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July 2020 AD                          HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

  Make Families
Constitutional Again

Welcome to the American Independence Day celebration of America's freedom from tyranny and our 1,000th issue of The Christian Solution.

What more appropriate issue could we address at this time than to evaluate the waning freedom and independence of the American family.

The decision most cherished by the Judeo-Leftists by the Supreme Court is inarguably the decision of Roe V. Wade.

To fully understand the fathomless depth of love Judeo-leftists cherish in this decision, you have to dig deep into its implications.

SCOTUS declares the Family Unconstitutional

  1. Roe V Wade is not just about the God-given life of a child being unconstitutionally declared by our government to be a non-human and being allowed to be systematically and genetically cleansed from millions of mothers as only a Judeo-Leninist could love;
  1. Roe v. Wade is not just a means for a woman to delay, or even eliminate entirely, her God-given responsibility for child bearing and child raising, so that she can pursue a government-mandated, affirmative action demand she be allowed to replace a husband and a father from a viable occupation, thus  impoverishing  the children of the  saintly woman who choose to stay at home to  bear and raise her own children.
  1. Roe V. Wade is also about overturning the entire Western Christian view of the family as being father and husband dominated, by telling women that they and they alone have the sole final decision about what will constitute the family.
  1. And thus, Roe v. Wade is a decision declaring a family to be unconstitutional, in terms of having any God-given rights whatsoever  (outside of two gays being married). Not aborting but having a child birthed is the very definition of family.  Government-ran divorce courts splitting man and woman  apart of what God has joined together is just the clincher.
Many have said that our Second Civil War will begin when the Judeo-Leftists fight against having this heinous decision overturned.

A far more impassioned question is why didn't Christians begin that Civil War in 1973 when the decision was first handed down?

Many Christians say we have to first win the hearts and minds of our children who grow up to sacrifice their own babies on the Jewish alter of Molech.

And they point to public schools as the indoctrination centers for this anti-family thought.

"We have to take our schools back" they say.

Strange they should think this?

They never were our schools, so how can we win hearts and minds?

Your Public School is not Your School

Children are being removed from the family home for most of the day light hours to attend government-ran schools, separated from their parents and conveniently separated by grade levels from their siblings, only to come home for hours and hours of time parents are forced to help their kids, not with politically-correct social studies, nor with real history, but with non-political math homework. 

That is what I spent all my remaining daylight hours with my children doing. Not helping them understand God, life or morality, but helping them night after night to pass the math exam their teachers forced my children to take home as their only homework assignment and thus tying my hands for the remaining time with our children to do what they wanted me to do with my children. Did I want my sons to fail math?  No way! Of course I would help them with math. But they somehow passed gender studies just fine without my help.

Our parental responsibilities toward our children are so completely hijacked that it is our schools, not parents, who take our children on educational trips to art and science museums, to (high school) musical band trips and to (high school) sporting events.

No wonder our children think we are of no importance to their lives. Their family is at school.

Try telling these parents their schools are not actually public schools but government-ran socialist training camps and they will scoff at you. No amount of logical argument about "property taxes are really taxes to pay for the schools", or that the schools are ran by democratically elected government officials, will suffice to persuade them of this fact.

Even the "Public" part of Public Schools does not sink in with these people as meaning anything to do with governmental "socialist good for all".

When I was forced to re-confiscate a car my son was conned into giving up to a manipulative fellow college student, I knew he was driving my son's stolen car on the campus of a public community college and so I knew the day and time of class he would be there. I properly notified the campus police of my intention to repossess the car and they forbid it. The reason?  The community college was "private property" you see. I should instead wait until the thief decided to drive to a "public place" such as a Walmart. I kid you not!  Needless to say, I did take his advice and repossessed the car at a truly "public place". That is, at the college.

Heavens forbid that I would repossess on the private property of stock-holder-owned Walmart. 

Or have campus "police" help me recover stolen "private" property that is smack in the "public" property jurisdiction of the campus "police".

All this is happening while Christian parents begrudgingly accept that prayer is "Constitutionally" prohibited to their children.

And that is the real premise of this 1,000th issue of The Christian Solution.

Everything about public schools have gone through a fake, fraudulent framework of Constitutional muster.

Public Schools are unconstitutional you say? Now you have crossed the line and present evidence you are certifiably insane!

Constitutional "Equality" was the selling point for every child having the constitutional right to an equal education. So if the parents  of a single child cannot afford to send their child to a private school, then all 100 million children MUST be given a "free education", after billions of dollars of taxes are collected of course.

Socialism sold on the basis of the Constitution.

So if you were to send your child to a government-owned, government-ran and government-sanctioned "public school", then yes indeed the Supreme Court properly rules that the government cannot separate blacks from whites into different government schools, nor allow government to establish a state religion upon your children with a government-sanctioned State Prayer on STATE PROPERTY!  How else can they rule?

You Christians are not bringing the correct arguments to the Supreme Court to decide.

Correct Question to the Supreme Court

Justices of the Supreme Court:

  1. Do I have the God-given right to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly, all by way of the First Amendment to the Constitution?
  1. And are these three God-given rights most manifested in my freedom to speak to my own children when teaching my children, my freedom to morally raise my own children in a Christian environment and my freedom to assemble as a family unit with wife and children?
  1. And do I not have the freedom to delegate all these three freedoms by way of proxy to a tutor of my own choice for topics of which I personally recognize I do not have the expertise on, such as biology, calculus, piano lessons, or Sunday school?
  1. And thus, by heavily taxing me through out my life, before I have children, during the time of child raising and even after my children are grown, all in order to provide a government socialist education for the children of others, you have impoverished me to the point that even I am impoverished and unable to afford private education for my own children.
  2. And in conclusion, is this not but a devious government scheme to force me to give up all my constitutional rights to my children? By forcing me against my will to hand my own children over to the State, to be raised by the government in their "schools" and in violation of my Constitutional rights to provide for my own children with the earnings of my own labor, while unconstitutionally forcing me to provide unconstitutional government schools for complete strangers, is this dastardly and diabolical scheme to enslave my children not an even greater basis for an American Revolution than the original?

You see, Public Schools are Judeo-socialist. They are anti-American and ungodly. 

There are no amount of judicial decisions by Jewish Supreme Court justices which will or even can "fix" them.

There is no amount of legislation, who otherwise vote 100-0 in favor of anything for the government of Israel, which will or can "fix" them.

There is no executive action by the grandfather of all Jewish children which can or even have the desire to drag "right" out of wrong.

Truth is, on their face, public schools are wholly unconstitutional.

Christian families must be saved one step at the time, just as Christian families were destroyed one step at a time.

Once Roe V. Wade is denounced for the vile government act it is, this vile government argument for public education is another case ripe for the Supreme Court.

To be complete, Republicans have tried to make very weak-kneed, feeble attempts to address this hideous situation of parental choice over the education of their children with vouchers. For those extremely few who truly cannot afford to send their children to private school, I can be argued with and agree they can be provided for with a public voucher, with no arguments allowed from Judeo-leftists that even poor private schools have a constitutional right to a polo team. I want to be pure and say there can be no government strings attached, but right away this policy would be attacked with the Muslim camel once again putting his Jewish-sized nose under the tent. As soon as some idiot used their government tax dollar provided voucher to send their children to a witches college, we are off to the races again with expanding government into our lives. Allowing a public voucher to be used to study satanic arts, can easily be decided to have never been a "God-given" right and should always be inappropriate to a Christian majority, thus should righteously be forbidden.

Oh do I long for such sane government policy debates once again.

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The Christian Solution             First Release: March 15, 2008