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June 2019 AD

City of Dallas
Stalin Show Trials
Makes Hilter blush
by violating
The Catholic Faithful

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof;... 
--First Amendment, just ahead of Freedom of the press

Thanks to an overly joyant Jewish press, the entire world now knows about the sins of the fathers. As bad as that was, none of it was anything other than Catholics suing other Catholics for sins dating 70 years back.

But the government of the City of Dallas has now, without a doubt, crossed the line, onto Church property.

On May 15th, the police of the "virtuous" and "saintly" City of Dallas raided the "evil" and "deviously Satanic" Catholic Archdiocese office to uncover their "nefarious" multitudes of sins.

All the official Church records for the entire Diocese were confiscated and removed from the "diabolical" religious leaders and are now "safely" in the hands of our "beloved" city bureaucrats.
  1.  Your baptismal records,
  2.  Your matrimonial records,
  3.  Your  private Catholic school records for your kids,
  4.  Your charitable giving toward the Church (the IRS will never know),
  5.  The Church's communications with that dastardly Pope in Rome,
  6.  Records of the Knights of Columbus charity
  7.  And all the Church's plans to organize and confront the sin of abortion.
Catholics have nothing to hide, so why claim privacy?

Privacy is when an immoral woman wants to terminate her pregnancy; privacy is not for your closely held religious beliefs.

Don't worry. Your private religious records are in safe hands now.

  •  Trump's FBI was involved (The FBI has never did wrong, even when they violated Trump's campaign privacy under false pretenses, but I guess Trump is OK with his FBI invading the privacy of Catholic Archdiocesan offices under unconstitutional pretenses.)
  •  The prosecutor does no wrong when he says he had jurisdiction to confiscate the entirety of religious documents from the Archdiocese, (just don't ask him to raid the Fort Worth City Council's office for he claims he has no jurisdiction there)
  •  And the utterly corrupt and biased "Stalinist Show Trial" Judge Brandon Birmingham, the not-so-humble tyrannical despot of the people, hater of Catholics, who absolutely should know what the Constitutional First Amendment means when it says there is a freedom of religion from government tyranny; should understand Church's First Amendment sovereign immunity; says it's all perfectly OK with the Constitution, and perfectly OK with him personally, for government goons to ransack a Catholic headquarters and carry off all their private religious papers. Judge Birmingham granted the search warrant to the Dallas Police department which made all this possible, but don't ask him to grant authority to raid the offices of the Dallas Morning News, for they truly do have a First Amendment sovereign immunity, (they actually help get him elected by saying good things about him while covering for him in this case where he violates the free exercise of religion rights of the Catholic Church), just so you know.

Judge Brandon Birmingham

Biased Judge Brandon Birmingham

All bases covered. Judge runs for office with the promise to persecute Catholics.

This event was being described by the same Judeo-MSM who generally says Vice-President Pence is not a real Christian worthy off being followed for his "crazy principle" of never being alone with a woman outside of his wife; while homosexual Saint Pete Buttigieg alongside his husband, always proudly and vainly bragging about being a better Christian than Pence, is portrayed by the Judeo-MSM as a real Christian, eminently worthy of being followed by all Americans.

It's an upside down world we live in today.

Back in the 1960's, the Judeo-MSM was pounding, not on the Catholic faith, but pounding on the Protestant Christian faith for its lack of religious diversity (ironically there is an abundance of diverse Protestant faiths in America, as there are an abundance of diverse European ethnicities in America.

Compared to the rest of the world, tolerance is not America's problem.

Back then, misusing their "sacred" First Amendment right to slander whomever they please, even a fellow First Amendment righter like an entire religion, the Judeo-MSM especially abused their "sacred free press right" to portray a hotly Protestant Dallas as barbaric savages assassinating JFK, America's first Catholic President.

Diversity of any religion outside of the Protestant faith was being pushed in those days as the divide and conquer de jure movement of the Jewish elites. Their Jewish religion benefited tangentially with the pushed-for diversity toleration of other non-Protestant religions, just as their Jewish ethnicity benefits tangentially when the Judeo-MSM pushed for toleration of black and Hispanic diversity against European whites.

In truth, we've talked about this several times before here and here.

Jews were the real killers of President Kennedy, because they wanted to stop him from shutting down their WMD program, an Judeo-assassination which automatically promoted the Jews best friend, LBJ, who helped their WMD program all the way to completion.

Jews often accuse others of doing exactly what they were doing themselves, so they accused Protestant Dallas of the crime of being Catholic haters.

Today, because the Catholic faith stands steadfast against their beloved Judeo-Abortion industry, the Judeo-MSM again abuses their "sacred free press right" by celebrating a now atheist Dallas actually being on the order of Stalinist evil toward the Catholic faith.

Today, outside of Judaism, the religion of Christianity itself is no longer acceptable nor tolerated in a UN world, same as the government of America is no longer tolerated in our UN world; while the reverse hold true, criticism of Israel is never acceptable nor ever tolerated.

In a politically correct world, Catholics are told to go to sensitivity training (aka Soviet retraining camp), when they say anything to offend the sensitivities of a JEW.  But if Catholic complain about the persecution against them, Catholics are told to take in-sensitivity training and get over it.

But I am not intimidated so easily.

I place scare quotes around the "sacred" rights of the Judeo-MSM, because they are not observing the Christian faithful as "sacred" anymore.

The Judeo-MSM has expanded "freedom of the press" to allow them to censor the free speech rights of all others for anyone on their closely held social platforms as their sacred free speech right; while at the same time, they have shrunk the First Amendment ideal of Separation of Church and State from a wall with a gate opening one-way for the Church to influence the morality of the State, into a a wall with a one-way gate opening the opposite direction, which now allows the government to decide what is moral for the Church.

Already you know this. Christians are no longer allowed to view homosexuality as a sin.

Before that, Christians were not allowed to view divorce as a sin.

And starting it all off, sex outside of marriage was not allowed to be a sinful act.

All Separation of Church and State, which allows the State to do anything it wants, but nothing the Church wants.

  •  The City of Dallas no longer views the Catholic Sacrament of Marriage as a religious event outside their jurisdiction, but grants divorce to Catholics and breaks up tens and tens of thousands of Catholic families with no moral conscience.
  1.  The City of Dallas forces all Catholic employees to work on the Sabbath or lose their jobs with atheist or Jewish bosses, because Dallas no longer has laws on closing for Sunday worship. Not everyone can work for Chick 'Fil.
  1.  The City of Dallas provides police protection for the killers of babies in Planned Parenthood clinics.
  1.  The City of Dallas grants licenses for businesses engaging in pornographic nude dancing, which helps break up Catholic families.
  1.  The City of Dallas uses Catholic taxpayer dollars to provide police protection to the homosexual agenda, whom are no longer shameful of their sins, but ask the taxpayer to protect them for their in-your-face provocative gay "pride" parades and otherwise give special protections for gays, regardless of the immorality the Catholic faith views these. Ironically, the Catholic problem justifying the abuse by the City of Dallas of the Catholic Church is gay priests not upholding their agreed upon vow of chastity. All to protect the children don't you know.

Yes, there are some sinful individuals in the Catholic Church, but to make the City of Dallas the Pope, judge, jury and executioner of the entire Catholic Church is a dangerous journey which will end horribly.

Again, the City of Dallas cannot give itself carte blanche to forcibly raid the Dallas Archdiocese office, while the Judeo-MSM fails to expose this abuse as a violation against a major Church, who is forced to play defense in the Judeo-MSM created trial in their own Judeo-MSM controlled "court of public opinion".

A Court of Public Opinion where the Judeo-MSM are exactly where they want to be as the prosecutor, judge and jury, a fate the Catholic faith has no right to cross-examination and hence cannot win.

It borders on insanity to believe the Judeo-MSM when they tell us that the Catholic Church, the main adversaries of the Judeo-propaganda in favor of the abortion of 60 million innocent babies, cares less about the welfare of all Catholic teenage boys, than they care about the welfare of all children, both girls and boys.

For when the relatively minor sin of a handful of priests abusing Catholic teenage boys over a 70 year span is the main news, day after day after day, while the Judeo-MSM fiercely advocates for the murder of tens of millions of innocent babies in the womb, the Judeo-MSM has no credibility.

When the City of Dallas pretends to care for the welfare of Catholic children using tactics more harsh than the Nazi, fast approaching the harshness of Jew's very own Stalin, you have to wonder what the hell is going on.

In their 1960's movie The Sound of Music, Jewish playwright Ernest Lehman, always hateful of the Nazi I'm sure, did not even try to portray the Nazis as such an evil force that they would force their way into the Catholic Nonberg convent. Per the portrayals of this Jewish movie, the Nazis respectfully had to obtain permission. You may argue that Jews in Hollywood knew then how far they could push their agenda and were restrained as to how far they could push against Christianity, but restrained in pushing against the Nazi? I don't think so!

What the Nazi did is nothing more than what any civilized country does. It recognized the sovereign immunity of the Catholic Church. Much the way President Trump would not violate the sovereign immunity of the Israeli Embassy in our nation's capitol.

Certainly, President Trump would not invade the Israeli Embassy on allegations that a Jew was abusing another Jew inside the Embassy. That would be a matter for the nation of Israel to handle.

In fact, Trump would not allow the Israeli Embassy to be invaded by the FBI even if he knew for a fact, (and there are plenty of facts showing this to be true), that Jews inside the Embassy had committed heinous crimes against America. At best, he would order them to leave the country.
The Catholic Church and only the Catholic Church has to atone for any sins committed.

Catholic parents need to be watchful of their children around any adult, as yes, even Catholics are trained in the fact that we are all sinners, even priests. 

But a city, inside a single state, of the nation of the United States, cannot shut down the world's largest religion without a severe violation of the Church's First Amendment rights, by just accusing the Church of a violation of its own morality.

No one in their right mind would say their children are safer in Dallas public schools than in Catholic private schools.

No one in their right mind would regard Dallas public officials as more Christian than the officials of the Catholic Church.

Whether these allegations are true or not, just like Israel needs to figure out how to get along with its neighbors all on its own; so do Catholics need to figure out how to bring justice for their own parishioners.

The State of Louisiana has plenty of corrupt officials, but the City of Dallas has no jurisdiction to invade Louisiana and carry off all their official records.

Dallas has no special jurisdiction to judge the entire Catholic Church and cannot run off with all their official church records, to be held hostage. There is still some privacy which cannot be allowed to be bypassed by an all powerful state.

At best, they may be able to individually charge someone accused, but cannot judge if the Church itself is allowed to forgive sinners or not, even if the sinners were forgiving other sinners.

The Catholic internal Diocesan Review Board works much like the internal review board of the Dallas police, only MUCH BETTER. Unlike the Dallas internal review that have police investigating it own police, Catholics have lay people investigating priests. While the internal Dallas police review only have policemen, the Catholic Diocesan Review Board has members on the board who are policemen, detectives, child psychologists, doctors, and even potentially judges and with that, Catholics are perfectly capable of taking care of their own.

No one should come to their priest, especially if the priest is the one committing the crime, to report a crime. A religion is not a police force, nor an informer to a police force.

If anyone has a right not to incriminate itself, one would imagine that an entire Church would have a right not be water-boarded for a "priestly confession" by the local anti-religious germane. 

Any Catholic is free to report a crime directly to the police. But leave the Church itself alone.

Catholics certainly don't need Judeo-MSM Jews judging them, who have hid every Rabbi abuse in Bar Mitzva classes, as we have outlined here before in our story labeled Rabbi Rap Sheet.

Catholics don't need atheist or Protestant government officials judging them, who ignore the 157 times larger problem of child abuse in their own public schools, over which they not only have direct jurisdiction but also a direct responsibility.

The city of Dallas has no right to overlook the log in their own eyes over public school abuse, in order to pluck the speck out of the eye of the Catholic Church, a place they have absolutely no responsibility and no jurisdiction, as we covered before in a story labeled Public School Rap Sheet.

Do we really want to go down this path that would make Hitler blush?  For this perilous path will absolutely push our society right past Hitler and straight into Judeo-Stalin territory.

We in Christian society have been here before and having experienced its horrors, our Founding Fathers enacted religious protections in our First Amendment to safeguard against such horrors.

The actor Kit Harrington of Game of Throne's Jon Snow  fame  informs us of the dangers, not of abuse of power by the Church, but of abuse of power by the State.

In the movie Gunpowder, in which he starred, his mother and brother are put to death in a brutally drawn and quartered manner for simply attending a Catholic Mass and hiding a Catholic priest from the Protestant King James 1.

It was a death sentence then for a priest to hold religious services, in abiding with his own faith, even in private. Under the guise of protector of the Anglican Church, King James greatly exapanded his own power

While Catholic King Philip's Spain gets abused constantly by the Judeo-MSM for the Spanish Inquisition, the crimes punished were only against fake-Christians who lied to God about their false belief in a Christian God. King Jame's Protestant England punished real Christian believers simply because they were not the proper kind of Christian, as he so dictated.

For this, Kit's character Robert Catesby planed the ill-fated Gunpowder Conspiracy to blow up a joint meeting of England's Parliament with King James inside.

Are we American citizens fated to that amount of Christian persecution again against our own Jewish-led government and are left with such desperation, as Catholics suffered in the Judas-Anglican Church where the King absolutely made himself the Pope, as the head of the Church of England ?

Are Jews now the Pope of America? For we all know a Jewish Synagogue would never be treated in such a way? Jews would never allow non-Jews access to Jewish rabbinical records.

Only takes a quick review of recent American history to know this scenario of Gunpowder Conspiracy levels of hatred against Christians is entirely possible. Half of America in our last Presidential election voted for the woman who pushed her presidential husband to burn Christian children alive at Waco and to bomb Serbian Christians to smithereens in order to protect throat-cutting, beheading Kosovo Muslims.

And the saddest part? From a search of the Internet, I'm either the only one in the entire world complaining about this atrocity or the Judeo-MSM is shadow banning anyone who is complaining!

Government never allows itself to be sued. They always say they have sovereign immunity. How so?  Where in the Constitution?  Oh, we said so!

But I can point to the First Amendment as a Christian Church's right to sovereign immunity.

Once again, appears that what an all powerful government wants it gets. While the Constitution our Founding Fathers put into place to grant our religion sovereign immunity from an all powerful government is violated worst than any woman being violated by being raped.

Search Warrant of Dallas Archdiocese

Dallas Catholic Diocese calls police raid "sensational" and "unnecessary"

Two days after police seized files on priests from its offices and a storage unit, the Dallas Catholic Diocese late Friday condemned the Dallas Police Department for choosing “the sensational action of conducting this unnecessary raid.”

The diocese’s scathing 2,000-word statement — the strongest and most detailed response by the church leaders since the raid — depicts Catholic leaders’ increasing frustration with their dealings with police during their investigation into clergy sex abuses over the last nine months.

“We find this week’s events to be most troubling and consuming of significant resources that could have been put to much better use,” Bishop Edward J. Burns said in the diocese’s missive.

In a video accompanying the written statement, Burns said he was “surprised, dismayed and even disappointed” by the raid, which he said “was most traumatic” for people who were in the building when officers arrived.

Burns also said sexual abuse of minors “is one of the most egregious sins any human being can commit,” and committed to continued cooperation with the police.

The Catholic Church worldwide and in Dallas has dealt for more than two decades with allegations of sexual misconduct by clergy members and cover-ups by church officials.

But the Dallas diocese has been under significant public scrutiny since August after its public disclosure that Edmundo Paredes, a former priest at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Oak Cliff, had been accused of sexual abuse of children and had apparently fled the country.

The police department assigned a detective full-time to Catholic sex-abuse allegations in light of the Paredes case. The church, meanwhile, pushed transparency measures, including the release of a list of 31 priests who they had found to be “credibly accused” of sexual abuse of minors.

Dallas police officials have called the execution of the search warrant this week “wholly appropriate” for their independent investigation into allegations against five priests, including Paredes. The affidavit for the search warrant detailed Detective David Clark’s belief that the diocese wasn’t fully forthcoming with information.

In a Friday-morning meeting with The Dallas Morning News' editorial board hours before the diocese response, Assistant Police Chief Avery Moore, who oversees investigations, said the investigation had been going on "for a while."

"Although we have a relationship with the diocese, the investigators felt this was the best process to go through," Moore said. "So that's pretty much it, in a nutshell."

After the diocese's response Friday evening, Sgt. Warren Mitchell, a police spokesman, said the department had nothing further to add.

“This remains an active investigation,” Mitchell said.

Burns said diocese officials “were working diligently” to help police.

As he did at a news conference held hours after Wednesday’s raid began, Burns said the diocese had already turned over to police all of the files for the names in the affidavit. “In total, we reviewed 115,216 files, encompassing over 221,855 pages, that covered 70 years,’’ Burns said.

He denied that the diocese has “hidden or concealed” information about clergy sexual abuse, including the names of priests or other clergy accused of such crimes.

“The affidavit consistently implies that information was not included in files that were turned over and from this fact concludes that the Diocese has, for presumably nefarious reasons, held that information back,” the statement reads. “But in reality, the Diocese cannot turn over what it does not have.”

The bishop’s statement attempted to clarify, refute or elaborate on issues raised in the police affidavit and the ensuing media coverage. These included:

  1. The implication that there are new clergy abusers: “This is simply untrue,” the statement said. “Every person being investigated in this affidavit was reported by the Diocese, appears on the published list and has been known by the Dallas Police.” But Clark, the detective, wrote in the affidavit that he had uncovered new allegations against priests — not new abusers — on the diocese’s list and that officials hid information on previous allegations. Clark also requested documents for those who have ever been flagged for a sexual abuse allegation, and not just the 31 on the list released in January. But Clark wrote that the diocese rebuffed his request and told him that information was "privileged."

  1. How the diocese reports abuse allegations: The diocese defended its previous methods of reporting abuse allegations to Child Protective Services, citing a 2005 grand jury decision that found “no evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of the diocese or officials” on its child-abuse reporting practices. “Because the Dallas Police Department now feels that reporting to Child Protective Services is insufficient, despite this practice complying with the law and the grand jury conclusions, the Diocese also reports to the Dallas Police Department directly in addition to contacting Child Protective Services.”

  • The affidavit’s implication that the members of the Diocesan Review Board — a team of laypeople who review complaints against priests — lacked the credentials to assess allegations of sexual abuse of minors: “The Diocesan Review Board consists of two local police chiefs, a clinical child psychologist who specializes in child-abuse victims, a doctor and an attorney." Burns added he was "certainly open to members of the Review Board coming forward to identify themselves."

  • The affidavit’s statement that child abuse was not the initial or primary reason a team of investigators was hired by the bishop in early 2018 to review thousands of diocesan files. According to the Diocese’s response, the “affidavit implies, or even states, that child abuse was merely an incidental concern of this group. Nothing could be further from the truth. The team, in addition to looking at abuse, did flag other concerns (such as financial malfeasance, clerics promoting teachings contrary to the Church, sexual relationships with adults, etc.), but that was not its primary purpose.”

Burns’ statement also addressed assertions in the affidavit that members of the Diocesan Review Board reached out to law enforcement with information about a clergy member who did not appear on the list of 31 published by the diocese.

“The individuals reached out because I wanted them to do so, of which Detective Clark is aware,” Burns said. “The Board did not reach out because of a loss of confidence in the process, as Detective Clark concludes, but because, while we had insufficient information to arrive at a finding of a credible allegation in certain cases, members (and I) felt that the Police should nevertheless do an investigation with its resources of these other individuals because there was a possibility that something could be there worth investigating."

Burns said in his video that “the protection of children in our diocese is a priority.” He added the church must now navigate through a storm “of media and law enforcement.”

“We will continue to stay the course by staying focused on the necessary lights that guide us: transparency, accountability, healing and God’s grace,” Burns said.

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