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September 2019 AD

Jewish Magic Tricks

Many are bewildered in what they believe to be the illogical pairing of Jews and Muslims. As when rabid anti-Semites Tlaib and Omar are in the same Democrat Party Congress as full-pledged Semites Adam Schiff, Jeff Nadler and Chuck Schumer, all while being defended by the Jewish MSM. 

Simple magic here. Tlaib and Omar are tolerated by the leftist Jewish ruling class because they know it drives the Christian majority nuts.

Much can be seen in the totality of Jewish Hollywood up in arms against the man who brought the US embassy to Jerusalem. Just illogical as hell, until you realize the Trump wants American Christians to prosper, and the trick in this is realizing that having American Christians prosper is a mortal sin.

If these things make no sense, then indeed, it's intended to be that way. There is a sense to the magic, just not in a way that makes sense to you.

History is the same way. Who wrote our history?  The first draft of our history was written by The New York Times.

Both Jewish Mark Levin and Jewish Breibart are all over themselves when contemplating the highly illogical fact that Jewish-owned New York Times, publishing inside Jew York City, to mostly Jewish readers, unapologetically keeps an anti-Semite on its editorial board.

Anti-Semite Tom Wright-Piersanti would have been slammed into Hell by now if he were a real threat to Jews, such as a real Christian; but the NYTimes stands firmly behind him exactly because they know what they are doing. They put him there to advance their agenda. No more magic than that.

The reason Levin is scratching his head over the NYTimes is because Levin either cannot fathom real evil or dishonestly ignores the fact the the NYTimes is perfectly happy with the situation.

The Whole World's but a (Jewish) Stage
- Shakespeare

In Hollywood movies,
the Jewish producer hires both the Jewish actor playing the hero as well as the Jewish actor playing the villain. Both are needed to tell the story and so you have to have artistic control of both for the desired story's outcome.

I don't think Levin is so stupid as to not know this. Which makes him highly dangerous!!!!

As much as Mark Levin is a truth-teller in so many other matters, there is one MAJOR exception to his trustworthiness. When it comes to anything Jewish or Israel, Mark Levin throws off his famous truth-telling heroics and joins rank with all the other swarthy Jewish fairy tale story tellers out there.

Mark Levin fails to dig deep enough in his book
Unfreedom of the Press

For example. reading Mark Levin's new book, Unfreedom of the Press, Levin again has a tortured mind. He just cannot figure out why a prominent Jewish MSM publisher in the 1940's (i.e., the same NYTimes as today), in a prominent Jewish city, allowed or was allowed to allow his paper to totally ignore the Red Terror, ignore the Holodomor, and ESPECIALLY ignore the Jewish Holocaust, but otherwise had an army of journalists all over every detailed morsel of Hitler coverage.

Think about this as you read the quote out of Levin's book. Not covering the 7 million dead Holodomor Christians or the 20 million Red Terror Christians makes perfect sense for a Jewish publisher, since it would taint and shame evil Jew's hand in these vile acts. But covering for the Holocaust would paint Jews as innocent victims by someone else's deadly hand. Covering for the Holocaust would make the NYTimes an accomplice to genocide.

Why the journalistic decision to cover neither crimes of the century?

Sadly the New York Times, with its wide reach, resources, access to foreign sources of information, reputation as the foremost newspaper in the country, largely Jewish readership, and its Jewish ownership, would do everything possible to investigate and disclose the horrors of Jewish genocide.

But the opposite was true. Wyman explained that "the Times, Jewish-owned but anxious not to be seen as Jewish-oriented, was the premier American newspaper of the era. It printed a substantial amount of information on the Holocaust-related events but almost always buried it on the inner pages.." And the Washington Post? "The Jewish-owned Washington Post printed a few editorials advocating rescue, but only infrequently carried reports on the European Jewish situation".
-Mark Levin, Unfreedom of the Press

(What?  The MSM even in 1940 was all Jewish owned?  Yes, that's right and woke up over this already, but this is not the point we are making here!)

The NYTimes did not cover the Jewish crimes for obvious reasons. The only rational explanation is the same reason the Red Terror was not covered. You cover up the Holocaust when it is still your game being played.

What?  How's that!!!

All geo-political Jewish mind-control you know.

Keep your eyes glued to the Jewish ball....the creation of Israel.

The Holocaust was a mind-blowing gargantuan Jewish David Copperfield magic trick.

Involving in fact the FDR administration:

Lipstadt's research also found that for much of the war, the Roosevelt administration whitewashed or deemphasized the Nazi eradication of Jews, and the mass media were complicit, regurgitating the government's propaganda or suppressing the evidence.
-Mark Levin, Unfreedom of the Press

Was Democrat President FDR lying about there being no Jewish Holocaust or was Republican President "Swedish Jew" Eisenhower lying about the Holocaust by grandstanding over the issue and saying the world should never forget.  Hard to know which President of the United States to believe and who is blowing smoke up our backsides.

Smoking Gun proof
of NYTimes conspiracy
over the Holocaust

The NYTimes publisher, Arthur Hays Sulzberger, in the vernacular of fellow Jews, an extraordinarily self hating Jew. (emphasize added)

Incredibly, Sulzberger's personal dislike of certain Jewish leaders and opposition to their efforts to establish a Jewish state in the original Jewish homeland further soured him and, hence, the Times' coverage of the Holocaust.

Leff wrote that "Sulzberger's involvement with the American Jewish community also led him to be less inclined to emphasize the Jews' fate. His antipathy for Jewish leaders in the United States and Palestine tempered somewhat his sympathy for persecuted Jews in Europe. Sulzberger's opposition to a Jewish state in Palestine 'drew the publisher into fierce, public fights with American Jewry's top leaders that colored his views not only of their activities on behalf of a Jewish state, but also of other efforts on behalf of European Jews...

-Mark Levin, Unfreedom of the Press

(Moral of the story?  For the sake of the Jews, heaven forbid we let Jews cover all the news?)

This is really a red-hot smoking gun "blow the Holocaust out of the water" story here!!!

Three times Mark Levin is associating the Holocaust with the State of Israel.

As we have stated many time here. World sympathy for the creation of Israel was all drummed up with a fake Moses-story of persecuted Jews from the Holocaust being led by Zionists back into the Promised Land.

Per Professor Laurel Leff of Northwestern University, a former journalist who wrote the book "Buried by the Times", Sulzberger was asked by Zionist to help them make up this Holocaust story in order to help sell Jews getting Palestine as their own country. Sulzberger refused to run FAKE NEWS in his newspaper and that caused hatred of Zionists toward him.

In fact, that also damns Sulzberger, because the fact that a conspiracy existed to defraud the world is a very profound bit of news for his newspaper which he also "Buried by the Times".

Although it is being reported by Mark Levin that Sulzberger was not going along with the fake news operation, Sulzberger then became a defacto co-conspirator by not reporting on the fake news.

Either that or it was too soon to cover the Holocaust and Sulzberger complied with the Zionists anyway by providing a veil of secrecy surrounding the Europeans Jews being rounded up, which no one could verify and confirm.

David Copperfield's famous
never before tried magic trick called

"The Disappearing 6 million Jewish Holocaust"

In a magic trick, you place a veil over the pretty lady who is about to disappear. Only when the veil is pulled away do you see the pretty lady has vanished into thin air.

The job of the New York Times during WW2 was to hold the veil in place while the pretty Jewish ladies "disappeared" through a trap door.

After the New York Times released the veil could the NYTimes marvel for us all at how the pretty Jewish ladies had disappeared in Hitler's Europe.

As the Jewish David Copperfield of his day planned, the Jews were shown to be "snuffed out" on the world stage for all show patrons to see AFTER THE LIFTING OF THE VEIL OF WWII. No need anyone seeing the magic trick being set up during the war; hence the NYTimes could be counted on to keep all curious Christian eyes off the ball while the ball was in play.

During the war, while the NYTime veil was in place, the 6 million Jews were rounded up and moved through a "trap door" as far east as Hitler had already promised, right into the now devoid Ukrainian countryside, empty thanks to Stalin's Holodomor genocide of 7 million Ukrainian Christian, to wait out the conclusion of the trick (er, war).

Yes, Stalin's Jewish Commissars and Hitler were still allies, killing off millions of their own Christian men, to set the stage for the Jewish Harry Houdini trick of the Century.

After the war, most of these "Russian" Jews immigrated to Israel (and a lot to America) to recreate what Jews had been unable to do for 2,000 years.

David Copperfield's magic trick worked magically. 6 million Jews had disappeared on the European stage, and those 6 million Jews magically reappeared in Israel and America a short few years later.

Just like the disappeared lady who would show up in the back of the audience to everyone's amazement, except this time the Judeo-disappeared would pretend to remain disappeared.

One of a kind magic trick.

Older David Copperfield trick,
the always popular
 "Christian Czar is worst than Muslim Ottoman Turk

But there was an older still magic trick.  This one involved misdirecting the audience to one ball while selling the idea of another ball.

To keep pressure on the next Czar from liberating Constantinople, the American Jewish press sprung into action with another Jewish hat trick.

The stage was set. The Czar Alexander III was viciously denounced as cruelly anti-Semitic, not related don't you know, but after a Jewish conspiracy had killed his father, and to prove just how "cruel" he could be, the Judeo-MSM printed picture after picture from the Ottoman Empire of entire Christian villages being burned alive by Muslims.

Yes, the Jewish media-Scribes used Muslim torture of Christians to show what a Christian Czar MAY DO WITH THE JEWS IN RUSSIA, if a moral Christian America did not keep pressure on the Christian Czar to remain a good Christian.

The new Tsar Alexander III initially blamed revolutionaries and the Jews themselves for the riots and issued the May Laws, a series of harsh restrictions on Jews. The pogroms continued for more than three years and were thought to have benefited from at least the tacit support of the authorities, although there were also attempts on the part of the Russian government to end the rioting. Altogether, the pogroms claimed the lives of relatively few Jews. Two Jews were killed by the mobs, and 19 attackers were killed by tsarist authorities; but the damage, disruption and disturbance were dramatic.

-- Wikipedia -- Anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire

In three years, 2 "innocent" Jews and 19 not-so-innocent rioting Jews were killed, or in relation to the slaughter of Christians by Muslims, a slow morning in the Ottoman Empire.

(We see this same Jewish bias all the time when they cover our own news. Time after time, the scenario is something akin to "Seven Democrat blacks killed the previous weekend in Chicago by Democrat black men, but a rabid Democrat white guys kills 5 people with a gun, and all they can talk about is the one gun held by the one white man and how all the Republican white men need their guns taken away.)

    U.S. Presidents
    Arthur, Cleveland and McKinley
    complain of
    Christian Armenian atrocities
    in Muslim Turkey

    U.S. President Chester A. Arthur to Congress Dec. 6, 1881

    “The insecurity of life and property in many parts of Turkey has given rise to correspondence …The condemned [Muslim] murderer of the eminent {American Christian] missionary Dr. Justin W. Parsons has not yet been executed, although this Government has repeatedly demanded that exemplary justice be done”

    President Cleveland Dec 11, 1894

    “alleged cruelties committed upon Armenians in Turkey…because of their being Christian”

    President Grover Cleveland to Congress Dec. 2, 1895

    “Occurrences in Turkey have continued to excite concern. The reported massacres of Christians in Armenia and the development there, and in other districts, of a spirit of fanatic hostility to Christian influence….”

    President Grover Cleveland Dec 7, 1896

    “It would afford me satisfaction if I could assure the Congress that the disturbed condition in Asiatic Turkey had, during the past year, assumed a less hideous and bloody aspect… Not infrequent reports of the wanton destruction of homes and the bloody butchery of men, women and children, made martyrs to their profession of Christian faith…the outbreaks of blind fury, which lead to murder and pillage in Turkey occur suddenly and without notice”

    President William McKinley to Congress Dec 5, 1898

    Worried about “destruction of the property of American missionaries”

    U.S. Presidents
    Arthur, Cleveland
    complain of Jewish mistreatment
    in Czarist Russia

    President Chester A. Arthur to Congress Dec 6, 1881

    “It is desirable that our cordial relations with Russia should be strengthened by proper engagements assuring to peaceable Americans who visit the Empire the consideration which is due to them as citizens of a friendly state. This is especially needful with respect to American Israelites, whose classifications with the native Hebrew have evoked energetic remonstrance [protest or complaint].”

    President Chester A. Arthur to U.S. House May 2, 1882

    “resolution…for correspondence respecting the condition of Israelites in Russia”

    President Chester A. Arthur to Congress Dec. 4, 1882
    “Our long-established friendliness with Russia has remained unshaken. It has prompted me to proffer the earnest counsels of this Government that measures be adopted for suppressing the proscription which the Hebrew race in that country has lately suffered.

    It has not transcribed that any American citizen has been subjected to arrest or injury, but our courteous remonstrance has nevertheless been courteously received. There is reason to believe that the time is not far distant when Russia will be able to secure toleration to all faiths within her borders.”

    President Grover Cleveland to Congress Dec. 2, 1895

    “Correspondence is on foot touching the practice of Russian consuls within the jurisdiction of the United States to interrogate citizens as to their race and religious faith, and upon ascertainment thereof to deny to Jews authentication of passports of legal documents for use in Russia”

A note: Notice that President McKinley did not make Presidential pronouncements on the behalf of Jews. An anarchist associated with Jewish radicals later assassinated him. In his place, Progressive Teddy Roosevelt, the man who hired the first Jewish police officers in New York City, became President.

    -- "Backfired: A Nation Born for Religious Tolerance No Longer Tolerates Religion"
    by William J. Federer

While Turkey was murdering our Christian missionaries, slaughtering innocent local Armenian Christians, burning their homes, torturing them, raping them, all without provocation in the Muslim Holocaust, America was worried that Russia would not validate passports for American Jews wanting to travel to Russia. As if American Jews had a right to enter Russia.

While our U.S. Presidents were admitting that America had great relations with the Christian Czarist Russia, we just thought we should point out to the Czar to be just a little more "Christian" toward "Jews".

Did you get all that?

The treatment of the Jews in the hands of the Czar was mild, while the treatment of Christians in Muslim lands was atrocious, and yet, American Presidents expressed as much concern for the safety of Jews at the hands of Christians who were safe, as they did for Christians in the hands of Muslims who were being slaughtered as missionaries.

Jewish hat trick worked.

Now how did things turn out in the end?

Well, America opened her heart and allowed over 1 million "Russian" Jews into our Christian country, all because the Christian country of Russia was not respecting them perfectly well after some of their Jewish brethren assassinated Russia's great leader, Czar Alexander the Liberator, who freed the Serfs weeks before Lincoln freed the slaves.

With our “lackluster support” of the Russian Christian Czars due to their mild but as later proved justified mistreatment of Jews, this led to anti-theist Judeo-Communists, with Jewish Pharisee backing, taking over Russia after WW1, who then mistreated 60 million Christians with their very lives.

Yes, the totally fake "concern' Jews had with the Christian Czar became a deadly reality of concern for Christians under Jewish Commissars after they wiped out the Czar and all his family, along the way of wiping out all the Russian Orthodox Christian leadership, all Christian military leaders, all Christian businessmen, and all other Christians they felt may rise up in their place.

If these slaughtered people were 60 million dead Jews, instead of 60 million dead Christians, we would have heard much more of it in countless Russian Holocaust movies, instead of German Holocaust movies crying over one-tenth as many Jewish deaths, set at 6 million, but the truth is that they were just Christians who were slaughtered in Russia; hence, of no concern. The 6 million in Europe were special, they were Jews and of great concern.

For a Jewish depiction of "mean and cruel" Czarist Russians, in a Jewish-produced Russian Holocaust movie, the beloved movie "Fiddler on the Roof" comes as close as you can get in depicting how "terribly horrible" the Russian people are. Meaning, not that bad compared to the Jewish-led Holodomor slaugher of 7 million Christians and Red Terror slaying of 20 million Christians.

So what is the Agenda of the NYT today?

My guess?  Bloody Civil War that wipes out the remaining resistance to the Constitution and brings on total subservience under the United Nations.

Look to compare the US today to what happened in Russia under the Czar.

Look for the NYTimes to ignore the buildup as they ignored the "Holocaust".

This same NYT paper is ignoring a massive invasion on the border, an invasion of a totally alien religion in regards Islam, massive corruption on the anti-America Democrat side, and instead, is focused like a laser on everything Trump, even then getting little of Trump's coverage right, regardless of the heavy focus. Falsely calling Trump an anti-Semite as Trump cuddles his Jewish grandchildren.

The German people following Hitler were a reaction to the Jewish Red Terror, the Jewish Holodomor, the Jewish hyperinflation, the Jewish corruption in the Weimer Republic, the Jewish Spartacus Uprising and finally the Jewish Bavarian Socialist Republic.  Even as Hitler was their national socialist guy, whom the NYTimes was fixated on at that past time, calling him all kinds of bad names.

The people following Trump is a reaction to Jewish Nadler, Jewish Schumer, Jewish Schiff, Jewish money bags buying our country, Jewish everything. 

And does anyone not agree that Trump is still their guy?  Still anchor babies, still dreamers, immigration up, imports up, federal deficit up, no Deep State arrests.

The whole World is but a Jewish Stage

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