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December 2019 AD

Who Trump Helps

We all want to have faith that one man, outside of Jesus, can save American Christians from a monstrously hideous Deep State.

Even harder when that man we throw our faith to is a life long Democrat "friend of Bill" from New York City with all Jewish grandchildren, Donald Trump.

Proof of American Allegiance:
Born in America to American parents
Not proof of no allegiance:
Grandchildren born to Jewish mothers

When the Founders demanded the President of the United States must have an allegiance to the country which is proved by looking upward in the family tree to insure the man was birthed in America to two American born parents, they never guessed that they should have also looked downward in the family tree as well to insure that the President's family could realistically be tied with future allegiance to this country's future.

Many a man honestly claims he works for the future of his children and grandchildren; rarely does a man say he works to preserve what his ancestors gave him.

Trump is smart enough to say the right things. "Make America Great Again" is about returning America to what our ancestors had.

But again, actions speak louder than words.

Trump's all Jewish grandchildren means all of Trump's grandchildren could easily claim an allegiance to the nation of Israel, not an allegiance toward the nation of America.

So the acid test is to determine if Trump works toward America's future; or instead, if he works toward Israel's future for his grandchildren?

Helping Jews:
Trump moved our embassy from Tel Aviv to the center of all of Judaism -- Jerusalem. He has armed Israel to the teeth. He has built them strong walls to defend their borders. He has allowed our technology to be stolen and taken to Israel. He is targeting Israel's current pet project for wiping off the face of the Earth, Iran, with sanctions (and assassinations of their Major General Suleiman). He stands with Israel's best friend Saudi Arabia. And he just signed an Executive Order protecting Jews from the free speech of Christians right here in America.

Not helping Christians:
Trump did not move  our nation's Capitol from  Washington, DC, to the  center of Christian America, which in doing so would naturally leave behind (impeach) much of the beltway Judeo-Deep State who would not want to move and would necessitate the hiring of fresh Christian faces deep inside America. Trump has not fired the Judeo Rosensteins and Cohens in the Executive and has not honestly called out the Judeo Schiffs, Schumers and Nadlers of Congress for what they really represent, fellow dual citizen Jews and not American Christians. He himself directly limited the right of Christian's free speech when he created an executive order creating a special status for protecting Jews from receiving criticism, which means Christian's Constitutional free speech rights in regards to speaking about Jews is directly limited by Trump.

Helping Muslims:
America had a Pearl Harbor level of attack on American soil with 911, masterminded by Saudi Arabian leader Osama Bin Laden, son of a well respected Saudi Arabian family, along with his many Saudi Arabian 911 co-conspirator terrorists. RINO President Bush attacked Afghanistan, while actually giving Saudi Arabians special flights out of our country to return to an untouched Saudi Arabia. With this massive Pearl Harbor attack against America still smoldering in the minds of Americans, we find these evils tolerated under Trump: 1) a sliced up Jamal Khashoggi journalist under orders by their tyrannical leader Mohammad bin Salim, 2) a genocidal religious war against Shiite-based Yemen using our weapons, 3) the building of even more "ultra-strict interpretation of the Koran" Wahhabi mosques being built on Christian lands, and 4) yet another Muslim Saudi Arabian terrorist attack, filmed by fellow Muslim Saudi compatriots, by the hands of a radical Muslim Saudi Arabia military officer named Mohamed Alshamrani. The last showing American Christians that our Commander in Chief, allowed the center of all things Islam, the Saudi Muslim military, onto our lands, onto our military bases, to learn how to fly planes for God's sake, to attack our military at Pensacola Air Force Base.  And not to forget; Israel's best friend is Saudi Arabia.

Not helping Christians:
Trump did not help Christians when 1) He opposed Congress's resolution denouncing the Turkish Muslim slaughter of millions of Armenian Christians, 2) He does not propose deporting all the Muslims as antithetical to Christian Constitutional government. And last but most important, 3) He does not propose deporting all the Jews as antithetical to Christian Constitutional government.

Least we forget, there are other items Trump has not done for Christian America.

Trump has...

1. Not reversed Obama's give away of the Internet to the UN
2. Not killed our role in NATO, the EU military arm of the UN
3. Not pushed the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN
4. Not audited the Federal Reserve
5. Not appointed a Christian like Ron Paul to oversee the Federal Reserve
6. Not killed the Federal Reserve
7. Not stopped the Federal Reserve from bankrupting us.
8. Not proposed a repeal of the 17th Amendment that would include the States in the Senate, as the most important  checks and balances the Founders intended
9. Not proposed a repeal of the 16th Amendment that allowed the federal government to self-fund without "strings" attached by the States, but now States have strings attached to get fed money
10. Not killed the Department of "Propaganda" Education
11. Not locked up ANY deep state coup conspirators
12. Not killed Planned Parenthood as the RICO-level evil organization that it is
13. Not informed America through tweets about the Jewish root cause being the real danger to America (Latest EO actually reverses anyone doing so in tweets)
14. Not initiating federal actions against massive attacks to the free speech rights of American Christians by Judeo-Social Media
15. Not initiating federal actions against Judeo-Antifa and other violent organizations
16. Not broken up the Jewish monopoly on all news and information, leaving Christians as easy prey to their manipulation
17. Not initiated ANY criminal treason and sedition charges against Dual citizen Jews working for the nation of Israel
18. Not initiated ANY deportation proceedings against Jews back to their self-professed homeland of Israel, which did not exist when most of them arrived here from Germany or Russia as supposedly grateful refugees, but now a Judeo-army destroying everything Christian in its path.

Trump campaigns in the heartland of America, but his heart is not there.

Trump's heart is in helping Jews and Muslims and Hindu H1B visa immigrants.

Trump's heart is first and foremost in Jerusalem.

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