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September 2019 AD

A Handmaid's Tale
of Murder

The Jewish liberal writers and producers of Hulu's A Handmaid's Tale desperately want you to believe this dystopian future where all Christian men seem to hate all women.

Jewish part of A Handmaids Tale

These fantasied Christian male haters of women which they have created out of their own fertile yet hateful mind, for some odd reason, have instead created a wholly Jewish-based world of Sarah's Handmaids and Eye-for-an-Eye Jewish brutality.

With guards walking the streets with submachine guns, this place looks more like a street in Tel Aviv Israel filled with Jews than any American street filled with Christians.

How can we hate male patronage-based Christianity when there isn't a shred of Christianity in the show? 

Oh sorry, the Washington Monument was recreated into a cross. And Martha was a nice lady in the New Testament, but they are not central to the story outside their underground railroad connections. OK, other than portraying the Christian Martha women with love and compassion (Who in the end only same little girls and no little boys), what are we to take of these Judaising Christian men?

Doubt the message we are to glean out of this is to hate Jews; although, Jewish women producers may be messaging as well their men to watch it!

We go season after season trying to get our minds around the irony of the situation. The same women who in the past life, aborted their babies and when deciding to have babies thereafter abandoned them to day care as babies, are now in the afterlife, the only ones who care about the children?  I don't take the bait.

Of course, the main premise of the story is that somehow all the commander's wifes are magically barren and all the liberal women are magically fertile. Guess it makes for better hateful story telling.

We are not to feel any compassion to the Judiasing wives who want a baby, for they are forcing their husbands upon the abortion-loving handmaids, who obviously, MUST bring their "UNWANTED" child to term.

Could this be the real moral of the story?

Moral of the Story
Forcing Handmaids to have babies
is like forcing birth without abortion

Symbolism for women who get themselves knocked up for whatever reason and Christian men making laws against the killing of their babies. Could the forced abduction of their child by the commander's wife be akin to a doctor performing a partial birth abortion. If so, then what's all the fuss in the show?

Well the fuss in the show is that when not allowed to abort and having delivered the child, these "virtuously put upon" women now want their baby?  And we are to feel sorry for them.

Yes, June is a married women, and again Old Testament comes into play. King David wanted a married woman, placed the husband in harms way so he would be killed, and God was all on board for that. No reflection upon today's Christian men who hold marriage sacred. No reflection of virtue as well on our female hero June who does not take her marriage vows as sacred, for she freely has sex with the commander's driver.

No, the commanders are not totally irredeemable. They will take a black baby into their home with just as much love as a white baby.  I think this was a bad plot twist, as the original Handmaid's Tale movie had all the blacks back in chains.  Why humanize  these men whom the executive producers have spend so much time and effort teaching us to hate?

Not that the producers haven't made racial points. June is a white woman who rejects white men by choosing a black man and her best friend is a black lesbian who obviously rejects all men. It's just in contrast to the lack of racial animosity in the antagonists whom we are asked to hate as irredeemable and deplorable if I may.

The real hate is all in June where she spends countless unbearable minutes in every episode making the most ugly and hateful face. A face any respectful man would want to slap across the room. Guess the old adage about catching more flies with honey than vinegar is lost on this man-hating witch.  She garners no sympathy from me whatsoever.

So we get down to the season finale and June goes full bore fascist. She shows up at a Jezebels, that is a place women are expected to agree to sex, wherein the Commander starts toward her for the sex he expects. Instead, she kills him with multiple jabs of an ink pen. I kid you not!

The next episode, our hero June could have saved the nice commander's wife from committing suicide, but decides her plans are more important. The wife cannot be counted on to not give up their plans.  So she's dead as well.

Which brings us to the final episode where we find out there is literally no plan at all. Just total winging it. June selfishly distracts a guard so the others can make it to the escape plane. Finally getting a draw on the guard, she tells him to call off all the other guards. Fearing for his life, the guards complies and speaks into the microphone, "All clear, false alarm". Which does this guard no good as June guns him down in cold blood as any villain from Breaking Bad would do.

And so blows up the morality tale that women are the civilizing force on society.

Civilization comes from men, not from women.

When women are left on their own, what do we get? We get women who kill their own children, put their own kids into day care which is not as competent or loving, and divorce for "the good of the kids" instead of "staying together for the good of the kids" as they take your home and car and kids.

Oh, and finally, these women make a show where it is all your fault.

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