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Co-Conspirator Leaders
in a
Coup against the Constitution

Never ending hoaxes

You know you have arrived at a Constitutional Crisis when you have discovered that the Constitutional principles of CheGoldstein's gravesite became a pilgrimage site for Jewish extremists.[8] The following words are inscribed on the tomb: "He gave his life for the people of Israel, its Torah and land.Goldstein's gravesite became a pilgrimage site for Jewish extremists.[8] The following words are inscribed on the tomb: "He gave his life for the people of Israel, its Torah and land.Goldstein's gravesite became a pilgrimage site for Jewish extremists.[8] The following words are inscribed on the tomb: "He gave his life for the people of Israel, its Torah and land.Goldstein's gravesite became a pilgrimage site for Jewish extremists.[8] The following words are inscribed on the tomb: "He gave his life for the people of Israel, its Torah and land.cks and Balances no longer hold the federal government in check against corruption.

When the same corruption infests both sides of the check and pollutes both sides of the balance, then there is no longer a means for them to function as desired.

The check and balance against Presidential abuse was oversight by Congress, a Republican Congress in this case to help make the case of total corruption.  The oversight of this Republican Congress was deliberately steered and directed in the direction of the current Republican President, a fact which then wrongly steered and misdirected Constitutional check and balance away from a whole host of corruption of the previous Democrat President.

Why would a Republican Congress not be interested in the workings of a Democrat President, but deeply interested in the workings of a Republican President if not for corruption?

Never was the IRS abuse of the Tea Party, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, nor any other Obama era abuse every investigated by the Trump administration, but instead, the current administration was immediately put on defense for the most trivial of reasons - that is, after every forty or fifty calls to Israel's leader, Trump then made a call to Russia's leader  -- proof they said of colluding with Russia (but not Israel).

And to further the Constitutional Crisis, the "Let no Crisis go to Waste" Patriot Act passed after the 9/11 attack to protect us from the evil Muslim invader terrorists, was being secretely used EXACTLY AS MANY PREDICTED as a massive political spy apparatus on American citizens. Star Chamber FISA courts were used to spy on a Presidential campaign by the opposition. A crisis which will not be fixed either.

Special Prosecutor Mueller Report

The Mueller Special Council Report concluded 22 months of investigations, with President Trump and MAGA America found totally innocent and vindicated.

Results: Our side are patriots!!!
  (Excluding collusion with Israel)

As for the other side....

Mueller was the other side. He was respected by the other side. His 13 members were all partisans for the other side. His results were expected to "confirm" the hoax created by the other side.

For these two years of the Mueller investigation, the Sunday Talk Shows of the Judeo-MSM mouthpieces like Face the Nation and Meet the Press, presented
every former "intelligence officer",
every former "federal prosecutor",
every former "federal law enforcement officer",
every former "federal State Department official",
every former "Department of Justice official",
every "legal expert",
every "political analyst"
as having nearly unanimous views in their testimony that abundant evidence exists against Trump and that this Mueller investigation will be a slam dunk in its outcome of criminality on the part of President Trump.

And in the end, the Mueller Special Counsel Report found it impossible to "confirm" the hoax against President Trump. But only because too much of the hoax had already been exposed.

Let's be honest here by stating the hard facts -- We now know that everyone on the other side has always known this hoax to be a hoax, including nearly everyone on Mueller's team. Members of Mueller's team, Peter Strozk and Lisa Page, when talking about "insurance policies" and "The POTUS wants to know everything" had long ago proved this truth that the Mueller investigation was contrived as nothing but a witch hunt from the start.

When everyone is in on the action, everyone is aware, and everyone is working toward the exact same goal to overthrow a Constitutional election of one third of the federal government, it becomes a conspiracy to sedition.

Let's be totally and brutally honest here.

Given the evidence presented on the Sunday Talk shows over a two year period, we have learned what Deep State really means. We have discovered there is not a single section of the entire federal government that is not corrupt and when that happens, the buck has to go straight to the very top of the Executive Branch. It has to. What else but the President himself unify all the agencies working together in this coup. The President himself had to have been the leader of the coup.

We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that:

Obama and Hillary are co-conspirator leaders in this coup.

So if our side are now proven to be the patriots, then the other side are proven to be the reverse of that.

We all know they hate America.

In fact, the buck does not even stop at the President's desk. When I said the buck does not stop at Obama and Hillary, then where does it stop?

It stops at the organizations which backed the Obama's and Hillary's for office. The ones who put them there

Now we are back to the Judeo-MSM organizations who gave Hillary and Trump all the news coverage and squelched all the coverage of Rand Paul's campaign on the Patriot's side and Bernie Sander's campaign on the Traitor's side.

Now we are back to the Judeo-mega-money which Hillary constantly courts and which Trump always surrounds himself with, all liberal and anti-American.

Seems there are not true rich American patriots for relatively poor patriots such as  Rand Paul.

If justice does not prevail STRONG AND SURE AND SWIFT, then all hope is lost for this Republic.

Nolte: We Can Never Trust the Media, FBI, or Intelligence Community Again

How can any free-thinking person ever again trust the media, the FBI, or the intelligence community after the debunking of this two-year Russia Collusion Hoax?

This thing was not only a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication based on absolutely nothing, and not only a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication based on lies, it was also something that everyone knew was a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication.

Hoping Dirty Cop Robert Mueller would find something-anything, or that President Trump’s approval rating would dive to where he’d be easy to impeach, the media lied-lied-lied; the Dirty Cops in the FBI leaked-leaked-leaked, and the elders and veterans of the intelligence community infested our TVs screaming about treason and indictments as they swore up and down the Trump campaign had never been spied on or wiretapped — when they knew damn well it had.

That was an actual conspiracy, an actual act of collusion to overturn a legal and constitutional presidential election — which means it was a conspiracy to screw the American people. Even if you didn’t vote for Trump, even if you hate Trump, it was still a crime against your God-given right to choose your own leaders.

And this attempted coup against We the People is only the latest outrageous hoax  committed by these three corrupt institutions.

Look at the media’s history over the last five or so years….

...Trayvon Martin Murdered By Racist White
...Michael Brown Yelled “Hands Up, Don’t
    Shoot!” Before Racist Cop Murdered Him
...Brett Kavanaugh: Serial Rapist
...The Racist White Boys from Covington
    High School
...Trump Can’t Defeat Hillary
...Trump Is a Russian Manchurian Candidate

As for the FBI, even before those Dirty Cops began a series of criminal leaks and acts of perjury and the leaking of classified documents, they had already disgraced themselves by letting a true criminal, Hillary Clinton, off the hook as they played footsie with Obama’s corrupt Department of Justice.

And we have probably not heard the last of the outrages committed by a gang of Dirty Cop Rogues we call James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, etc…

People who dish the kind of dirt they did to protect Hillary and to fabricate an “insurance policy” to overturn a presidential election are dirty people — period, bad guys, villains — and never when it comes to just one thing. There is almost certainly more to come.  If I was a defense attorney representing a client convicted of anything having to do with James Comey and his merry band of traitors, I would be filing a flurry of appeals right now.

As far as the intelligence community, perjurer and liar James Clapper was our Director of National Intelligence; perjurer and liar John Brennan was the director of our CIA.  My God — think about that!

Clapper not only perjured himself in front of the U.S. Congress, he sat on  Meet the Press and lied to the world by flatly denying the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign when he knew that wasn’t true.

Brennan not only perjured himself in front of the U.S. Congress, he regularly appeared on TV screaming ad hominem attacks about treason and the Trump family’s imminent arrest.

At the very least you could argue the WMD fiasco was an intelligence failure, and a widespread one throughout the Western world. There was no deliberate attempt to mislead the American people that we know of. But…

It was still a massive and tragic failure that led us into a disastrous war and now, with  RussiaGate, the intelligence community *did* deliberately lie, *did* deliberately deceive the American people, *did* seek to overturn a presidential election.

The media, the FBI, the intelligence community — a den of thieves and liars, a hiding place for unelected, power-hungry bureaucrats and peacocks.

These institutions are irredeemable and can never-ever-ever-ever again be trusted.

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