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August 2020 AD

  Cancel Judeo-Democrats

BLM Puppet

The creator of this political cartoon is more accurate than he may possibly know. The detroning of a CHRISTIAN GOD. 

Karl Marx was Jewish and Communism is fully a Jewish tool for Christian manipulation. The cartoon rightfully depicts that blacks are the useful idiots for Jews to manipulate.

We have seen this before.  The Communists in charge in the Soviet Union were not Russians, they were Jews; hence, why so many Russian Christians were slaughtered so mercilessly.

Dinesh D-Sousa has their number.

No longer enough to appeal to a well-satiated Middle Class of Whites.  The way forward today for a Judeo-Socialist revolution is through social justice warrior radicals.

"Today’s socialists claim to model themselves on the “socialism that works” in Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden.

In reality, socialism abandoned the working class and found new recruits by drawing on the resentments of race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Modern-day socialism is “identity socialism,” a marriage between classic socialism and identity politics".

-- Dinesh D'Sousa

For Dinesh, all blame can be placed at the feet of the Democrat Party and he is not shy about listing their crimes:
  1.   The Trail of Tears under their founder Andrew Jackson
  2.   100% of slaves owned by Democrats at the start of the Civil War
  3.   Obstruction to Reconstruction
  4.   All lynchings were done by Democrats
  5.   All KKK were Democrats
  6.   Rejection of all Civil Rights laws
  7.   Renewal of the KKK under Democrat President Woodrow Wilson
  8.   Segregation in all manner of life, from schools to buses to water fountains
  9.   Poll Taxes
  10.   All 98 of 100 leading Dixicrats remained Democrats during "enlightened" era
  11.   Democrat-ran cities today do nothing to uplift blacks
In fact, if there was one organization in America which fully encompasses America's Dark Legacy of Slavery, the Democrat Party would account for every part of that dark legacy.

Democrat LEgacy of Slavery

And the legacy of Slavery was all about the exploitation of cheap labor, right?

Well, you cannot look to the Democrat Party as the patron saints of cheap labor. The cheap labor of 1850 to pick cotton to feed the Jewish garment industry in New York City was fully supported by those Jewish masters of clothing commerce.

Today, Jews have extended to become the masters of social media as well and are still demanding cheap immigrant labor to feed their engineering and software positions.

Back to Dinesh D'Sousa.

Trump's Wall to him as an Indian immigrant is totally fair and just. How dare that Mexicans believe they have a right to steal into the country, while Indians are across a vast ocean and cannot tunnel under a fence to illegally enter here.

In fact, a Wall is not even needed. In his address to Sanford students, he told them he encountered no walls whatsoever when arriving at the campus, and yet, in its entire history, Sanford had had the highest, strongest most impregnable virtual wall ever constructed.

The admissions office at Sanford heavily screens everyone who wants to be a part of Sanford.

Your grades have to be impeccable, your intelligence has to be near genius, your wealth has to be in the 1% range, your character has to be to Sanford standards.

There are no illegal students at Sanford taking biology classes. There are no homeless students living in their student housing. There are thugs on their football team but they are American thugs.

As to our culture, it is Jews, not Protestants and certainly not Catholics who are suing and bankrupting all institutions Americans need in time of crisis.

Whom do you think forced the Boy Scouts to accept homosexual leaders and then bankrupted them for the actions of these homosexual leaders toward young boys?

Whom do you think is trying to bankrupt the NRA in New York for corruption?  Yes, a black Attorney General, but with Jewish spies collecting all the dirt, manipulating the dirt, and paying for her campaign.  A black does not become the Attorney General in Jewish-ran New York without fully being a Obama-styled Puppet ( see cartoon above).

Yes, even the Catholic Church, largest opponent of Judeo-abortion, is filled with sinners who can be influenced by Judeo-Hollywood culture. The book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit details how Jews manipulated the Catholic Church into Vatican II, only to renege on their own agreement.

We have talked about the history of the Catholic Church toward Jews and Mussolini's "Socialism" was rejected by Jewish socialists because Mussolini forgot that it is not Socialism, Democratic Socialism or any other form of socialism, it is Jewish Socialism.

Actions against Jews that we consider "Fascist" today were long held Church doctrine.

These "Fascist" doctrines of Mussolini's Italy have been the official suggestions of Popes in Italy for a thousand years...
  •  All Jewish literature is forbidden
  •  No book by a foreign Jew can be translated into Italian
  •  No play by a foreign Jew can be produced
  •  No Jew is allowed to broadcast over the radio.
  •  Jewish professors are barred from Italian universities
  •  Jewish textbooks of 114 Jewish writers have been withdrawn from the schools.
  •  Jews have been expelled from all administrative posts.
  •  Marriage is again illegal between Jews and Christians.
  •  A third anti-Semitic newspaper, Giornalissimo, has joined forces with the already existing anti-Jewish Regime Fascista and Il Tevere.

So, yes indeed you see today a Jewish District Attorney in Philadelphia bankrupting the Catholic Church for its priests doing exactly what any respectable Jew would do like Jeffery Epstein or Harvey Weinsteain.  And this taks gets taken all the way across the entire State of Pennsylvania when a Jew is elected as the State Attorney General.

Per Dinesh D'Sousa his NATIONAL Socialism was cast from that of Mussolini, along with Mussolini's laws against Jews.

Dinesh completes the picture of Hitler by detailing how all his laws against Jews were modeled upon the by-laws of the Democrat Party.

  1.   Segregated Jews (blacks) into Ghettos
  2.   Made laws against marriage of Jews (blacks) to Germans
  3.   No citizenship rights to Jews (black)
It is well past time that the Democrat Party be permanently canceled and their Jewish conspirators rounded up and hanged.

Cancel the Democrat's Party out to destroy this country.

Then a Constitutional Amendment needs to be proposed and approved by the States to holding the United States to be a Christian nation.

As for the Jews? 

They love diversity. Let's throw them over Trump's Wall and make Mexico a paradise for diversity.

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