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Sept 2020 AD

  Defund the government

I must admit, I get all my best ideas from the Jews. And their ideas are to change things, so yeh, let's change things. Let's change things BIG and Defund the Government.

Defund the Police

At first I was agast!  Defund the Police???  What crazy would want that?  I want a local man for policeman, who had roots to my community, who has friends, neighbors, family, and fellow church members they have a vested interest in protecting and have a commitment to making a safe place for them to live, for all of us to live.

That is the man I want protecting our community. Who wouldn't want that?

Now, I do know the real agenda of the Judeo-Socialist Mafia.

Federalize a national police on the way to deputizing a global United Nations "Peacekeeper" force.

That's why the FBI, CIA, and ATF were created.  To fill the void after the local police are defunded.

The CIA was created in the Cold War against the Judeo-Soviet Union. The FBI was created to go after Al Capone. But now the FBI could never find the time to convict Jewish pedophile Jeffery Epstein of blackmailing national Presidents such as Bill Clinton and National Judges such as Justice John Roberts, but can find the time to conspired with the CIA to go after "the people's President" in some cooked up Russia conspiracy scam. The federal ATF would be the federal agency to de-arm the local police. And a de-armed local police cannot be done without a de-armed populace to go with it. UN Peacekeepers and the International Criminal Court are there, not to take out international criminals that even their own government will not imprison, such as the Clintons or the Obamas or the Bidens, but to take out "international criminals" such as Dinesh D'Sousa and Rand Paul who refuse to cower to the dictates of Judeo-Socialist tyrants.

Sure, defund the police. Why?  Because in alignment with the Judeo-agenda, the local police of the government have become too politically hamstrung to protect us anymore. Your beloved local policeman of old has rightfully become too afraid of what the the Judeo-media will do to him and his family if he were to try to keep the peace. The "government's local policemen" however, have still time to arrest people opening their own business, but they don't have the time to arrest rioters burning down those businesses.

After defunding the government's police, what if we went the opposite direction?  Do not give the policing power to a yet stronger, less humane government, but instead give the power back to the people.

What if we agreed that the Constitution has individually deputized all of us into the militia?

We will protect what is ours using the God-given right to self defense, as outlined in the deputy authority given us by the Second Amendment.

Defund the Schools

Defund the government's public schools with their motto of "No kid left ahead".

I am immorally, illegally, unjustly, and unconstitutionally coerced through my stolen tax money to provide a "free education" to my neighbor's kids while the politician gets pats on the back and votes for graciously providing the "free education".

Oh don't worry, we'll let your kids attend as well, where we will have them all day teaching them what we want to teach them, not what you want to teach them.

Sure you have your freedom of speech to go up to complete strangers to tell them anything you want to tell them, but don't expect to exercise your free speech rights to talk to your own children because they will be over in our government schools all day. For homework, we will be sure to keep you busy helping "our kids" with non-political math homework just to be sure "our kids" are not being incorrectly taught any crazy stuff by dead-beat parents like public schools are an evil place where children are 114 times more likely to be sexually abused by their government teacher than they are with spending time with their local Christian priest.

Church schools, homeschooling and mothers in teaching cooperatives all produce finer, more civilized and higher moral citizens, who are in fact even, better educated.

So defund and starve public education.

Defund the Social Welfare State

In times of national distress from the Great Depression, lifelong government three-letter man, FDR, proposed a New Deal for an America who was "too poor to take care of herself".

  1.   The elderly would be given a government Ponzi-scheme retirement program that would be a pitance of what would have been earned in private retirement programs.
  1.   The unemployed would at first be given a government employment check for doing government work in building trails in national forests or building public courthouses, and then later, would be given a government unemployment check for doing no work at all.
  1.   The homeless resulting from the Great Depression created by the Federal Reserve would be helped by government to get into new homes, to such a degree that essentially all homes are now financed by the federal government's Federal Reserve, with money funneled through the federalized banks of the Federal Reserve.
  1.  The money in your bankrupted bank would be protected by the government's Federal Reserve, and all you had to do was to turn over all your gold to the government, who replaced them by green pieces of paper with numbers on them, such a $1, $5, $10, $20 and $100. Each number pretty much representing in value of the first one over time, so that a $100 bill today will barely buy what a $1 bill would have bought 100 years ago. In other words, government is insuring that all transactions are done in their government-created green paper, not constitutionally mandated silver and gold.
  1.   The workers would get government backing to help unionize against the private industry who gave them their jobs, in order to keep both under the thumb of government, not to create their own private companies where they would associate and rule themselves privately.
  1.   The farmers would be paid by government to not make food for the people and otherwise do as their government agent told them, because the Dust Bowl farmers of the day needed to be told to not produce food.

In times of national prosperity from the generous fruits of Capitalism, another lifelong government three-letter man, LBJ, proposed the Great Society on an America, who was "too rich for her own good".

  1.  Government housing would be provided to the poor, government urban renewal projects to confiscate private property in condemnation proceedings, section 8 housing and lastly in Obama's government housing right inside your neighborhood.
  1.   Government food would be provided to the poor in government-paid school lunch programs, food stamps and later EBT
  1.   Government helping the poor in the rest of the world by virtually eliminating our immigration laws, blessing us with all we have today.
  1.   Government helping dumb itself down by insisting that there be no literacy tests when voting, to go hand in hand with the woman's vote who vote for the best looking dude.
  1.    Government insuring "Representation without Taxation" by introducing the 24th Amendment outlawing poll taxes.
  1.    Government mandated and protected abortion clinics resulting in 60 million babies sacrificed on the alter of Sexual Liberation.

To properly sum up the dismal lack of achievements of FDR's Great Depression with LBJ's Great Society, we would have to write a book. Suffice to say that America's young are not in love with their country, don't believe it is great, don't believe it is equally compassionate or loving to all, but instead believes it is racist, sexist and any other mean and cruel Judeo-inspired word you can think of. 

There is no thanks given nor appreciation to decades of taxes paid into the Social Welfare programs, so defund all the government social programs to the bone which has brought nothing but pain and misery to us all.

Defund the Military

A government who build up a formidable enemy in China, expects hundreds of billions of tax dollars to defend America. Seems a little self-serving. A government military who has enough time to defend the borders of Israel from the tiniest threat, but cannot find the resources to even defend our own borders against illegal aliens or illegal drugs, while letting the enemy spy by allowing the enemy to attend school in our foremost research universities, just seems like a HUGE waste of money.

Add on top of that the fact that they have arguably not won a single war in the last 150 years then you know you are throwing good money after bad.

  1.   WW1 led to WW2. America did not win. The only winners were Jews who got back Palestine after 2,000 years and defeated the Christian Russian Czar allowing Jews to terrorize Christians across Russia. Both a worthy goal for the "Only commandment is to Bless the Jews and remember that Jesus was a Jew" Judas Christians this country is infected with.
  1.   WW2 against Hitler led to the Cold War against Stalin. America did not win. We were left facing an even more heartless anti-Christian socialist than the one we defeated; an Jewish enemy who then had much of the same Christian lands under Judeo-tyranny whom we had fought to keep free. The only winners were the Jews who defeated the one man, Hitler, who stood up to them, taking his lands instead. Jews who were finally strong enough to have a coup d'tah shortly after ever other country was wasted by war, to take Palestine for themselves, creating modern day Israel in 1948, pleasing even more the "Only commandment is to Bless the Jews and remember that Jesus was a Jew" Judas Christians this country is infected with.
  1.   The Korean War America did not win. We let our enemy live to create nuclear bombs which can destroy us. Pretty much the same with China whom we protected in WW2 from Japan.  China hates us, not because we protected them from mass extermination (Mao would do that himself), but because we rebuilt their hated enemy Japan during occupation.
  1.   The Vietnam War?  The South Vietnamese are Communists today.
  1.   The Middle Eastern wars? Like all our wars, our enemy now occupies our nation, not us occupying their country. Instead of kicking out all Muslims after 9/11, we brought more in and gave them the same protected class status as if they were American blacks whom we had enslaved for 300 years.  The only winner were the Jews, who no longer had to worry about any military strong man in the region. Their mercenary American military knocked them all down to size, so Jews can live off our military charity without having any of their military actually killed.

Yes, defund the military.  Let our States run their own militias to protect themselves, because the federal government is just not up to the job.

Defund the Entire Government

States should outlaw the federal government taxing State Citizens with the Income Tax.

The Feds need to be taxing imports with excise taxes as Trump may feeble attempts to do. This makes imports more expensive relative to American made.

America used to be totally independent of other countries, now we are totally dependent. Do not for a minute believe this was not planned in conspiratorial circles.

This was a conspiracy to enslave America to a global economy.

America was doing just fine until the 16th Amendment started sucking taxes straight our of your paycheck after it was enacted in 1913.

So yes, certainly Defund the Federal Government. Stop t he Income Tax.

Defund the Senate

Along with the 16th Amendment in 1913, the 17th Amendment was enacted.  It threw out the States who created the United States.

No longer would the States have the power to restrain an out of control Federal government.

And per the very Constitution the States created, they left a provision in Article 5 that their power could never be removed.

So yes, Defund the Senate. Only the States should be providing the Senators and paying the bills to support the administration of this branch of the federal government. 

It is their right.

It is their duty.

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