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August 2019 AD

The World's
World  Class Jew

There was this false believe among many Christians in 1948 that Jews the world over would become "Israel First" if they had ever retaken Jerusalem.

Well they have taken Jerusalem, and they haven't become any more Israel Firsters than they always had been. For 3,000 years they have always been Israel Firsters. Did not matter if they had an Israel or not, if they had a Temple or not, for they forged greater ties to each other than to the country they resided within.  In Egypt under the Pharaoh, they were still Jews. In Babylon during the Babylonian Captivity, they were still Jews. Under Roman occupation and expulsion to Spain, for a 1,000 years they were still Jews.

But when Jews finally had Israel back, Jews the world over have instead become World Firsters.


For good reason. History has shown Jews that the only way to maintain control of Jerusalem is to control the whole world.

And that is bad for the rest of the world, as in the Judeo-United Nations and Judeo-World Criminal Courts and loss of national sovereignty.

An American Jew may make Aliyah to Israel, as you would expect, but an Israeli is just as likely to leave Israel and want to become "American".

In fact, truth is, for these last 2,000 years without a nation, Jews always were Israel First, but they adapted, and Israel became a virtual nation in their culture.

There has been no temple rebuilt because they have learned that they don't need a Temple in which to make sacrifices. A mosque in the Temple Mound is in their way. Pifth!  Jews have stood up to armies of Muslims, so not taking the Mosque is a mere excuse not to rebuild a temple for animal sacrifice, because Jews no longer sacrifice animals.

The temple is the Jewish Santa Claus. Originally a real St. Nicholas, but now just a silly fantasy.

Back to these millions of Jews who did not return to Israel. There are Jews in just about every country and they do no assimilate in any of them.

A Jew in England, is a member of virtual Israel. He will never become a real Englishman. He will be a British Jew. British only because he stands on British soil. Jewish because he has Jewish blood.

In fact, it gets utterly confusing to think of what the meaning of a Jew is. Jews love to  live in your country but then to bitterly complain about it to the rest of the world.

  1.  Is he a Russian Jew oppressed by a cruel Christian Czar?
  2.  Is he a German Jew oppressed by a cruel anti-Communist Hitler?
  3.  Is he an Ethiopian Jew oppressed by a Christian leader there as in the recent Netflix movie The Red Sea Diving Resort?
  4.  Is he a French Jew who has to leave France as Muslims come in?
  5.  Is he an Egyptian Jew enslaved by a cruel Pharaoh?
  6.  Is he a Babylonian Captivity Jew?
  7.  Is he a Roman Captivity Jew?
  8.  Or, is he an American Jew oppressed by Pharaoh-Czar-Fascist Hitler Trump?

For a people who hates all peoples but their own, who segregate themselves from all others, these Jews really want everyone else to come together...

Under their chain and yoke in a UNified world is the problem.

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The Christian Solution             First Release: March 15, 2008