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November 2018 AD

Rabbis for Pence

Dammed by Jews if you do and Dammed by Jews if you don't.

Persecute Jews and you are dammed by Jews.

Commiserate with Jews and you are still damned by Jews.

"Rabbi" at Mike Pence Rally Thinks Jews Who Deny Christ Go To Hell

The Christian “rabbi” who offered a prayer for the weekend’s victims of neo-Nazi terror at a rally with Vice President Mike Pence on Monday believes that Jews who do not accept Christ as their savior go to hell.

The Huffington Post title is a "Mike Pence Rally", but the first paragraph is "a rally WITH  Mike Pence.

In other words, this was not Vice-President Pence's rally. He was just an invited guest, just like the so-called Christian "Rabbi" was an invited guest.

Guilt by association much, fake Jewish News?

Fourteen paragraphs later, the truth is finally revealed.

Vice-President Pence was not the one who invited the Christian Rabbi.

Rabbi Loren Jacobs was invited by Jewess politician Lena Epstein precisely because he was half Jewish and half Christian.

And the rally was a rally for this Jewish political candidate.

Pence was not the one who invited Jacobs to the event, the vice president’s office said. That was Lena Epstein, a Jewish Republican candidate in the hotly contested race for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, according to Pence’s staff.

Epstein was outraged by the later criticism of Jacobs’ appearance.
“My family’s history as Jews and my commitment to my Jewish faith are beyond question,” the candidate said in a statement posted on Twitter. She noted that she is a fourth-generation member of Temple Beth-El, a Reform congregation in Bloomfield Hills.

“I invited the prayer because we must unite as a nation ― while embracing our religious differences ― in the aftermath of Pennsylvania,” Epstein continued. “Any media or political commentator who is attacking me or the Vice President is guilty of nothing short of religious intolerance and should be ashamed.”

Rabbis for Pence

The hate in the Jewish community knows no bounds.

Rabbi attacking Pence

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