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January 2019 AD

are Traitors
to God and Country

Evangelicals unwavering support for Israel is well documented.

It is also well known all that all the Jewish anti-Christian destruction of family, nation and religion, is disregarded by evangelicals in support of this insane unGodly support of a fake Israel filled with fake Jews.

That makes them nothing more than traitors to their church and state. so let's explore why this is true.

Again, to their credit, traitorous Judeo-Evangelicals do acknowledge a criminal element within Jews in regards to the destruction of family with pornography out of Hollywood, in Jews who support the abortion killing of babies so no families can form, in Jews who support the Muslim and third world immigration to replace the aborted babies, in Jews who gain control of our factories and outsource jobs to our worst enemy, a Communist China so a man cannot support his family with wife and kid instead supported by the government, in Jews who do everything in their power for America not to put America first in any matter.

But Evangelicals simply rationalize, "Well yes, American Jews are evil, but Jews in Israel are different. Jews in Israel know they have to survive surrounded by millions of Muslims wanting to kill them. While Jews in America may hate our guts and do everything in their power to destroy us, Jews in Israel love us as no other country, proving so by giving us all their military secrets which we could never figure out on our own."

First off, they don't give us their military secrets, but insist we give them our secrets, "so they can improve on our secrets" you see. China does the same. Give us all your manufacturing secrets and we will allow you to build cheap here until our factories are up and running after which we put you out of business.But an unbiased outsider may look at such a statement by evangelicals and recognize a well known principle of common sense. Someone in need (Jews in Israel) reaches out for help even to those whom they hate; while someone not in need  (Jews in America), feels free to show his true feelings toward you.

Nothing Godly about this factor of human nature.

Oh sure, Anti-American, Anti-Christian and thus treasonous Judeo-Evangelicals may believe on the surface that there is some kind of difference between the Communist Soviet Union Commissar Jew who immigrated to Israel in the last century versus the Communist Soviet Union Commissar Jew who immigrated to America in the last century. (Again, Jews in Israel good, Jews in Hollywood bad). 

At least Evangelicals acknowledge it's theoretically possible that Jews can do wrong, just not when a Jew's foot is on Israeli soil, and even then, when a Jew on American soil is talking about Israel, such as Chuck Schumer or Adam Schiff, he can also do no wrong.  Schemer Schumer's guts can be hated for opposing our President Trump, leader of our country, but it would be blasphemous should he be opposed when supporting Netanyahu, leader of his country Israel.

The point to understand here when talking about two "different kinds of Jews" is that even the lowest of thug arsonists would not burn down his own home (Israel), as he's burning down the homes of others (America, Europe, Middle East), unless of course, there were a generous 9/11 World Trade Center insurance policy to be collected and a resulting blow back destruction of every potential power opposing Israel in the Middle East.

But these treasonous Judeo-Evangelicals are at best only being dishonest.

They insanely allow, even outright assist, ungodly evil Jews to flourish because they lie that God wills it.

Evangelicals justify this insane non-Christian belief by calling Jesus Jewish, as if Jesus did not exist in eternity before God, The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost, ever told Abraham to create the Israelites.

Evangelicals further justify this non-Christian belief by saying Jesus is Jewish, since evangelicals disregards the Christian fact that Jesus was born into a Christian home, where parents Joseph and Mary were convinced by the angel Gabriel that Jesus was on Earth to create Christianity, baptized into Christianity by John the Baptist, also a Christian.

Lastly, Evangelicals betray Christianity when they fail to acknowledge that the true Jewish faith is Christianity with salvation through Christ alone.

In the end, Evangelicals betray Christianity in their unending forgiveness of Jesus-denying, Synagogue of Satan evil mostly atheists who no longer even follow Judaism, as they await the end of the world Christ already told them they will never see coming.

For only in calling an atheist ethnic Jew to be God's Chosen People, while refusing to call a believing follower of Christ as the true saved Chosen People, can the traitorous Judeo-Evangelical say that God does not bless the believer of Christ but God does bless the atheist Jew.

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