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Sept 2020 AD

is in dire need
of a
Constitutional Dictator

America is on the verge of a Spanish-styled Civil War. 

Don't want to contemplate these radicals winning. When they win, there is always a horrific purge of innocents. Civilian slaughters of millions occurred in the years following the Judeo-French Revolution, the Judeo-Russian Revolution and the Judeo-Cuban Revolution.

Often of the smartest and most capable amongst us. Jews don't like honest competition.

And these American Judeo-radicals are proving themselves to be in the same mold as the mobs of the past.

But even if the citizens win, they almost always lose the freedoms they had.

Often, failed radical revolutions end up in military dictatorships, because an extreme push in one direction almost always leads to an extreme reaction in the opposing direction.

One required extreme reaction of course is to rid this nation of our Jews as have over a hundred other countries found they had to do for their own survival.

Military dictator Napoleon took a broken France, lost for awhile to Judeo-communist insanity and depravity, and brought France back to some sense of normalcy. (He was only defeated by the harsh Russian winter of 1812.)

Military dictator Franco fought valiantly against Judeo-communists, won, and then ruled as a dictator, not as a Fascist as per the patent lies of Jewish historians, but as a simple everyday dictator; a benevolent one at that thankfully.

The peoples of Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, and China were not so lucky.

What should our country look like after the Civil War?

Now is the time to ask ourselves what we want our country to look like when the bloodbath is over and after we have rid ourselves of the cause of it -- our Jewish parasites.

America's George Washington fought the British, ruled as our President, held to strict Constitutional principles, and then peacefully retired.

George Washington was a benevolent Christian Constitutional Dictator.

America does not need a Napoleon or a Franco in these troubles, and certainly does not need to succumb to Jewish provocations to revolution.

America needs a second George Washington.

America at this time of need, needs a tyrant to the Constitution.

A tyrant who would dissolve the Federal Reserve which Jews have used to create far more financial crisis than it ever resolved:

***Because the Constitution requires Congress to only make gold and silver the means of barter in society.

A tyrant who would stop the socialist plunder through forced confiscation of taxes from those who work, which are handed out to those who do not work in return for an election vote for a Jew or a bought off Judas:

***Because the Constitution has requirements to protect property from theft of others, not be the middleman to the theft.

A tyrant who would not go abroad in search of dragons to slay, especially for the heinous blood sucker that is today's Israel with our being her mercenary army to fight Middle Eastern wars:

***Because the Constitution says that the nation has to commit to war through its legislative body with an Act of War, not through a bogus "police action" or appeal to the United Nations.

A tyrant who would protect America from invasion from an army of illegal aliens as if he was protecting his own home, especially including the illegal alien Jews who came between 1880 and 1940, LBJ in particular illegally and treasonously bringing Jews into the Texas port of Houston during the Great Depression:

***Because the Constitution clearly states that its main purpose is to protect each State from invasion.

A tyrant who would end the wholesale slaughter of babies still being nursed by their mothers:

***Because the Constitution is based on protection of life and the death penalty is a State function, which even then has to be a death penalty for good Constitutional cause, not because "I got drunk 6 weeks ago and went home with a guy".

A tyrant who would overturn the unconstitutional 17th Amendment which kicks the States out of the room in deciding federal policy for all States, leaving the decision for Senator to a vast Judeo-Media propaganda machine:

***Because the Constitution has only one thing which it will NOT allow to be amended, and that is to remove a State's right to vote in the Senate.

A tyrant who would arrest and prosecute treasonous sedition against the Constitution; those pushing for the overthrow of the Constitution:

***Because the Constitution was established by We The People, and only We The People can amend it or decide upon another form of government, any other attempts to destroy the Constitution being illegal.

Who would such a Constitutional tyrant be today? 

Who would be the toughest Constitutional tough guy? 

Would he be a hero of the country like World War II PT Boat commander JFK?  Many believe he could have been, had he not been assassinated, but no. His "New Frontier" agenda promised federal funding for education, medical care for the elderly, economic aid to rural regions, and government intervention to halt the recession.  All these New Frontier goals stab a stake at the heart of the Constitution of the United States.

Would he be a tough Air Force pilot like Vietnam Era hero and Prisoner of War John McCain? Not even close!  The deciding vote to keep ObamaCare comes to mind?

Would he be a iron tough Capitalist like Donald Trump who says it like it is?  Lots of Constitutional sounding words, but very few Constitutional actions, so no.

So we've tried military tough guys and we've tried business tough guys.  Didn't help any.

Who then would be Constitutionally hard as nails?
How about a Hollywood tough guy?   Bruce Willis?  Sylvester Stallone?  The Rock? The WWE Champion?  The Karate Kid?     Haha, don't get me laughing.

You know what he haven't tried in the last 100 years? 

A proven real-life Constitutional tough guy.

A guy who has actually stood tough in direct defense of the Constitution.

And I have just the guy in mind.

Meet my Constitutional Tough Guy

For his tough man defense of the Constitution, this tough guy took the brunt force of a hostile fanatical Democrat neighbor, placing him in the hospital where he had broken ribs, lost part of his lungs and had to undergo hernia surgery. 

But he kept going.

For his tough man defense of the Constitution, this tough guy came under enemy fire at a congressional baseball practice by a fanatical rabid Bernie Sanders supporter.

But he kept going.

For his tough man defense of the Constitution, this tough guy just this week was physically surrounded by hostiles coming out of the RNC Convention, near certain to be maned if not dead without police coming to his aid, and he stood his ground with his back straighter than I could possibly manage without threat, protecting his dear precious wife, with more bravery than any other of his type I have ever seen. Others of his type wither like cowards when merely called bad names.  Even Trump changes course when the rhetoric against him gets too bad, and we have yet to see how he would handle the same face-to-face hatred this Constitutional hero has had to endure three times already.

The Irony of this last threat to his life is that this Constitutional Tyrant was the Senator who submitted the law outlawing the questionable no-knock search warrant, which caused the death of the lady this mob claimed to be championing.

That's how tough this guy is!

But he kept going.

Rand Paul would be a Constitutional Dictator

Much like his father Ron Paul, son Rand Paul is fit in the same Constitutional dictator cloth as was his father.

They never vote to get a vote.

They never vote to get a campaign contribution from rich Jews.

They never vote to get favorable media treatment from the Jews who own the media.

They never vote to save themselves from Jewish blackmail.

They never vote to save themselves from the mobs Jews have incited.

Ron and Rand Paul always and consistently vote for the Constitution.

And that is the vote we all need to vote for.

Rand Paul is America's second George Washington.

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