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October 2019 AD

Democratic Racism

Bernie Sanders is doing well selling his warmed-over Democratic Socialism,
so why is now now the best time to sell Democratic Racism.

Da Bait Debate       Run for President

Match made Jew and ISlam

The Democrat Party has always had all the slaves, has always had all the KuKluxKlan, has always had all the lynchings, so why not revamp the racist image to a new awareness of Democratic Racism?

At least racism has American roots in Jewish garment factories insatiable need for black slave labor produced cotton.

But think about it. What is American and Democratic about Socialism? 

The Nazi Socialists were German, the Stalinist Socialisms were Russian, the Maoist Socialists were Chinese.

OK, OK, we've had the Wilsonian socialists who helped Soviet socialist Lenin and Trosky, then we had the FDR socialist who helped Socialist Stalin.

Of course, the dirty secret is that we are already socialist.

  •  Government education of children (elementary, community college, and State universities)
  •  Government public charity (Medicaid, Chips, food stamps, housing, hospital aid, legal aid)
  •  Government socialization (Affirmative Action, busing, quotas)
  •  Government care of the old (Social Security, Medicare)
  •  Government oversight of parenting (Child Protective Services)
  •  Government control of the money (Federal Reserve)

But America has been called racist over and over and over for so long, so why not own it and take up the flag of Democratic Racism?

It's not just liberal Justin Trudeau in blackface, he's Canadian. It's also Democrat Governor of Virginia Ralph Northan in blackface. Then there is long time Bill Clinton love Byrd who was a certified Kleegle with the KKK.

Why the Judeo-Democrats are trying to out due each other now to be racists to white people.

Why Cherokee Indian Elizabeth Warren was even seen in her high school yearbook in Paleface.

Yes, indeed, forget Democratic Socialism, the real way to go would be Democratic Racism.

Blackface - Democrat Governor Ralph Northan

Liberals Clarify Their Racism Is Actually Democratic Racism

WORLD—Liberals seem to have a problem as more Justin Trudeau blackface photos have surfaced. Meanwhile, Democratic politicians in America continue to say anti-semitic things.

In their defense, liberals have come out to clarify that their racism isn't the destructive kind condemned by most of humanity, but rather, it's a new improved form called "democratic racism."

"It's not racism---it's democratic racism," Justin Trudeau assured supporters as 78 new images surfaced of him in various shades of brown makeup. "It's totally different from regular racism, and to imply that our racism is the same as the bad kind of racism is ignorant."

To separate the new democratic racism from old, boring racism, liberals pointed out that their form is very popular, and that their base is willing to defend their racist actions and comments. "See, they voted for us, and no matter what crazy racist comments we make, they'll vote for us again," said Ilhan Omar. "Where regular racism is condemned by all, democratic racism is voted for by our supporters. So it's, like, democratic."

"Also, white men are bad."

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