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January 2019 AD

Democratic Socialist
Social Democracy?

History repeats itself.

A hundred years ago, Jews like Parvus, Trotsky and Lenin were speaking of the wonders of "Social Democracy". Today, those words are switched with socialists speaking of the wonders of "Democratic Socialism".

Is this a real difference?

Jews in Russia were successful selling the word "Social Democrat" to the poor under a Czarist King. That is, the word Social defined the Democracy which Christian serfs in Russia did not have and desired. Their lower social level would finally enjoy democracy. The social side was in plundering the other social levels, which they felt justified in doing as they were led to believe they had been unjustly plundered.

Jews in Germany, on the other hand, seemed to be against the direct use of socialism in the word "National Socialism". As the word Nationalism defined the Social class who ruled and since that national class was German not Jewish, Jews hated it; otherwise, they would have loved it.

What's sad is that socialists today no longer feel the need to hide the word socialism as a "harmless" adjective for a fake alternative. No worries about anyone associating nationalism with socialism anymore, or even socialism with democracy; so Jews can go for the jugular, by dropping Social Democrat and  going straight for Democratic Socialist.

Not that anyone should be misguided here. The term Black American implies primary allegiance to the ethnic class of blacks and not the ideals of America. Same goes for Israeli American, Hispanic American and so on. America used to be defined as a melting pot, as all people were created equal. We were all equal Americans.

Now the term "equal" is defined upon which ethnic class or gender class to which you belong, with some being more "equal" than others, and that is anti-American. Hence, the term African American is anti-American.

This is how the Judeo-mantras of diversity and multiculturalism, contrary to its promise of strengthening and uniting the country, actually weakens and divides the country.

Back to history, Jews fought for the poor against the authoritarian Czar, but Jews used the democracy of Germany to decimate Germany, so Hitler's genius was in rallying Germany's poor to his National Socialism against the Judeo-Authoritarians over them. And that is what Jews in America's democracy worry about constantly, so they say. Except they know how this works, so they promoted a very Jewish loving candidate, Donald Trump.

The third rail Jews would never allow is for Christian Americans to overthrow Jewish hegemony and recreate their ancestral Christian home with a Rand Paul or a Pat Buchanan as President.

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