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November 2018 AD

Birth"Right" Citizenship

Trump has opened America up to yet another MAGA moment.

As night follows day, Trump's "executive order" against birthright citizenship is calculated to end up in the courts, Judeo-liberals begging for the right to lead the lawsuit against Trump, where the Supreme Court will absolutely rule in his favor.

Well, not just Judeo-liberals lie about our Constitution, Judeo-Conservatives do so as well.

Representatives for the Judeo-Conservative Koch Brothers, needing more cheap labor, say,

Billionaire Koch Brothers:
"Against Our Principles to End Anchor Baby Policy"

“The president has stated his intention to use executive action to try to end birthright citizenship in this country – a proposal he first endorsed as a candidate in 2015,” LIBRE Initiative President Daniel Garza said in a statement.

“Then and now, we declare our opposition to this idea that goes against our principles. Our immigration laws should be updated based on the most thoughtful ideas,” Garza said. “We remain ready to work with anyone who is willing to work seriously toward this important goal.”

Harvard is currently being sued for keeping Asians out and letting Jews in their place.  Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt how low Harvard's standards have shrunk, there is their own former Jewish professor, Alan Dershowitz, who is incapable of understanding  our Constitutional Law:

Dershowitz: Children Born to people in U.S. Illegally and then live in the U.S have birthright citizenship

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz argued that if a child is born in the U.S. to people who are in the country illegally and that child then resides in the U.S. after they’re born, that child is a citizen.

He also said that if a child is born to tourists in the United States and that child does not reside in the U.S. after they’re born, that child may not be a citizen.

Does this Jewish Harvard Professor not kill his own argument through his own argument?

Had the illegal aliens legally asked our government to come into the country, then at best, they would have been given a legal visa to come in as a tourist, if allowed at all. Then by Jew Dershowitz's own argument, their spawn would not be citizens because their parents were mere "tourists".

Dershowitz only assumes they would be Permanent Residents had they asked to enter the U.S. as that is the only true way they could be birthright citizens.

What would be funny in the case of Dershowitz is if President Trump's Executive Order  makes no statement about birthright citizenship, but instead just declares all the illegal aliens are "tourists" to this country and tells them their visit to our lovely country is now over, "Thanks for visiting".

Sadly, you don't hear Dershowitz complain when people openly talk about the scam of "birth tourism" from China and Russia.  What Dershowitz should say if he were not a Jewish sellout to this country, "The children of Birth TOURISTS are NOT Citizens of the United States".

Facts are that most Jewish immigrants came here illegally. Americans never clamored for Jews to enter this country and take it over.
  •  Jews entered what was to be America illegally and uninvited into New Amsterdam (NYC) as Jewish Slave traders from Recife, through the strong arm of the Jewish-owned West India Company who blackmailed the colony with a threat of cut-off of all trade, thus giving America the slave trade which has haunted America ever since.
  •  Jews entered America illegally prior to the Civil War as communist criminal activists escaping the put downs of the Communist French Revolution after 1815, and again, after put down of the Communist Revolution of 1848; where afterwards these activists agitated America into our Civil War in 1860 and even assassinated our first President, Lincoln.
  •  Jews entered America illegally in the 1880's from Russia as "fake refugees" from Russia's Christian Czar by way of Judeo-fraudulent claims of persecution cited against, of all people, Christians being persecuted by Muslims in the Ottoman Empire.
  •  Jews entered this country illegally by way of LBJ's Jew-running of Houston ports during the Great Depression and on into WW2 and LBJ's corrupt funneling of Great Depression funds to help depressed and suffering Americans but instead gave this charity to illegal alien Jews. A feat which earned LBJ the Presidency after Jews killed our second President,  FDR, for wanting to shut down their illegal Dimona Nuclear bomb making facilities in Israel.
  •  Jews entered this country illegally from the collapsing Soviet Union, by posing a "fake refugees" from their own Jewish-ran Soviet Commissar hell-holes, who really only harmed the true persecuted people, Soviet Christians.
  •  Per Christian Evangelicals anyway, the only birthright citizenship Jews have is a God-given Chosen People birthright citizenship to Israel in exactly the Promised Land located on the eastern shores of the Medditeranean Sea, which is not America. So Professor Dershowitz, "Why can't these "Chosen People Tourists" be asked to leave as well?"
Derivative Citizenship, which is what birthright citizenship really is, is embedded into Title 8, Section 1452 of the U.S. Statutes; which states that children have to meet two critieria for birthright citizenship: 1) They have to be domiciled within the U.S. and 2) their parents have to be either citizens or permanent residents.

So, Title 8, Section 1452 is the real-life implementation by Congress of the intent of the 14th Amendment's description of "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof".

Finally, we have what the 14Th Amendment actually says.

14th Amendment
Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

You know racists cannot resist coming out to call others racists for supporting the real non-racist intent of the 14th Amendment.

Southern States were denying State citizenship to their former slaves. Denying citizenship rights to slaves who had never lived in any other State for generations.

Republicans proposed and pushed through the 14th Amendment because blacks were denied citizenship in their own state in which they lived. It was to give blacks citizenship in their state, with citizenship in the nation an added feature. 

It was an anti-racist amendment.

Citizenship was to be given to people who were denied rightful citizenship in their own country, not to give citizenship to citizens of the entire world.

It was never meant to give citizenship to any citizen of another country who was subject to the jurisdiction of that country and not a subject of this country.

It was never meant to give citizenship to people who had never lived in the State or the country.

In fact, it specifically excluded people who had never been subject to any US State.

Chinese birth tourism citizenship for one is a complete scam against this country.

An foreign ambassador has "Diplomatic immunity" in this country because he is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. He is our guest from his own country to whom he really owes allegiance. A foreign diplomat is not subject to American jurisdiction, even if he murders someone here in cold blood, he could be sent home where we would expect him to be tried for murder, unless we have an agreement from the foreign country to allow us their jurisdiction to try him here.

If an approved diplomat is not subject to America's sovereignty, how can anyone argue that an uninvited trespasser to our home is subject to American jurisdiction?  And then an automatic citizen for their children?

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