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December 2018 AD

Hate Crime

This fake "racist" tweet against white Christians was posted the day of the Mid-Terms.  Political much?

The real crime is that the black fraudster has never been identified by the Judeo-media, even after he was shown to be the actual victimizer, not the victim he presented himself to be.

His sorry life was never dragged through the mud the same way an accused white person or Christian would have gleefully been by the Jewish media. In the Judeo-MSM stories, he was already a poor victimized black student and whites were already guilty.

Should Justice Kavanaugh had gotten treated with such kit gloves by the Jewish media to concede he was innocent until proved guilty. Even when Kavanaugh was not proved guilty, hence he is innocent, the Jewish media will still not concede Kavanaugh innocent.

And that is the real Hate Crime here.  A black hater, who used fake hate speech to pursue an agenda of fake racial hate, with a racist hateful Jewish MSM complicit in this very real racial hate against whites, with these Jewish journalists burying the story even after the real hate crime scam against whites has been exposed.

Kansas State Fake Hate Crime

Kansas State Student Caught Faking Hate Crime Against Himself

A Kansas State University student allegedly wrote a fake racist note and put it on his apartment door.

The note was originally posted to Twitter by user @WhoisBrodrick on Monday and said, “Beware N****RS Live Here!!! Knock at your own risk.”

“It’s 2018 and this was posted on my apartment door,” the Twitter post said. “This is still happening here at @KState so if isn’t as evident as it already was everyone needs to get out and vote I refuse to let this blatant racism stop me from moving onward and upward.”

Police were called Monday evening.

“Upon questioning, the person who reported the incident admitted to creating and posting the note to their own door,” the K-State Police Department said in a Facebook post Thursday.

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