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November 2018 AD

Democratic Socialists of America

"Democracy and Socialism have nothing in common
but one word, Equality.

But notice the difference...
  •  Democracy seeks equality in liberty,
  1.  Socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude."
Alexis de Tocqueville

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas exposed, for many for the first time, a sinister, secretive organization buried deep in the Deep State called the Democratic Socialists of America; headquartered of course, in Jew York City. (State Department here and here;  IRS GAO office here; Democrat Socialists going after our schools here)

Democracy (Representative Democracy that is) in America has given the world America, a great nation.

What has Socialism ever given the world, other than despair and millions upon millions upon millions of dead bodies in shallow graves?

The Judeo-propaganda here with these hard-core Deep State Socialists is to tack on the word "Democrat" in front of their name and to tack on thre word "America" at the end; hence, Democrat Socialists of America.

With Judeo-Social Media openly shutting down free speech on the Internet while Judeo-Antifa fascists openly shutting down free speech on college campuses, who believes these fascist socialists actually believe in either the common man being allowed to freely vote in any sense of an informed way, or even if these fascist socialists even believe in the idea of America as created by the Founders. 

Reality is they hide their evil in true blue American patriotism and no one can call them out on it. Why we have the word Democrat and America in our name, just ignore the teensy tiny Socialist part.

This subterfuge is a well know tactic of Socialists in history, as evidenced by tacking on the name "Nationalist" in front of the word "Socialism", to get a new word, "National Socialism".

Now we have "Nationalism" as a bad word, not ever to be mentioned in polite society, but the word "Socialism" is a fine dandy word for young people to associate with. Go figure.

Stalin was a Nationalist when fighting WW2 was he not?  And certainly a Socialist, so he was a National Socialist. Why do the left still admire this devil?

George Washington was a Nationalist, but who accuses him of being a Socialist?

Well, if all this is the new truth, then the word "Democrat" preceding Democrat Socialism of America has to be a very despicable bad word and all Democrats should be locked up as the Nazis they are.

Reality in left wing politics is totally irrational. (Which should not be a surprise, as their theories are from the start totally wacko irrational.)

"Nationalist  President Trump is a National Socialist, evil incarnate" they bark and yelp, "And do not let anyone confuse you. Socialist Bernie Sanders is not a National Socialist, but instead, Bernie is a cute, adorable teddy bear who loves and cares for his country". Go figure that one out.

As Alexis de Tocqueville informs us, everyone loves equality, but equal results are not always the outcome and equal means different things to different people.

If a Constitutional patriot says he wants equality of liberty to everyone, and equal speech for everyone, and equal freedom of religion for every believer, and all the other equals, he of course first gives that equality to himself, to his family, and to his friends. Harder to give these liberties to his enemies, but history has shown he does, even to blacks and women and Hispanics and Asians and American Indians and God forbid, even to Jews.

If an Anti-Constitutional treasonous person espousing equality of housing, food and healthcare gains control, history shows that person leading the charge seems to be invariably filthy rich and does not share his 33 room mansion, does not share his steak dinners with fine wine, and does not share his private healthcare. Jewish Hollywood elites, Jewish Media elites, Jewish Hedge Fund elites, and Jewish elites of all other backgrounds, have all been harping on white privilege and equal pay for decades now, and yet, when has anyone of these rich white Jews ever been seen to move out of their mansions, or their yachts, handing over their millions of Google and Facebook stocks and live as Mother Teresa did?

The Jewish pigs in Animal Farm convince the other animals, in the name of equality, to form an Antifa mob to run off the Christian humans, only later for the other animals to find the Jewish pigs have taken up residency in the farmhouse.

History shows that Anti-Constitutional treasonous Jews and those whom they are enriching for their cause, wants everyone else to give up their businesses, to give up their housing, to give up their food and to give up their healthcare, placing it all into one huge government pot, whereafter, the Jewish Commissars then gets to dole out all this equality.

And if anyone objects, history shows this Anti-Constitutional treasonous Jewish rat cares not a whit about equality of life or liberty, but will call anyone who refuses to follow along  an "enemy of the people", and in this society, the "enemy of the people" are led off to Soviet Gulags, Nazi Work Camps, shot in front of a Castro firing squad, or starved to death in a Mao reeducation camp out in the killing fields.

In Socialist societies, everyone is equal in working for the Jewish Commissar in the government, equal to living three families to a home, equal in entering empty grocery stores, and equal in waiting six months for a sub-par doctor who has no medicine to give your ailing daughter anyways.

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