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July 2019 AD

Israel and Saudi
terror campaign

The Jewish tribes of Yathrib gained control, renaming the city Medina, converted everyone to Islam and took over Mecca.

In the year 639 AD, joint Jewish and Saudi Arabian forces under the common flag of Judeo-ISLAM, marched to invade and retake Jerusalem, while establishing Mecca as the second Jerusalem. Mutual protectors of each other was established.

Any Jewish tribes who refused their godly duties to help retake the Promised Land were deemed enemies of God and wiped out much the way the Jews who worshiped the Golden Calf were wiped out.

With us or against us is the most pure of Jewish and Arab culture.

Any Arab tribes who refused to defend against an encroaching  Byzantine Empire, spreading Christian dominance, were also deemed enemies and wiped out.

With Islam, its always been convert or die, exactly as was created by Mohammad. 

Mohammad was Jewish by mother and Arab tribal leader by father, well suited for uniting these Arab Semitic brothers to spread their influence far and wide.

In the decades before this unholy alliance, the Byzantines and Persians were both exhausted in battling each other, all due to well hone Jewish techniques of antagonizing each side toward battle.

Jews in Persia had finally talked Persia into battling the Byzantines who controlled Jerusalem, taking Jerusalem in 615 AD, wiping out the former Christian inhabitants with their Mamilla Pool genocide, knowing this genocide against Christians would bring on the resulting world wars of the following decades.

The Byzantines were indeed furious, and  after retaking Jerusalem, took the battle straight into the heart of Persia. For the first time since Alexander, the West took all of Persia, but doing so this time with vengeful death and destruction.

But what matters is the afternauth. Like two powerful men in a boxing match to the death, both sides were left dazed on the floor, easy picking for any pickpocket

Mohammad was the right man, at the right spot, at the right time to be that pickpocket.

Jews flocked to him as their Messiah, and the rest is history. For 800 years, Jews entered their Golden Age with control all the way through Spain and almost to Vienna, Austria.

One millennium and five centuries later, what has really changed?

Saudi King Salman Urges Gulf States:
 Iran's "Criminal Acts" Require Response

Arab Sunni Muslims and Israeli Jews are once again joining forces and they are not the good guys.

  1.  Taliban are Sunni
  1.  ISIS are Sunni
  1.  Boko Haram are Wahhibist Sunni, a Saudi Arabia strain
  1.  Al-Qaeda are Sunni

Where are the Shia militants of Iran? Where are the Persian terrorists? Do you see a stack for Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)?

Do you see a tally of these "Criminals Acts"?  I don't. I only see Sunni atrocities.

And yet, we are to believe America needs to go to war with Iran?

Ramadan Rage 2019

Christians and Persians again suffer

Thanks in large measure to these Sunni terrorist groups supported by Israel and Saudi Arabia, Christians in the Middle East have had a biblical genocide against them since Jewish-Americans and Saudi Arabian princes have talked Americans into fighting their wars.

Hence, the remnants of the old Byzantine Christians have been completely defeated.

Now the target of the Israeli-Saudi AND TRUMP alliance is Iran. Ready to annihilate the Persians once again, as in old.

For years, Riyadh, Washington, and Tel Aviv have all condemned Tehran for fomenting war in the Middle East and beyond with its ruthless Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which the United States deems a terrorist organization.

That's a pretty rich statement considering that the world does not see Iran at war, but does see Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen into the stone age right before our eyes, sees Saudis funding terror schools in our own Christian lands and saw only Saudi Arabian terrorists at 9/11.

That's rich, seeing America fighting endless Middle Eastern wars having nothing to do with defending America, bombing everyone under the sun.

That's rich, seeing Israel striking inside the countries of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and agitating for America to arm Israel to the teeth but still propagandizing America to go fight Iran ourselves.

Where does terror reside in this world more, Sunni Muslims or Shiite Muslims? 

Saddam Husein was a Sunni Muslim with rape rooms against Shiite Muslim women in a Shiite majority country. Everyone was fine with Sunni domination of Shias, until Saddam made the fatal mistake of taking out one of the Israel's puppet regimes by invading Kuwait and deposing the Kuwaiti princes.

Saudi Arabia could not have this and America was brought in to push Saddam out of Kuwait. So the story goes that Saddam was in need of more power to take out the House of Saud and developed WMDs. This time the Sauds really wanted him out, even if the Shias gained power. Again, the next King George finished what the first King George failed to finish.

Israel also could not have this overthrow of their puppets in the House of Saud and Kuwait, since where does their oil come from?

The Saudis has always had to be accomplices of Israel. A hostile Saud ruler would have  had too much wealth to fund enemies of Israel. Whether an accomplice or not, the House of Saud have always been on a leash. Much as our blind President needs a Jewish seeing eye dog.

Trump's Jewish seeing eye dog

Only recently have the Sauds and Israel openly and flagrantly shown their true allegiance toward each other.

Israel and Washington Post killer Saudi Arabia, moral leaders of the world. Together again in a fight against the evil decadent world to protect Mecca and Jerusalem against Christians and Persians.

So long as we bribe enough American politicians.

Bolton on Iran

Saudi King Salman Urges Gulf States: Iran’s ‘Criminal Acts’ Require Response

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, at the start of two emergency summits in the holy city of Mecca on Thursday, intensified rhetoric against regional foe Iran, urging Arab leaders to combat Tehran’s “criminal acts” in the Middle East and beyond.

“The absence of a firm and dissuasive response to Iran’s acts of sabotage in the region has encouraged it to continue and strengthen them in the way we see today,” the Saudi king declared at the start of the back-to-back emergency anti-Iran summits in Mecca on Friday, the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency reported.
“Its recent criminal acts … require that all of us work seriously to preserve the security and achievements of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council),” the king added, referring to the recent attacks on Gulf oil installations allegedly by Iran, an accusation Tehran denies.

The Sunni kingdom also warned that Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile activities pose a significant menace to regional and global security, Al Arabiya reported Friday, adding, “He said Tehran’s actions threatened international maritime trade and global oil supplies in a “glaring violation of UN treaties,” following attacks this month on oil tankers off the United Arab Emirates and on oil pumping stations in the Kingdom.”

“We will work together to face all challenges… The Iranian regime has been interfering in other countries’ affairs, developing their nuclear programs and threatening international navigation,” King Salman declared.

The powerful Sunni King urged the international community to use “all means” at its disposal to contain Shiite powerhouse Iran.

Shiite-majority Iraq, home to tens of thousands of Iranian-backed militiamen sanctioned by Baghdad, found itself caught in the middle of its two allies, the United States and Iran, ultimately opposing a final statement by Arab countries chastising Tehran’s behavior in the region.

Iraq has offered to mediate between the United States and U.S.-designated state-sponsor of terrorism Iran.

Saudi Arabia hosted the summits this week, expected to be followed by a third meeting of Arab head of states on June 1 intended to mobilize efforts to isolate Iran.

On Friday, AFP reported:
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman on May 31 ratcheted up the rhetoric against arch-nemesis Iran, calling on Arab states to confront its “criminal” actions after attacks on oil installations sparked fears of a regional conflagration.

The king’s remarks came at the start of two back-to-back emergency summits in the holy city of Mecca, which drew near-unanimous support for the Sunni kingdom from Gulf and Arab states — with the exception of Iraq.

This week, Saudi Arabia convened its summits in Mecca a day after U.S. President Donald Trump’s National Security adviser, John Bolton, said Iran is almost certainly linked to this month’s sabotage of four ships, including two Saudi oil tanker, off the United Arab Emirate coast.

Iran has denied the accusations.

The Saudis kickstarted the first of three summits on Thursday “with the aim of addressing Iranian threats and tensions following the sabotage of Saudi oil tankers off the UAE coast, a rocket strike near the US Embassy in Baghdad, and a coordinated drone attack on Saudi Arabia by Yemen’s Iran-allied Houthi militia,” Al Arabiya reported.

In recent days, Iranian-allied Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen have escalated drone attacks against Saudi Arabia, resulting in one of them temporary shutting down a major oil pipeline.

For years, Riyadh, Washington, and Tel Aviv have all condemned Tehran for fomenting war in the Middle East and beyond with its ruthless Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which the United States deems a terrorist organization.

Iran also relies on other violent affiliates — namely the Hezbollah narco-terrorist group that U.S. and Latin American authorities have linked to money laundering and drug trafficking.

U.S. President Trump recently confirmed U.S. plans to deploy an additional 1,500 troops to the Middle East to restrain Iran, bringing the number in the region to nearly 23,500 in addition to “65,622 American military and civilian personnel operating in support of broader contingency operations,” the Congressional Research Service (CRS) reported in mid-April.

U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) — charged with American military activity mainly in the Middle East and Afghanistan — “has between 60,000 and 80,000 troops deployed in the area,” AFP recently reported.

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