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Republicans have no backbone

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The federal government's checks and balances are totally broken.
Treason sits at the head of major parts of the federal government and refuses to leave.
This has created a Constitutional Crisis of massive proportions!!!

A Jewish dual citizen sits at the head the House Intelligence committee, who has now been conclusively proven to have pedaled FAKE Russia Collusion conspiracies about our President, but rest assured will NEVER pedal REAL Israeli conspiracy facts, and he refuses to accept the result of the Department of Justice Special Prosecutor Report by Robert Mueller.

His credibility is totally shot.

All Russian investigations, past and present, are to be questioned. All lack of Israeli investigations, past and present, are to be questioned.

Any further actions on protecting America's national security, without first correcting the underlying credibility issues of the committee itself, are themselves a national security issue, as we are unable to verify whether the real national security problems are being properly addressed.

Proof Congress will NEVER have the backbone to confront evil

Schiff started off the first intelligence hearing after the release of the Mueller Special Council Report on Russian interference, with the topic of "Putin's Playbook" (15:49). The irony at this point is Schiff leading an intelligence committee to intelligently discuss Russian intelligence.

Republican Representative Nunes had opening remarks (20:12), demonstrating to me that he is unaware of the real issues with Russia.

"Today we will hear from a panel on Russian Oligarchs, challenges emminating from Russia, have been an inviting topic of this committee for many years."

Let's be honest here. The Russian Oligarchs were not Putin. When the Judeo-commissars left Russia for America and Israel, the Soviet Union fell apart. Remaining Jews converted "state-owned" enterprises into Jewish-owned enterprises. These "Russian" Oligarchs should have always been called Jewish Oligarchs.  Putin cleaned up most of this mess by stripping power from these Jewish industrial war-lords.

Putin is to be commended as a great Christian leader for stripping these Jewish thieves of their lust for power, not condemned.

Crimea was Russian before the Soviet Union, since the days of Czar Catherine the Great. Crimea was Greek before Muslims took control and Catherine the Great liberated those lands at great cost from Muslims, as she had ambitions for her sons to finally liberate Constantinople.

Jews would have none of it, for that would mean Jerusalem would also become Christian again. So these Jewish radicals took over Russia, violently assassinated the entire Czar family in 1917, violently starved 7 million Ukrainians in 1932-33, illegally handed over Russian territory of the Crimea to Ukraine just before they disintegrated the Soviet Union, and Christian Putin, first real leader of Russia in 100 years, has to accept what the Jews had done?  He doesn't think so, and I don't think so.  

No Mr. Nunes, Russia did not annex Crimea. Crimea has been since 1783 and continues to be the base for the Russian Black Sea Naval power. It was Ukraine, who after an American coup in the Ukraine of a pro-Russia leader, that wanted to illegally exert its power here, which Putin correctly stopped.

In better context, if it concerns you so much Mr. Nunes, will you be condemning Israel for taking the Golan Heights in a war to protect what they had already stolen in Palestine? No you will not Mr. Nunes because you know who has real power in this country! In fact, our own Judeo-President Trump just gave his seal of approval for this confiscation of land in defiance of an unanimous UN Security Council resolution - meaning the United States voted for Israel to give back the Golan Heights as well.

Putin is to be commended as a great Christian leader for looking out for the security of Russia's Black Sea fleet, not condemned for it.

So no, I don't trust even the Republicans to play along with the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative.

Then there is the kicker for me. The Republicans are still playing with the devil.

Schiff asked to resign - Refuses!!!

The House intelligence committee is being led by a member who himself needs to be investigated. Republicans recognize this fact and hence requested Adam Schiff to resign as chairman.

Representative Conway (21:36) lays out very well the case for Adam Schiff resigning. No problem here.

However, Adam Schiff (24:51) categorically rejects any wrong on his part, listing instead all the endless issues he believes has not been resolved.


Where are the checks and balances to corruption in high office?

Furthermore, if officials like former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brenham and the head of the House Intelligence committee Adam Schiff have been proved wrong proven LIARS in all their testimony to Congress, perhaps now is the time to take a breath and investigate the American intelligence agencies, and to stop continuing to enter false and misleading information into the Congressional record.

Republicans have no backbone. They caved and continued business as usual.

Why take testimony of the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul (30:34), or former CIA Chief of Russian Operations Steven Hall (36:40), or CSIS Senioer Vice President and author of the Kremlin Playbook Heather Conley (44:30), if we cannot trust and verify their testimony.

What makes their testimony any more truthful than that of our most "trusted" leaders of intelligence, Clapper and Brenham?

Finally, Representative Conway responded (1:15:19) by finally getting to reply to Schiff's counter-attack, stating that Schiff was wrong about their motives -- AND THEN HE ALSO CONTINUED IN THE DISCREDITED HEARING AS IF NOTHING IS DEADLY WRONG WITH THEIR LEADER.

Adam Schiff was rebuffed by all Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee and asked to resign. He refused.

Republicans asked him to resign, and then continued under his criminal leadership. Why did they not all resign in protest?

How can America believe anything else this man has to offer on Russia when he totally refuses to accept the results of the Mueller Special Counsel Report on the results of a hard-nosed focused special counsel investigation on Russia he insisted be established?

If Adam Schiff does not believe Mueller, a man he previously characterized as impeccable, trustworthy, honorable, a go-to guy, then how can we believe anything Adam Schiff or any other Jewish master of America has to say?

Do we trust Mueller, or do we trust Clapper, Brenham and Schiff?

If out elected representatives will not lawfully take out these traitors to this country, then it is well past time for The People to act unlawfully!!!

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