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US Wars or UN Wars

Here's a challenge question to you.

By looking at the wars America has fought, when would you say America lost her sovereignty?

Revolutionary War?  Nope, that is when we gained our sovereignty.

War of 1812?  Nope, we solidified our sovereignty.

Mexican-American War? Nope, Mexico lost sovereignty to California and parts of the southwest. Must mean we gained even more sovereignty.

Civil War? Hard one there. The South would say they lost their sovereignty, but the North would argue that theirs was a shared sovereignty from the start.

Spanish-American War?  Nope Spain loses Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Cuba and Guam. America's sovereignty expands overseas.

World War 1? A good question here. Who, What, Where, When and Why were we fighting this war? No threat to our sovereignty was evident. Britain's sovereignty perhaps was threatened, but not ours. Palestine obtained their sovereignty from the Ottoman Empire -- free to lose it to anyone with the cahoones to come take it -- Jews in mind.

World War 2? Another good question question. Palestine lost their sovereignty to Jews from Europe and Jews were protected, but what did America get? America got nothing, meaning all our dead died for others. All our money was spent for others. That is not a model for sovereignty.

Korean War?   Ah, now that would be an interesting war to being looking at.

Many have noted that in every other war, America had declared war, but in this particular war America called it a "police action".

As many were aware, it was a police action on behalf of the United Nations.

Did America give up its sovereignty to become the UN's special police?

Appears so.

This was exposed as such, and the American people didn't like it, so all wars since then have avoided the imprinter of the United Nations. But in substance, haven't they all been UN Korean War styled police actions?

So think about this for a moment about what real sovereignty means.

What is real sovereignty?

When the Dallas Cowboys fight against the San Francisco 49'er, are they the real combatants? Of course not. This is nothing more than the NFL giving us bread and circus entertainment. Dallas has to petition to join the NFL and abide by its charter. San Francisco has to also petition to be a member of the NFL and also agree to abide by its rules and regulations.

Likewise, every time the United Nation's NATO powers confronted the United Nations'  Warsaw Pact alliance powers, how different is that to the NFL overseeing the NFL's Cowboys and the NFL's 49'ers?

Just like the NFL wants to encourage more and more battles each year between the Cowboys and 49'ers, for their power and enrichment, so does the UN encourage fake wars for our entertainment, and for their continued power and enrichment.

So with this model in mind, does the Vietnam War, the Lebanon War, the Iraqi War, the Afghanistan War, the Yemen War, and upcoming Iranian War look any different than the Korean War nobody won?

The only winner was the UN exerting its control and influence.

The losers were the countries thinking they were fighting for "their team", and losing their lives.

Does this conclusively show that America has lost its sovereignty?

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