  1.   Jewish organizations who will call you antisemitic if you mention either

Poor, poor Scott Wiener attacked for "doing the right thing".  What's the world coming to?  The world is always against the Jews for reasons we can never figure out.

The Jewish News of Northern California

by Ben Sales, JTA | September 9, 2020

Scott Wiener faces antisemitic and homophobic death threats

This has been a difficult month for state Sen. Scott Wiener, and not just because he’s running for re-election on Nov. 3.

Wiener has been the target of death threats on social media (“I’ll publicly execute you,” one reads), according to screenshots of posts he shared on Twitter, and says he’s been doxxed, with his home address posted online.

That is the Jewish perspective. Poor Jews being persecuted once again for doing what must be done for justice.

This could be straight out of Babylon Bee satire....

"Why it wasn't fair that heterosexual men get to abuse little girls while homosexual men get punished for abusing little boys.

And we are going to say that you are an Antisemite and Homophobe to mention any connection between the two prominent Jewish elected officials.

Or between us prominent Jewish journalists and those two prominent Jewish men in elected office for righteously defending all this trash."

---Jewish News of Northern California

Here is the Christian perspective

Do we really have to spell it out?

Christians don't like liberal Jewish judges allowing Jewish pedophile wieners like Anthony Wiener to molest and abuse little girls any more than we will like liberal Jewish judges to allow Jewish pedophile wieners like Scott Wiener to be allowed to molest and abuse little boys.

To top that off and make this totally objectionable, instead of supporting the morality of the Jew's own Ten Commandments, all Jewish organizations rally behind the Jewish pedophile Wieners and say it is Christians who have a problem.

Of course the antisemitism against Jews is WELL EARNED !!!!

Before you write this off as a double standard though, in truth, it is a double standard.

The morality of the Ten Commandments only applies to Jews with other Jews.

Jews are not required to follow the Ten Commandments with dirty filthy non-Jews.

So don't be harsh on them. They are only following their religious dictates.

Jewish men should be allowed to molest anyone they choose, for indeed, they are the Chosen Ones.

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