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February 2019 AD

The  Infinitely Unique Individual
by Jordan Peterson

The day has arrived when the left has finally had its long awaited mental breakdown. Let the celebrations begin!!!!

This country has been chasing its tail for over 200 years on the very real issue of black slavery and its aftermath, ever since it was debated during the Constitutional Convention in 1789.

And we have never been so twisted up about it as we are today, because added to the never-ending problem of slavery, have we multiplied to our troubles many, many times over by adding the new victimhoods of womanhood being forced to choose between work for bossy boss or home with loving babies, not-as-black Hispanic woes, Jews from a German Holocaust accusing their American saviors of wanting one,  gay men not feeling the love from other men,  Gay men called Sally ashamed of being men, and finally, of Jewish men not feeling the kumbaya embrace of a certain Muslim congresswoman.

As to what to do about inequality, we have moved from advocating for income equality between men and women, to imagined concerns about micro-aggressions.

The Judeo-elites have finally reached a point they cannot keep all the plates juggled in the air and they are dropping them.

Once again, we have reached a multi-thousand year old realization, reinforced during the American Revolution.

Groups can be broken down a million different ways.

As a hypothetical. Our Founders likely encountered a Dutch-ethnic women of the Baptist religion living in the colony of Pennsylvania, married to an English man of the Anglican faith, who grew up in the colony of New York. Their occupation was milking cows and so their socioeconomic level was that of a farmer; however, the husband inherited his lands, so although a farmer, this woman was considered a member of the wealthy elite. Politically she was non-political, while her husband was a Whig. He did not have slaves, but his gay brother had 10 slaves. They did charity work through the husband's church for poor Irish Catholics who were immigrating.

The Founders looked at such a woman, belonging to a complex web of groups, all inter-dependent with one another and thought to themselves how they were going to insure she would obtain "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness".

Their conclusion made our Founders famous the world over.

Our Founders would treat this woman as a unique individual before God, responsible for her own life, liberty and happiness -- no government needed.

On the contrary, Jordan Peterson eloquently points out the alternative approach of all socialist countries.  Government grouping their subjects, finding the group of woman not equal to the group of man, creates an immense bureaucracy to take from all the men, give to all the women, until that government bureaucracy believes they are equal.

Jordan Peterson: The fatal flaw of leftist American politics

The lefties have their point. They are driven by a horror of inequality and the catastrophes that inequality produces. And fair enough, because inequality is a massive social force and it can produce catastrophic consequences. So to be concerned about that is reasonable. But we do know that concern can go too far.

So, I've suggested that there is a triumvirate of concepts that bear the same potentially catastrophic outcomes when implemented as the racial superiority doctrine. Diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

A triumverate. Even though you can have an intelligent conversation about two of those anyway, but I would say that of the three, equity, is the most unacceptable. The doctrine of equality of outcome. And it seems to me that is where the people who are thoughtful on the left should draw the line. Say, "Nope, equality of opportunity, not only fair enough but laudable, but equality of outcome, nope, you've crossed the line. We're not going there with you."

Well an example of equality of outcome is attempts being made now to implement, by legislatively necessity, to eliminate the gender pay gap. You say, "well, there's nothing pathological about that". Oh, yes there is. You have to set up a bureaucratic inquisition to insure that that's the case. Like and it's not good and that is a relatively simple and definable, not even murky. Once it gets murky, it gets complicated beyond any rectification.

You cannot win if you play identity politics.

There's a bunch of reasons. Here's one. Let's push for equality of outcomes. Alright. Who measures it? That's a big problem. it's not a little problem, like we'll figure that out later. Oh, no, no, no. The measurement problem is paramount. So you don't solve that, you don't solve the problem at all. Who measures it? A Bureaucracy.  Ok, which bureaucracy? Well, a large one that has its fingers everywhere. That's problem number one. And it's staffed by exactly the people you don't want to staff it by the way.

Next problem. Which identities? That's the inter sectional problem. The radical leftists has already hit the problem of intersectionality. Well we've got race and gender, let's say. Well, how about the intersections between race and gender?  Multiplicative intersection. So you start out with three racial categories and two gender categories, but you end up with six intersectional categories. And then you're just getting started. How many genders? Hypothetically there's an infinite number. What about racial groupings? Are you going to include ethnicity? Want to add class to that, want to add socio-economic class? How about attractiveness? And every time you add another category to the singular entities, you increase the multiplicative entities in a multiplicative fashion. What are you going to do? You going to equate across all those categories? Really!  And across what dimensions of equality do you want to establish? Is it just socioeconomic? Is it just salary? What about all the other ways people are unequal?

Are you just going to stop with economic inequality?  ...

The fundamental flaw in their identity politics ideology -- Groups can be multiplied without limit.

OK, that's not a problem. That's a fatal flaw. And they've already discovered it, they just haven't figured it out. It's because we figureed out 2,000 years ago or 3,000 years ago, that you can fractionate group identity appropriately  right down to the level of the individual.

-- Jordan Peterson

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