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July 2019 AD

Crimes at Gallipoli

Herbert Kitchener      Uncle Sam

Gallipoli Campaign

England's War Minister Herbert Kitchener was the face of World War 1 for England.

But unlike Uncle Sam, whom everyone today can still identify in a poster, this guy Kitchner was a real man.

And why was this guy, whom you have never seen, (but was the first to establish concentration camps for civilians during the Second Boer War), so famous in England that he didn't even need to be named?

Good question because he was never about God Save the Queen; instead, this puppet of Judeo-Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was always about God save the Jews.

1853 AD, 400 years after Constantinople fell to Muslims, Russia's true Christians wanted Constantinople and the Holy Lands; while at the same time, Jews wanted Jerusalem and the Promised Land.
1854 AD, Jewish-led England, at the hands of Benjamin Disraeli, sent English Christians to fight alongside Muslim Turks against Russian Christians in the Crimean War in order to keep Russian Christians out of the Holy Lands
As a result of "saving the Ottomans", England is allowed to become embedded in Turkish life.
1874 AD: Benjamin Disraeli becomes Prime Minister of England
1874 AD: Herbert Kitchner is sent by Disraeli to survey Palestine for future English, er, Jewish control
1883 AD: England's Herbert Kitchner actually works for Turks as a military officer, promoted to the Turkish rank of Major, helping built the Muslim army back up after the Crimean War
1890 AD: Kitchner made Adjutant-General of the Egyptian Army
1898 AD: Kitchner made Governor-General of the Sudan where he rebuilt mosques and kept out Christian missionaries
1900 AD: Kitchner became a common household name in England for leading the Second Boer War, along with a scorched earth policy of burning Christian Boer farms and placing Christian Boer families into concentration camps where many died of poor treatment.
1902 AD: Appointed Commander-in-Chief India
1911 AD: Returned to Egypt as Consul-General of Egypt.
1914 AD: As WW1 ramps up, Kitchner is appointed Secretary of State for War
1915 AD: Judeo-phile Winston Churchill tries to take Constantinople with an invasion at Gallipoli, but really to keep his ally the Czar from doing so. Jews could not allow the Czar to fight Turks.
1917 AD, March 15th: Czar Nicholas abdicates after the Judeo-Marxist February Revolution
1917 AD, April 6th: US enters war
1917 AD, November 2nd: Balfour  Declaration is signed selling out America for the creation of Israel.
1917 AD, November 2nd: US suffers first casualties of WW1.
1917 AD, November 7th: Judeo-Marxist October Revolution permanently safeguards Turkey from any future Czarist attempts to spread Christianity back into the Holy Lands
1917 AD, November 9th: Balfour  Declaration is published.

Benjamin Disraeli's later intrigues in Turkey

Benjamin Disraeli, a traitorous-to-England Jew, became the Judeo-Prime Minister of England in 1874.

In January 1874, Gladstone called a general election, convinced that if he waited longer, he would do worse at the polls. ... Disraeli devoted much of his campaign to decrying the Liberal programme of the past five years. As the constituencies voted, it became clear that the result would be a Conservative majority, the first since 1841.... The Queen sent for Disraeli, and he became Prime Minister for the second time.
--Wikipedia - Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli wasted no time after the election in appointing a "trusted man" named Herbert Kitchener to survey a land of interest to all Jews, the western side of the Jordan River (i.e. Israel).

In 1874, aged 24, Kitchener was assigned by the Palestine Exploration Fund to a mapping-survey of the Holy Land, replacing Charles Tyrwhitt-Drake, who had died of malaria. By then an officer in the Royal Engineers, Kitchener joined fellow officer Claude R. Conder; between 1874 and 1877 they surveyed Palestine, returning to England only briefly in 1875 after an attack by locals at Safed, in Galilee.

Conder and Kitchener's expedition became known as the Survey of Western Palestine because it was largely confined to the area west of the Jordan River.

-- Wikipedia, Herbert Kitchener

This survey of Palestine by England would have sent shock waves throughout the Ottoman Empire, or at least we know it upset the locals at Safed in Galilee.

Why was England surveying Ottoman Empire land surrounding Jerusalem for any reason other than to split it off from the Turks in order to give it to someone else.

Wonder who that someone would be?????

Let me give you a hint. Remember that Benjamin Disraeli ordered this undertaking done.

And how did England get their foot into the door of the Ottoman Empire in the first place?

Why would bloodthirsty Ottoman Muslims allow Englishmen to survey their territories?

The Ottoman Empire's Faustian Bargain

400 years after conquering Constantinople in 1453 AD, everyone knew the Ottoman Empire was the "Dead Man of Europe". So around 1853 AD, Russia was feeling the time was ripe to retake the capital of Eastern Orthodoxy.

Jews inside and outside the Ottoman Empire helped the Ottomans understand they were no match against Russia, so they were talked into inviting the British and French into their lands, with the result being the Crimean War, where Christian fought Christian to save Muslims.

Or on our side, English Jews backed Benjamin Disraeli to invite English Christian boys to die against Russian Christian boys to protect bloody Turks all in the name of getting Jerusalem back for Jews.

The start of the Crimean War in 1854 caused a lull in party politics; Disraeli spoke patriotically in support. The British military efforts were marked by bungling, and in 1855 a restive Parliament considered a resolution to establish a committee on the conduct of the war. The Aberdeen government chose to make this a motion of confidence; Disraeli led the opposition to defeat the government, 305 to 148. Aberdeen resigned [and the war continued]
--Wikipedia - Benjamin Disraeli

Britain was so joined with the Ottomans after defending them in the Crimean War against Russian designs on Constantinople, that England's greatest "hero", Herbert Kitchener, actually worked for the Ottomans. In 1883, Kitchner was given the Turkish rank of bimbashi( major) and dispatched to Egypt.

On 4 January 1883 Kitchener was promoted to captain, given the Turkish rank bimbashi (major), and dispatched to Egypt where he took part in the reconstruction of the Egyptian Army.

Egypt had recently become a British puppet state, its army led by British officers, although still nominally under the sovereignty of the Khedive (Egyptian monarch) and his nominal overlord the (Ottoman) Sultan of Turkey.

-- Wikipedia, Herbert Kitchener

Thus was Jewish-controlled England worming its way into Palestine.

As you would expect from a political appointment of Benjamin Disraeli, Kitchener was no friend of Christianity, but a lover and protector of Islam, along with the leftist freedom of religion, which means freedom for everyone but Christians.

Kitchener became Governor-General of the Sudan in September 1898, .... He ordered the mosques of Khartoum rebuilt, instituted reforms which recognised Friday—the Muslim holy day—as the official day of rest, and guaranteed freedom of religion to all citizens of the Sudan. He attempted to prevent evangelical Christian missionaries from trying to convert Muslims to Christianity.
--Wikipedia Herbert Kitchner

WW1 and Palestine taken

Now was time for Faust to obtain his bargain.

At the start of World War 1, Kitchener stopped working for the Muslim world and was made Secretary of State for fight the Turkish Muslims.

You cannot make this up.

With Germany being England's greatest enemy, why was an expert in the Middle East appointed to command the First World War in Europe against a European Germany?

Why was a man who had never touched foot on a naval ship going to command the world's greatest navy against German dreadnaughts and submarines?

Why was someone who spent most of his military career helping the Ottomans, be placed in authority to fight the Ottomans?

This is a telling question along the lines of why a "German" Eisenhower was placed in charge of the entire WW2 allied force to defeat Germans. Yeh, like the racist Jews are going to let that happen. In fact, Eisenhower was Jewish and that is why he was acceptable.

One argument why Kitchener was appointed would be, "Because certain people already knew the war was going to be against the neutral Ottomans and he knows their strengths and weaknesses better than anyone"?

That argument might have flown had not Kitchener's entire Gallipoli campaign been an utter disaster.

In an effort to find a way to relieve pressure on the Western front, Lord Kitchener proposed an invasion of Alexandretta with Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), New Army and Indian troops. Alexandretta was an area with a large Christian population and was the strategic centre of the Ottoman Empire's railway network — its capture would have cut the empire in two.

Yet he was instead eventually persuaded to support Winston Churchill's disastrous Gallipoli Campaign in 1915–1916.
--Wikipedia Herbert Kitchener

Who better to help the Muslims keep Christians out of the Holy Lands than Jewish lover Winston Churchill, childhood friend of Jew Nathan Rothschild?

Apparently the Jews ran through Turkey yelling "The British are coming!  The British are coming!"

Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal was familiar with the Gallipoli peninsula from his operations against Bulgaria in the Balkan Wars and forecast that Cape Helles (the southern tip of the peninsula) and Gaba Tepe were the likely areas for landing
--Wikipedia Gallipoli Campagin

Actually, these were EXACTLY the two points the British would try to invade.

Wiki likes to attribute sage wisdom to evil adversaries like Kemal, but we at The Christian Solution are wise to that old  false flag trick and are perfectly capable of reading between the lines. In fact, Kemal was told by Jews EXACTLY where the British Christians would land and Muslims were able to cut them to shreds as they landed.

Ah, now that's interesting and explains why Kitchener appointed Winston Churchill. Gallipoli was a diversion tactic.

The Czar of Russia was on England's side, right?  Fighting Germans as England was. But the English were totally worried about Russia taking the Dardanelles from Turkey who was against the Russians first and foremost, hence the only reason why the nomially neutral Turks were on the German side. Germans were fighting their enemy Russia.

With England focused on helping Jews take Palestine, their men dying needlessly, they needed America to actually fight the Germans.

And that is how the Balfour Declaration ties everything together.

With England fighting Turks to a bloody standstill, they actually obtained Palestine for their efforts, then promptly promised to hand that land over to the Jews, while conveniently ignoring the Armenian Massacre of Christians by Turks afterwards.

In the Balfour Declaration exchange, the German Jews running the New York Times supporting Germany at the time, who not so coincidentally was fighting along side the Turks who were fighting against a Czarist Russia, switched sides immediately after fellow Jewish Commissars decapitated Russia of Czarism by the Judeo-Communist Revolution, ensuring that Jews would have no hindrance in Palestine, so these German Jews began publishing propaganda talking Americans into fighting Germany for England -- for Palestine.

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