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November 2019 AD

Impeachment by the Deep State
instead should be
Impeachment by the States

Tree of Liberty

Much has been made of a coup by a Deep State establishment controlled federal bureaucracy by way of an impeachment.

Lost in the argument is the fact that this coup started with the enactment of the 17th Amendment in 1913 which removed the States from their rightful oversight responsibilities in the Senate.

This means that the States will not decide if we can or should remove our President, leaving that decision now in the hands of Deep State federal bureaucrats; and thus, allowing this tyrannical coup to dare to be attempted.

The repeal of the 17th Amendment "promised" the American people a corruption proof federal government because now the "corrupt" States were no longer allowed to appoint their own ambassadors to join the United States Senate, keeping the Senate "pure of corruption".

The promise was that democratically elected Senators, instead of State legislature appointed Senators, would be free of graft, corruption and would love the country and the people they served back home.

The 17th Amendment was a Progressive promise to bring utopia on Earth.

We bought the arguments, hook, line and sinker.  That sinker is now sinking us.

Here's why a state-wide elected official is so bad.

You may have the capability to have some idea of the character of a local representative through neighbors, relatives and churchmen, but bar coverage by a nationally-controlled Judeo-MSM, all you know about the person running for Senate in your large State is what the Judeo-MSM wants you to know about him. If they like him, you hear nothing but good things about him; otherwise you hear nothing but bad things. If they like his opponent, then likewise you hear nothing but platitudes about his upstanding character and moral leadership.

We even reported in the Judge Roy Moore Senate bid last year where the three largest local city newspapers in Alabama were owned by a single Jewish man in New York City.  Now Jews in NYC were well represented in the news about Alabama, yeh for them, but the interests of the people of Alabama are poorly served.

Outside a well-ran PACA plan (Pray America Christian Again) effort, the Judeo-MSM will continue to elect our national leaders to the Senate.

Such as the time NYC Jewish bankers bankrolled the campaign of Ted Cruz in Texas. Again, who gives NYC Jewish bankers the right to say who runs for Senate to represent Texas?

Before the 17th Amendment, state legislators knew the man whom they used to appoint to the US Senate on a first name basis. They knew who had the love of their State in their hearts and who were the crooks.

The ideal our Founders gave us was that "the People" represented by the House of Representatives, would if needed, draw up articles of impeachment. These would be taken to the Senate, where the representatives of The States would decide guilt or innocence.

This used to be called  checks and balances.

Right now, the Judeo-MSM has all by themselves, already judged in their press and will judge in the House, the guilt of our President, and sadly, may get too many Judeo-RINO votes for conviction in the Senate if it were to come to that.

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