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January 2019 AD

Israel's Christmas Day
War Crime

Max Boot

We can always count on Israel to be as hypocritical as Jew Max Boot.

Not reported in any news, Israel made a major bombing run on Syria on Christmas Day.

Not just any bombing run. Russia has given Syria its best air defense missile to help prevent the war crime of Israel invading a neighboring country they are not at war with.

How would Israel defend itself against these Russian missiles?  With another war crime of course.

Israel few its planes over commercial aircraft landing and taking off from Beirut and Damascus airports.

Israel used innocent civilians as human shields.

I seem to remember a few years back when Israel defended its killing of innocent civilians in Gaza by saying that its attackers were launching their attacks from schools and hospitals.  It was not Israel's fault we were told that innocents were killed because the evil attackers hide behind human shields. Israel had a sacred right to defend itself, we were told.

Of course, if Syria had tried to defend itself, the missile would have taken down a commercial aircraft and never Israel be accused of a war crime again, but certainly Syria's Bassar would be accused of the war crime.

In the Israel can never be wrong category, Israel invites the same retaliation. Syria could launch an attack on Jerusalem flying their jets on top of commercial jets landing at Tel Aviv, but the world would howl in disgust!!!!

In the real world, Israel does not observe Christmas, and Christians never knew what happened from the Jewish press, so how could Christians howl in disgust against Israel?

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