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October 2019 AD

Trump Sells out America Again

Indians vote Democrat

Traditionally, Indians vote Democrat, so no need to go further,

Traditionally, Indians worship the cow.  They do not worship Christ; hence,


Traditionally, India is an economic mess and is frankly not an up and coming "developing" country as portrayed by the Judeo-MSM, but has had 3,000 years to make something of itself. Has Britain as a role model and they are still a mess, save for what America is doing for them.


I'm frankly angry how Trump is employing identity politics in telling us how much unemployment is down for the black and Hispanic identity, telling us how committed he is to the Jewish identity, and now how proud he is to help the Indian identity. Even more, Trump wants to establish India as the Texas-dwarfed 53rd State of the United States, after he declares Israel as America's 51st State and Saudi Arabia as America's 52nd State.

Our Jewish MSM proudly tell us how India is a DEMOCRACY. What they don't tell you is that India since WW2 has been closer to Bernie Sander's Democratic Socialism than to a Jeffersonian Constitutional Republic.


Look it up.

India used to proudly and defiantly stand against the US, cozying up to a Jewish-Commissar-led Communist nightmare called the Soviet Union, and with Putin now leading a Christian Russia again, India had to find another sucker -- we are the newly led Jewish-Commissar led America suckers.

Russia is now the land of the free.

Trump announced to 50,000 cheering Indians right in the middle of Texas that he would Make India Great Again.

This site has already documented several times how Trump was well into implementing a Make Israel Great Again plan.

Once again, the Jewish-led One-World Deep-State has suckered Americans into believing that we have someone as President who truly cares for America and her future.

Breitbart has courageously published many articles about Trump's plan to flood the country with LEGAL immigrants, versus the Democrats love of ILLEGAL immigrants.  And BB is Jewish-owned even.

An immigrant is an immigrant - legal or illegal; but there is a key critical difference for the future of this country.
  1.  An Indian immigrant is NOT a Christian.
  1.  A Hispanic immigrant is a Christian.

So when Trump talks sweetly about how Indians "enrich our culture, uphold our values", how can that be if they are not followers of Christ?

Our culture and values will have to bend to that of India's or you will be a racist.

How does Trump's vision of Indian companies setting up shop in America compare to our previous President? 

Trump said:
India’s JSW Steel announced that it would invest up to 500 million dollars, to revitalize a shuttered steel plant in the great state of Ohio.

Obama, in his lyingly worded Netflix show "American Factory" said:

End 2008, GM closes a plant in Ohio. A Chinese billionaire/Fuyao Glass buys the plant 2014 and invests in auto glass production. There are 2000 jobs there by late 2016. USA meets PRChina.

What's the difference?  

Trump's Indian Ohio or Obama's Chinese Ohio? 

Pick your poison.

We might as well still have Obama.

Trump thinks exactly like Obama in that having Indians flood our country will make the American people stronger and wealthier, with bigger dreams and a brighter future.

The United States and India will make our nations stronger, our people wealthier, our dreams bigger, and our future brighter than ever before.

Indeed, must looks that way to Trump from his NEW YORK CITY skyscraper with his Jewish grandkids to play with.

I for one do not see a bright dreamy future for my children. I see a nightmare.

I am poorer than ever, with no wealth

And this country is weaker than you could possibly imagine.

Well, someone has to say it:

Trump is finally a well respectful politician.

He has mastered the game of identity politics.

He panders in front of 50,000 cheering Indians from India, to the Indian Identity theme, promising to allow into our country more of their families from an economic nightmare, of Jesus-deniers who vote Democratic Socialism as he would personally welcome them with his loving arms into our lovely country.

Is this for real?  Trump finishes by saying:

"God bless you; God bless India; and God bless America."

God blesses a nation of Jesus-denying Hindi?  And next up, Trump will tell us that Islam is the religion of Peace.

Trump Woos Indian Voters With Modi in Texas

Trump speaking:

"It is my immense privilege to be here with (Indian Prime Minister Modi) today at this profoundly historic event. We’re especially grateful to be joined by over 50,000 members of our incredible nation, thriving, prospering, flourishing and hard working Indian American community. Thank you.

Prime Minister Modi and I have come to you to celebrate everything that unites America and India, our shared dreams and bright future. I’ve also come to express my profound gratitude to the nearly 4 million amazing Indian Americans across our country. You enrich our culture, you uphold our values, you uplift our communities, and you are truly proud to be Americans and we are proud to have you as Americans.

We thank you, we love you, and I want you to know my administration is fighting for you each and every day.

In my campaign for president, I promised all of that, if we were elected India would have a true and great friend in the White House. I can tell you never had a better friend as President than President Donald Trump.

Every day, the Indian American community is helping to strengthen our country and build our future. Indian Americans are pioneering ground breaking medicine to save countless lives, they’re developing revolutionary technology that is changing the world, and they are founding new businesses that provide jobs to thousands of our fellow citizens. Prime Minister Modi, I look forward to working with you to make our nations even more prosperous than ever before.  

Indian companies employ tens of thousands of Americans, across a range of industries, including American steel. In 2018, India’s JSW Steel announced that it would invest up to 500 million dollars, to revitalize a shuttered steel plant in the great state of Ohio.

And we welcome India’s growing investments right here in the Lone Star state.

Illegal immigration is deeply unfair to millions of wonderful legal immigrants, who work hard, pay their taxes, follow our rules and obey our laws. Yet there are those in Washington who would raid your healthcare to fund free benefits, they want to provide free benefits, to those who enter our country illegally. We don’t want to do that.

We are going to take care of our Indian American immigrants before we take care of illegal immigrants who want to pour into our country.

And in concluding, I want to say, that America has always been a nation of pioneers and patriots, risk takers and free thinkers, and dedicated workers who have honed their trade, mastered their field,  and teach their children to always give their very, very best. Every day, Indian Americans help write this story of American greatness, and everyone here today has a crucial part to play in building an even grandeur and greater American and Indian future. To help achieve that exiting vision, we are strengthening our cherished bonds with the nation of India and we are proving the awesome power of democracy, and unlimited potential of free people. Together, we will continue to deepen the ties between our nations, we will honor the faith and dignity of our citizens and we will achieve incredible advancements for our people, for our children and for the world. We will discover new cures and save millions of lives. We will advance cutting edge technology and life millions and millions of people out of poverty. We will pioneer new frontiers in space, working together, raising the sights of humanity. We will uphold our values, defend our liberties, and control our destiny.

The United States and India will make our nations stronger, our people wealthier, our dreams bigger, and our future brighter than ever before.

God bless you; God bless India; and God bless America."

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