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Sept 2020 AD

  The Promise

The Promise

Inspired by true events depicted in the novel, The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, the Armenian Genocide in Turkey during and following the First World War is wonderfully told as a romantic tragedy of the pre and post Ottoman Empire in terms of the Armenian massacre and Christian genocide.

This is a spoiler, but interesting in the end that the French navy finally saves a mere 4,000 Armenian Christian refuges from certain death off the southern Mediterranean side of the Ottoman Empire at Musa Dagh, when the French just a couple of decades prior, had defended the Ottoman Muslim Turks from certain defeat at the hands of the Christian Czar and hisd almost certain recapture of Constantinople for Christianity.

In other words, the French navy saved the Turkish Muslims in the Crimean War so the Turkish Muslims could commit genocide against all remaining Christians in WW1, whom only then did they finally decide to save.

What a better world we would have had England and France not saved the Ottoman Empire in the Crimean War. Descendants of two million more Christians would have been alive today.

With the Czar fighting for his own survival and soon to be overthrown by Jews in 1917, Ottoman Turks lost all fear of reprisals and committed the Armenian Massacre starting in 1915.

In a truth Hitler exposed to the entire world, the Turks did not finish their genocide against Christians in 1915, during the war when no one could help these poor Christians, but the Turks were still committing ethnic cleansing against Christians as late as 1923, after the Ottoman Empire was defeated and occupied by Christians, so sadly with the approval of all Christian leadership and at a time Christians could have prevented it.

In the movie, a strange event was told which could very well explain all this inconsistency. Our racist President Woodrow Wilson appoints a Jew to be America's Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire.

The scene between US Ambassador Henry Morgenthau and Turkish Interior Minister Talaat Pasha is taken entirely from Ambassador Morgenthau's memoirs.

When Talaat seeks the insurance money for the Armenians he had ordered killed, it is almost verbatim.

The memoirs read: "I wish," Talaat now said, "that you would get the American life insurance companies to send us a complete list of their Armenian policy holders.

They are practically all dead now and have left no heirs to collect the money. It of course all escheats to the State. The Government is the beneficiary now. Will you do so?"

[Henry Morgenthau, Ambassador Morgenthau's Story, New York: Doubleday, 1918, page 339]

Ambassador Morganthau

All this was but cover for what the Jews were doing in Palestine.

With the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, it was the Jews interest to have Christians defend them from the dirty, evil Muslims and the Armenian Christians were just sympathy bait. Their continued suffering well after the end of WW1 was the Judeo-media headlines to prove how Christians should never allow the same to happen to the Jews who were now flooding into Palestine.

I know this because the exact same thing happened prior to WW1.

Jews were running headlines in the American papers they owned depicting the suffering of Christians in the hands of the Ottomans.  Not because they cared about the poor Christians of the former Byzantine Empire.  They were just trying to gin up sympathies for Jews inside Russia under the Christian Czar.

Look at how bad the Muslim Sultan is treating Christians. Why the Christian Czar, just any day now, is going to start doing the same un-Christian acts on the Jews in Russia if you don't allow them to immigrate here to America.

Switch and bait.   Bait with real Christian suffering nothing is done for and switch with imaginary suffering on the part of the Jews.

In the end as we would expect, the title of the movie is pure irony.

  1.   There never was a promise by Jews to help any Christians in Turkey.
  2.  The Jews now running the Soviet Union offered no promises to help Christians in Turkey.
  3.   The Jews in England and France who had earlier talked them into saving the Ottomans from the Christian Czar in the Crimean War were not going to help.
  4.  The Jewish ambassador from America to the Ottomans did not help, so America did not really know to help.
  5.   And the Jews from Palestine were busy plotting the next World War where they could then create their own Jewish Empire called the United Nations and their Israel.

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