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March 2019 AD

Captain Marvel

This movie was dedicated to a dead white man -- Stan Lee.
Stan Lee
My my have things changed in the Marvel Universe since the founder's passing.

In its comic books, Marvel had already done a complete transformation on Captain Marvel, doing both a black-face and a sex change on Captain Marvel, changing him from a white man to a black her -- a black woman.

But it was racist movie producer Disney who colored out the black women version of comic book Captain Marvel for a bankable ditsy blond woman movie version of Captain Marvel who looks good in spandex.

Did Disney not trust box office success would support a back-to-back Captain America female black movie to follow the Black Panther Avenger male black epic?

Social Justice Warriors will only go so far when it's their multi-million dollar film on the line.

But did they pull their punches by doing the origin story on the black Nick Fury?  Even racist Samuel L. Jackson can't call Disney out as racist on that, since he is Nick Fury? So all bases covered. Whew!!!! Getting complicated out there.

The movie version of Captain Marvel had her totally confused about her true identity throughout the movie. At first she thought she was a citizen of the planet Kree. By the end of the movie, she was pretty sure she was really Carol Danvers of Earth.

Only in retrospect from investigating the Marvel Universe can we see that the true Captain Marvel is a reptilian shapeshifter from the planet of the Skrulls.

How else, but being a shapechanger, could explain a white man, turning into a black woman, who then turns into a ditsy blond woman?

Obviously from the massive $1/2 billion dollar haul at the box office, there will be a second Captain Marvel and it will be then revealed that Captain America has always been reptilian.

Original Captain Marvel
Black Captain Marvel

The Cast for Captain Marvel:

Anna Boden is both the main writer and director( and of course is Jewish).
Carol Danvers (also just Vers) will become Captain Marvel (played by Brie Larson).
Carol's best friend was Monica Rambeau (played by Lashana Lynch).
Monica's black daughter was Monica Rambeau (played by Akira Akbar)
Carol's Earthly mentor/commander was Dr. Wendy Lawson AKA Supreme Intelligence
Carol's Kree mentor and commander was Yon-Rogg (played by Jude Law)
Carol's future Earthly mentor was S.H.I.E.L.D Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson)
Skrull commander Talos (played by Ben Mendelsohn)

Our Movie Take #5 is the only one which counts here, but to be complete, we had to present all the other Takes from the Hollywood people in the know; the directors and actresses.

Movie Take #1:
The movie's writer and producer helps explain how the newly released Captain Marvel is not guided by the well-honed, Christian and Greek philosopher based moral ethics of previous superheroes, such as Captain America, or even DC comic's "Truth, Justice and the American Way!", but has moved on to a completely new and improved version of ethics being the primeval, reactionary, in your face ethics of FU. (BTW, I first noticed this lack of a solid ethical base in Aquaman):

[Captian Marvel] doesn't have the same righteousness of, say, Captain America. Captain America gets knocked down and gets back up because its the right thing to do. But Captain Marvel gets knocked down and gets up because FU.
  --Ryan Fleck, co-writer and director of Captain Marvel

Movie Take #2:
This is also a movie about mistakes; recovering from mistakes, learning from mistakes, and recognizing that mistakes have even happened. (The BIGGEST mistake learned was believing your blue-blooded white male mentor to be a good guy, and the invading alien reptiles are the bad guys. As if foreign aliens can do any harm, right?) The show's main character is Brie Larson who explains:.

Tim Kash (The IMBD Show)
What weaknesses and vulnerabilities did you love about this movie?

Brie Larson (Captain Marvel)
She's super flawed. I mean, that's a huge part of why I was excited about this character. I think it's important to talk about the fact that people who make great strides in this world are also failing. Risk takers make mistakes. It's not unlike anyone whose a real superhero in real life does everything perfectly. Nobody does. It's just your ability to get back up after those mistakes; to learn from those mistakes, to atone for those mistakes whenever you need to, and I think that's an incredible quality.

Movie Take #3:
Brie Larson also has a second take by saying the show is a fight against sexism, by saying it is all about intersectional feminism (which I had to look up)

Intersectional feminism recognizes that black women, queer women, trans women, differently-abled women, indigenous women, refugee women, women of color, poor women or women who have a variety of these and other identities, experience oppression or discrimination differently from women who do not share those same identities

Intersectional feminism talks about waves of success against the men who suppress women. First wave being white women getting the right to vote, same as men. Second wave being all women having equal rights to men, especially white women. Third wave is the age we are now in where white women help all other women fight against the man; women such as the black single mom woman in the movie whom the white superwoman saves and her black daughter for whom she provides a role model.

Movie Take #4:
Lashana Lynch who plays the part of Monica Rambeau believes the movie is all about black single mother superheroes.  If there was a message I saw in this movie from her character, it's that the USAF wasted a ton of money training this women, because she obviously is not still a fighter pilot. And the part about being a single mother ancestrally, from grandmother to mother to daughter, would have been a horrendously racist thing to say if it were said by anyone other than a black woman.

"Her being a fighter pilot along with a single mother is her superhero quality," Lynch told Nerdist. "That is absolutely her superpower. Being a single mother, especially a Black single mother, having been raised by one and my grandmother, I know that there's just a certain type of strength that comes ancestrally."

Movie Take #5:  (Our take)
If this movie were a fight against sexism, as Brie Larson believes, then the question to ask is "Where is the sexism in Captain Marvel's America?" 

In truth, this movie is not an indictment against men in general, but a message that WHITE MEN are not needed, nor wanted, but instead are to be viewed as pure evil to be despised, no matter what planet they come from, no matter that they are red-blooded American white men or blue-blooded Kree white men.

Excluded in Jewish female writer Anna Boden's mind for the movie plot, would of course, be that the movie is not talking to white JEWISH men, nor any of the white JEWISH Disney men who richly financed her woman's hate movie against WHITE MEN.

So, in this context, we are left with the movie's conception that the main force against worldly (and otherworldly) goodwill is WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN.

  •  Brie's character of Captain Marvel, was a female fighter pilot. No one is seen stopping her in the movie (other than her own self-inflicted mistakes of falling off a tricycle) from pursuing what many would consider to be one of the most manly things a man could do. Indeed, Brie's fighter pilot character took no commands on Earth from any sexist man that we could see. Naturally, being a single woman, no mere mortal man would be telling this intersectional feminist man-kicker what to do in any sphere of her life.
  •  Captain Marvel's best friend, wouldn't you know it, was also a female fighter pilot. She also had no problem even as a black woman being being accepted as a fighter pilot. So, nope, not a shred of racism in the movie either, other than what the actress herself said in Movie Take #4.  This black woman also took no commands from any man, let alone a sexist man.  Indeed, as a single mom, she took no commands from the missing husband either, while her black daughter likewise took no commands from the non-existent black father!!!
  •  Captain Marvel's Earthly trainer and center of the movie, was a female Dr. Wendy Lawson. Indeed, the woman invented the light-speed drive engine. No man needed. Take that, men inventors!
  •  Only on the planet Hala, do we finally see any sexism in the ways of the Kree Empire. Jude Law plays the part of Yon-Rogg, a white man who dares to train our aspiring superhero on how to be a superhero. As we later learn, all is not as it appears and it seems even white men on alien planets are evil conniving monsters wanting to hurt poor innocent superhero women and poor innocent reptile aliens. What once was trusted, a white man, can no longer be trusted.
  •  The reptilian enemies of the Kree was led by Talos, also a man; although, we can excuse him since he is not a white man (unless he wants to shape shift into one) but instead is a reptilian man, whom we will later come to love and trust over the white man whom we used to mistakenly trust. (Mistakes is a BIG theme of this movie and mistakes about trusting white men was the biggest.)
  •  Finally, but not least, back on Earth, black S.H.I.E.L.D agent Nick Fury is found to be as trustworthy as the Reptilian alien men, by our otherwise man hating superhero, proving once an for all that the problem is not men. Black Earth men can always team up with pretty white Earth women, no problem. The problem lies completely with white men.
In sum, if you are a white Christian man and want to be hated and dumped on in your comic book fantasies, then this is the film you will not want to miss!!!!

Someone close to me has suggested that the entire white man-hating premise of this article is wrong, cause at the start of the article, mention was made of the fact that the female Jewish director dedicated HER film to a DEAD WHITE MAN....

Wow, almost got me there!!!  But in full disclosure of the truth, Stan Lee was a Jewish man, which automatically fully disqualifies him from any SJW hatred directed toward WHITE MEN.

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