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September 2019 AD

"American Factory"
How China became Fascist
tries to take America with it

My, my, do conservative Christians get tired of hearing our President falsely being labeled a fascist by real wanna-be fascists.

If Trump is such a deep state creature, he's the wimpiest fascist I've ever seen in my life.
  •  A puny Jewish federal judge in Hawaii can overpower any decision he makes.
  •  An even lower mayor of a Jewish-led city in California can ignore his federal ICE agents with impunity.
  •  Congressional House committees filled with Jews like Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff can bite at his ankles with talk of impeachment.
  •  He can beg for money for a simple wall to protect our border and Congress's Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer refuses to give him the money.
  •  The Jewish media are all over his case on everything, even over the location of where a friggin Hurricane will come ashore.
  •  And he can't even get an Attorney General to arrest a real rattlesnake, let alone Jew Rod Rosenstein.
  •  And the cartoon below. A former Fed Chairman, protege of Jewish Fed Chairman Timothy Geithner, says the Fed should destroy the economy so the People will fire him in 2020, which is saying that the President works at the behest of the Judeo-Federal Reserve.
Who's in Charge

From Communist Mao to Fascist Xi Jinping

The road to hell is paved by good intentions.

Mao's Green Revolution resulted in 60 million dead Chinese and established China as an absolutely destitute country of dirt poor peasants.

Mao's communism was a totally abject failed experiment.

Nixon should have let China's failed communism fall like Ronald Reagan did with the failed Soviet Union communism, but instead, with Jew Henry Kissinger whispering in his ear, RINO Nixon worked with the Chinese Communists and ended up saving them.

Rule number one every military general knows well: You can win the battle, but you have not defeated your foe until he totally capitulates.

With communists still in power in China, the nefarious idea Jews like Kissinger sold to Nixon was that if only America were to sell Chinese children on good tasting Hersey's chocolate bars, then we could wean their Chinese children over to a belief in a Jeffersonian Republic.

According to America's Judeo-communist central planning committee, if we just move our production over to Communist China to take advantage of the ultra low wages of their failed Communist state, then the grateful Communist Chinese would shortly be praising America's system of government and want to join us.

How has that Judeo-Communist central planning played out?

China's communist leaders instead became ultra-nationalist Fascist and they now have our industrial production capacity to back them up.

You see, China's main adversary in WW2 were the Japanese and the Japanese were indeed ultra-nationalists.

A tiny island was almost able to conquer a mighty Asian continent and they took lessons from that.

Chinese also saw how ultra-nationalist fascist Hitler was able to almost totally subdue all of Europe by himself.

The Chinese Communists of old became the Chinese ultra-nationalist fascists of today.

And we were simply suckers for believing the Jews and handing over our industrial crown jewels to Jew's favorite social constrict, fascist communism.

Netflix's, Obama produced "American factory" highlights these themes.

American Factory

This documentary was the first of a pet project of post-President Obama in conjunction with Netflix. The Obama's created the production company "Higher Ground" in contract with Netflix for an initial 7 projects.

The first of these was American Factory, where Obama personally funded the documentary of Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, as seen in the behind the scene interviews with the producers taking questions from Obama and Michelle.

American Factory

"The acclaimed film takes a deep dive into a post-industrial Ohio, where a Chinese billionaire opens a new factory in the husk of an abandoned General Motors plant and hires two thousand blue-collar Americans. Early days of hope and optimism give way to setbacks as high-tech China clashes with working-class America."

Translated into patriot American talk,

American Factory
documents the re-start of an old, run-down, Union-infested GM plant of rabid Democrats, by a UN, one world government non-Christian Chinese-Supremacists management in our own American Christian lands.

Now, what Obama expected when he started was a documentary to show a blessed Chinese Communist heaven recreated right here in American-as-pie Ohio, but along the way, things did not work out. Thankfully for us ordinary Americans, Steven and Julia were not forbidden to stop filming when everything started falling apart. We get a real insiders view of communist fascists at work.

Would it be a surprise for Chinese to be as ultra nationalistic as Americans? No, but only you are to keep quiet about it. This documentary shows the real story.

The actual story presented is about ulta nationalist Chinese communists trying to prop up failed American union socialists and communists, giving them half their former pay and much harder work loads.

Guess what?  The American union workers were not the least bit appreciative.

In other words, the American factory failed all the way around.

In a speech to his Chinese communist transition team, consisting of an eager young lean and mean crew of men and women of army age, brought to America to whip into shape a failing American socialist version of the Chinese sweat shop, the CEO of Fuyao says (38:00 minutes in)"

Dear staff, good morning
We haven't reached our goals. This is a very tough challenge for us.

We are all Chinese. We were born of Chinese mothers.

No matter where you die or are buried, you will always be Chinese.

The motherland is like a mother.

This is eternal.

Today, Chinese come to the US to operate factories.

The  most important thing is not how much money we earn, but how this will change American's views of the Chinese and toward China.

Every Chinese person should do things for our country and our people It's down to every one of you.

Chairman Cao picks a harden army of workers for his Chinese factories, but for the American factory, he picks a union rainbow of older failed socialist GM factory workers to fill his American plant, mostly due to the City of Dayton and State of Ohio doling out tens of millions of tax incentives to the Chinese to do so.

Does the American government's central planning committee take the blame for the failure of this crony capitalism? 

Hell no!

But neither do the Chinese take the blame for the factory's failure?

Hell no!  Back on the plane, he privately says (39:25):

American workers are not efficient and output is low. I can't manage them. When we try to manage them, they threaten to get help from the union.

All the blame is placed on the spoiled American union worker, not that that belief is without merit.

Irony, his Chinese factories are unionized. Just in a nationalist fascist sort of way, as we will see later.

So to help fix things, Communist Chairman Cao reverses, this time taking his American managers over to China to see how things really work. Despite working around glass all day, none of the Chinese workers wear protective eye wear, especially around cut glass at 49:52.

At 45:50, we witness the Chinese "army" of glass workers actually standing muster at attention and sounding off.

The heartless fascist pace of Chinese life is evident in the work conditions (47:07) A chinese man tells the visiting American manager:

Chinese man: "I heard things are not going to well over there."

American: "Right. That's true. That's why we're doing training here."

Chinese man: "You guys have eight days off every month. You have all the weekends. Only eight hours a day. That's an easy life."

Chinese man: "These workers only have one or two days off per month. They're not too happy about that."

"That's why I told you American workers are too lazy."

Chinese man: "It's just your nature. But you're not bad."

Chinese man: "Every person can be changed."

"We have some extremely diligent workers. Very motivated, very ambitious. They're great. But most workers are there just to make money, not to make glass."

Chinese man: "Here we say you have to be worthy of your salary. You need to prove you deserve it. You understand, right?"

Chinese man: "I heard that your workers like to joke around and talk a lot."

American jokes:
"The best tool we can use is duct tape over the mouth."

Chinese man: "Well the most important part is that you all should be united and concentrate your efforts."

At 49:04, we hear about the human cost of this fascist regime. A lady tells of 12 hour days and only getting to come home once a year during Spring Festival to her kids being watched by the grandparents.

In other words, these young people might as well be full time deployed in a war overseas, while the older people attend to the child raising.

(Wait a minute. Come to think of it, our young men are in the Middle East fighting wars for Israel.  Not producing the goods for society needs)

The old-fashioned American model was the man toiling non-stop at work while the wife stayed home with the kids.

The Chinese model is both mother and father toil endless hours while the grandparents baby sit the kids in another town deep inside China.

American vs Chinese Labor Unions.

In the most ironic part of the entire movie, we are shown the Fuyao Workers Union and Communist Party Headquarters. Ironic because the Fuyao Fascist Chairman will spend so much effort later to keep his American factory from having its own Workers Union.

Turns out that the Fuyao Workers Union is ran by the CEO's brother in law.

National Socialism Fascism from the top!

Inside the Fuyao Workers Union hall, we are met with the same militant, one size fits all, ant hill mentality.

As brother-in-law Shimeng, First Secretary Communist Party Committee,  reports:

We are energetic at Fuyao.
All of us are energetic and happy to work here.
All of our workers are members of the workers union.

To show the ties to the Communist Chinese government, First Secratary Shimeng points out all 5 leaders of the Communist Regime, (51:25)

Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and Xi Jinping. These are the five leaders since China was established.

Wow, in China's entire history, it's only had 5 leaders!

But the real reveal comes immediately afterwards,

Without backing from the government, the company wouldn't get too far.

Our workers union and the company are closely related to each other. They are like two gars rotating together.

We need our workers to fight for Fuyao's success. We are all in the same boat. Keeping the boat safe means everyone is safe. If the boat sinks, everyone loses their jobs. Its quite simple.

Of course, the American freedom-based business model is that the business can fail if it does not provide the service to the customer and the workers leave to work in a company which is successful.

By now in the documentary, American management has been completely replaced by Chinese management, and the Chinese management try to explain American culture to the visiting Chinese management by comparing Americans to stupid stubborn donkeys and telling them how smart Chinese are. Guess Chinese workers need some old fashioned overconfidence flattery as well.

You need some skills to handle Americans.

How can we take advantage of American characteristics to make them work for Fuyao?

There's a culture in the US where children are showered with encouragement.

So everyone who grows up in the US is overconfident.  They are super overconfident.

Americans love being flattered to death.

You will get into trouble if you fight with them,

"Donkeys like being touched in the direction their hair grows"

You should touch donkeys in the direction their hair grows or they will kick you.

We need to use our wisdom to guide them and help them.


Seems that ultra nationalist fascists are created as well by flattery, along with the forceful thumb of the state.

For the documentary, the bottom line for fascist Fuyao was to replace their American workers with workers who work harder and never complain -- Robots.

Think of China when you read Wikipedia's summation of Fascism.  (BEWARE: There is FAKE NEWS here as Fascism is not right wing. Fascism's founder Mussolini was a socialist. The Nazis under Hitler were the National Socialists. Neither had anything to do with the real right wing who strictly opposes socialism.)

Wikipedia: Fascism

Fascism is a form of far right-wing [sic], authoritarian ultranationalism...

  •         China is unquestionably authoritarian and ultranationalistic

characterized by dictatorial power, ...

  •         Look at Tianaman Square

forcible suppression of opposition, ...

  •         Look at Hong Kong today

and strong regimentation of society and of the economy[3]

  •        China's Belt and Road Initiative is the ultimate central planning

Fascists saw World War 1 as a revolution that brought massive changes to the nature of war, society, the state, and technology. The advent of total war and the total mass mobilization of society had broken down the distinction between civilians and combatants.

A "military citizenship" arose in which all citizens were involved with the military in some manner during the war. The war had resulted in the rise of a powerful state capable of mobilizing millions of people to serve on the front lines and providing economic production and logistics to support them, as well as having unprecedented authority to intervene in the lives of citizens.

  •      China today has a military citizenship as seen in the documentary American Worker

Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete and regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties.

  •  China's single Communist Party fits this description to a tee

Such a state is led by a strong leader—such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party—to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society.

  •     Chinese President Xi Jinping comes to mind

Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature and views political violence, war and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation.

  •    War and imperialism seems to be mostly American these days with Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the drone strikes against a dozen more. Who else can invade practically every country and have the audacity to challenge anyone else to invade anywhere, but Americans don't lay claim to any of these lands. China on the other hand took Tibet and have invaded the South China Sea, wants Hong Kong pacified, and has long desired to take over Taiwan.

Fascists advocate a mixed economy, with the principal goal of achieving  autarky (national economic self-sufficiency) through protectionist and interventionist economic policies.

  •    Now Wikipedia is going off the deep end. What country doesn't want this, but we'll go along. There is no country outside North Korea who is more protectionist of its markets than China. Economic policies are purely top down driven in China.

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