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March 2019 AD

Pushed to the Breaking Point!!

Democrats Divide

If ever the Paca Plan was needed.
Now is the time !!!

The vulger, ugly reality in America is Jewish "Anti-Fascists".
They are ever bit as Fascist as Nazi in Germany.
In fact, they are Israeli National Socialists
running America as a conquered land.

Their's is a tactic of attack, for in the end, Jews know the only way for white Christian men to survive will be for them to fight fire with fire.

Hence, as soon as white Christians men get fed up and start fighting back against Judeo-Fascists, they will be required to be fighting back with Fascist tactics. Thereby, "proving" the Jewish "prediction" that white Christian men are racist, Islamophobe, gay-hating,  antisemite, Fascists.

Jews are nothing more than agent provocateurs pushing white Christians to the breaking point, same as they pushed Germans in the Wiemar Republic to the breaking point in 1933.

Any real student of history saw this build-up to Fascism happen to Germany. Socialist and Communist Jews pushed the German people to such a level of damnation, they finally resorted to voting in Hitler to help them.

The only side the world ever sees of Hitler is AFTER Germans had been broken with a fake WW1 defeat, Jews infesting every Wiemar Republic institution,  Judeo-hyper-inflation, territories lost, a decadent Judeo-culture, famine, unemployment, and ruinous war reparations.

Nothing happens in the country on the national scale without permission of our Jewish elites. Here are examples of Israeli National Fascism implanting itself in America

- The State controlling the economy through Fascist trade agreements
- Russia Collusion accusing the wrong party, same as the Reichstag fire.
- Jew have a do-no-wrong injustice system versus enforced Christian justice
- Jewish arrest tactics of Roger Stone literally mimic the Gestapo.
- Judeo-MSM is straight out of the Goebbels play book.
- Judeo-MSM see every single event as an opportunity for further propaganda.
- Judeo-Antifa marches are straight out of the Goebbels play book.
- Gun control being pushed is the 1938 German Weapons Act reborn.
- Jews blacklist people from universities.
- Jews blacklist news based on political bias.
- Jews censor people based upon their version of political correctness
- Jews wanting to get rid of the President the Constitution elected.
- Jews wanting to get rid of the Constitution.
- Jews pushing ethnic genocide of the indigenous whites through immigration
- Jews pushing Planned Parenthood as is akin to Mengele's work.
- Jew's Planned Parenthood is German eugenics revisited.
- Nazi slaughtered innocent children and now liberal NYC kill live-born.
- The Jewish Green New Deal is nothing but National Socialism.

So yes,
  1.  Hitler took control of the institutions out of the hands of the morally-rotten, culture-destroying Jews.
  1.  Hitler took control of the banks away from the hyper-inflating Jews.
  1.  Hitler gave back to Germany the right to self defense by rebuilding its military.
  1.  Hitler was peacefully relocating, with the Haavara Agreement, these evil Jews who had ruined Germany . A period which lasted at least 6 years.
  1.  Hitler was attempting to get back the German lands stolen after WW1, when both England and France declared war on him.
  1.  All the time, world-wide Judeo-MSM were snipping and nipping at his heals, as they do to all our Republican Presidents from Reagan to Trump. Hitler was ever described by Jews then as the root of all evil as he is considered the root of all evil today.

Jews were running the Wiemar Republic in 1933, and they pushed the German people to elect Hitler, since he was the only one who promised to deliver the same level of Fascism as Jews used against all Germans.

What happens to the disarmed?

If ever the Paca Plan was needed.
Now is the time !!!

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The Christian Solution             First Release: March 15, 2008