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April 2019 AD

Israel Blackmails Syria

The fraudulent blackmail by President Trump and Mike Pompeo for Israel and against Syria has now been exposed and there apparently has been no serious attempt to conceal his fraud.

For years now, there have been rumors that Israel, with help from our President Obama, created ISIS in Syria to fight against President Assad.

Now we know what purpose ISIS served.

ISIS is gone and patriotic Americans will all be slapping President Trump on the back for his "success" in pushing back the Muslim horde....entirely inside Muslim lands. 

A win against radical Islam, which in reality is entirely the success of secular President Assad.

Mind you, no Muslim hordes are being pushed back from Christian Europe nor any America First push-back a happening.

So why is Trump taking credit?

Remember this is the same President Trump who several times launched fraudulent strikes against Assad for the use of "chemical weapons".  Assad of course had never used chemical weapons, as that would have been a sure-fire way to have been defeated.

The question then was, "Why was Assad allowed to remain in power if he had used chemical weapons. After all, Assad and everyone else knew that was a line no country is ever allowed to cross".  Reality is that the line crossed was a fake line and used merely to further a later political reality.

Now however we finally get to see the full political reality unfolded.

President Trump proudly tells America how the scrappy little nation of Syria has had the plague of ISIS totally eliminated from their land since Trump took office.

Syria Land

For the evidence of blackmail against Syria, we only had to wait until the following day!!!!!

President Trump proudly tells how the scrappy little nation of Israel has to be permanently recognized as the new owners of the Syrian lands of the Golan Heights.  Trump's co-conspirator, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu totally agrees.

Syrian Land
Syrian Land

Yesterday, President Trump was telling us that regional security has been secured -- ISIS was dead in Syria. Yet, today, he tells us that regional security has not yet been achieved. No regional security until Syria has fully given up her land in the Golan Heights to Israel.

Meanwhile Netanyahu is pointing fingers to Iran as occupiers of Syria, when it is the Golan Heights which is the remaining territory of Syria remaining occupied by a foreign country.

Ironically, Shitte-Muslim Iran was only in Shitte-Muslim Syria to help Syria defeat Israel's Sunni-Muslims ISIS. Had Israel not tried to destabilize Syria, to help the Sunni-Muslims overthrow Assad, Iran would not have been in Syria. Iran was invited into Syria; Israel was not!

Once ISIS was defeated, Iran no longer has a reason to be in Syria.  But Netanyahu wants us to believe that Iran will continue to be the problem in the future.

What self-serving claptrap!!!


Do you now see the blackmail Israel pushed onto Syria?

In exchange for America and Israel to stop supporting Sunni-led ISIS, Shitte-led Syria had to agree to give up the Golan Heights to Israel.

The disputed territory was seized from Syria by Israel during their 1967 war and annexed in 1981 in a move deemed illegal by the United Nations.

Of what use is the United Nations laws about a nation keeping the spoils of war if it allows this national tyranny to succeed?  Don't answer, because I already know the UN is far worse than worthless.

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