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February 2019 AD

Social Darwinism Failures Explained

Jordon Peterson gave the definitive answer to the question of the fatal flaw of the left.

In our far less elegant summary, Darwin's evolution works because infinite possibilities are allowed to happen in nature, but only the viable in nature survive, while the millions of alternative solutions to life all die a cruel death before reproducing.

Continuing his discussion on Darwinism as adapted to the culture of our civilization, Jordon Peterson proposes that our civilization itself is the result of a long social evolution of multiple competing civilizations in nature through thousands of years. The characteristics of this surviving civilization, different from all others who have vanished, is evident in the ways such as the way we voluntarily commit our freedoms to the restraint of say, family, as that marriage restraint has long proved to be productive to our continued existence.

The 'isms of 100 year ago were all attempts to create an alternative reality, an artificial life, an artificial society, say one of equality of results. And as society had already discovered thousands of years ago when these alternate societies were formed, the result was wholesale death on a level we had not witnessed in a thousand years. Equality of result is sold on our sense of compassion, but in the mist of 100 million deaths, was found to not be viable to survival.

A second attempt to rewrite Darwin's Law of Survival of the fittest happened in the 1960's after many imagined that the invention of The Pill would revolutionize the hazards of reproduction, of marriage, of family. The result of men and women becoming "equals in sex", resulted in more, not less unwanted babies, more not less abortions, and of course more sex related diseases.  Families were torn apart and children cast aside.

The postmodernists of today seek to dismantle every form of power they perceive, be it, the power of men, of white, of hetereosexual, and replace it with their own interpretation of power, the power of the state.

Yes, they acknowledge mistakes of past socialist experiments, but they pretend they are the ones who can finally get it right to finally achieve the final viable socialism. They are as doomed to failure, as are we who follow them.


Jordan Peterson
Political Correctness and Postmodernism

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