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Oct 2020 AD

Evil Jewish
Crony Capitalism

Two Evil Pricks

We are going to go full Social Justice Warrior here by proclaiming the need to kill Jewish Capitalism.

Why not?  Socialism is being sold to Americans by Jews like Soros to defeat Jewish Capitalists like Rothschild, so why not agree with Jewish Socialists to kill Jewish Capitalism?

Just to know, that Christian Capitalism is the answer, not Jewish Socialism.

The final solution is to kill both Jewish Socialism and Jewish Capitalism.

Main targets?

Father and grandfather of Jews, Donald Trump, Favorite First Son of Jew York City and founder of Make Israel Great Again, being the leader of Jewish Capitalism; with our famous honeymooner in the Judeo-Soviet Union, Jew Bernie Sanders being the leader of Jewish Socialism.

Grandma Esther's Famous Jewish Home Recipe:
    1) Measure out one word "Evil"
    2) Measure out one word "Capitalism"
    3) Join tightly together forever with Gorilla glue

Let's speak of the last 100 years of Jews placing the words evil and Capitalist together as if the two were inseparable.

Much as the words "white" and "privileged" are now forever bonded to each other and torqued down with vise grips as white priveledge. Just that we laugh at the irony of Chelsea Clinton, the most pampered and privileged white child in America, having the audacity to lecture parents "how to erode white privilege out of their children".

And don't forget Jews can never be evil Capitalists nor White Supremacists.

What about Bernie Sanders putting the words Democratic and Socialism together. Wanting to cement Democracy into Socialism as if the two were perfectly made for each other.

Or Jews putting the words "pedophile" and "priest" together, but never dare uttering the words pedophile Rabbi, or pedophile public school teacher.

  1.  Democratic Socialism -- good thing.
  2.  Evil Capitalism -- Bad thing.

Yes, we can do that too.

  1.  Jewish Socialism -- bad thing
  2.  Jewish Capitalism -- bad thing
  3.  Benevolent Christian Capitalist -- very good thing
  4.  Benevolent Christian Free Market -- Extremely good thing

Truth in advertising would have us say that America in the last 100 years has had Jewish Socialism and Jewish Capitalism.

Jews and Socialism are naturals together, so Jewish Socialism is a no-brainer and not at all a hard sell.

Jews and Capitalism together?
Say it isn't so!!!!

That there was a Jewish Hijacking in America over the last 100 years is not that hard a sell. Sure doesn't help that Jews will not admit or advertise how much they own everything these days.

What is a hard sell is to convince Christians that "conservative" Jews owning everything is bad and has turned out to have been extremely bad for America.

Let's start by describing the way the New York Times was "legally" hijacked.

Founded by a Christian man, Henry Jarvis Raymond, in 1851, which in 1896, was bought by an extremely poor Jewish man named Adolph Ochs who was mysteriously able to borrow the then enormous sum of $75,000.

My almost guaranteed guess?  Conservative Jewish Rothschild money from Europe.

Even the Christian guy was honest about the purpose of the founding of the NYTs. Highlighted and underlined in their original mission statement is the admission that they will defend the good and fight the bad -- both good and bad that is as defined by Henry Jarvis Raymond.

We shall be Conservative, in all cases where we think Conservatism essential to the public good;—and we shall be Radical in everything which may seem to us to require radical treatment and radical reform. We do not believe that everything in Society is either exactly right or exactly wrong;—what is good we desire to preserve and improve;—what is evil, to exterminate, or reform.

What is good and bad to the Jewish descendants of Adolph Ochs and Arthur Hays Sulzbereger, has been switched, as everyone is now painfully aware.

So evil capitalism where foreign Jewish money buys a propaganda instrument of destruction in America can easily be expanded to evil Jewish capitalism.

With Crony Rothschild money, we can easily expand all out to evil crony Jewish capitalism.

Another evil crony Jewish Capitalism is the hijacking of American industry by evil crony Jewish Capitalists from Wall Street who take in the billions of dollars from average American Christians, buy up controlling interest in the all the corporations they want to own, then place their crony Jewish cousins into the Board of Directors of those corporations, promote only "people of color" and import others to run the company under their watchful eyes, institute Soviet style education camps under the "HR" department,  then even set up subsidiary corporate sites in Israel for strategic interests of Israel.

These Wall Street financial guys never had an innovative idea in their life. They snort cocaine all day long, instead of work night and day to establish the company. They truly are evil crony Jewish Capitalists.

Same with the evil crony Jewish Capitalists of the Social Media. Google is Jewish owned and supported by the advertising of the evil crony Jewish Capitalists previously described.

Return America
benevolent Christian Capitalists

The answer is and always has been benevolent Christian Capitalists.

The answer is and always was a Christian free market.

Christianity is benevolent on its face.

Christianity's nature is fairness and justice.

No, this is not a plead for centralized tyrannical planning.

This is a plead for arresting corrupt evil Jewish Capitalists out and allowing free markets to thrive once again for a Christian America.

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