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November 2018 AD

Simpson's Apu

Simpsons Characters

What is all this drivel about the Indian character of Apu being a bad characterization of Indians. He is portrayed as a humble, smart and caring businessman and to boot, a loving family man.

I can certainly see Hispanics up in arms about the Latino Bubble Bee man.

But the real despicable characters the Jewish writers of Simpson have held out for all to see are despicable European and American white goys.

Scottish Groundskeeper Willie is a truly despicable character; always angry and too dumb to hold any job but janitor.

The Italian is a stereotypical mob character. How does that pass muster with Italians?

Jewish writers have even characterized themselves as an observant Rabbi. Certainly a long way removed from real Jews of "Golden Showers" Chelsea Handler or "Watch my circumcised brother masterbate" Sarah Silverman. Perhaps Jews should complain about Jew's own stereotyping being so off the mark.

And last but not least, there is the Jewish writer's take on the typical American Goy. Homer Simpson. A simple-minded, fat, lazy, drunk of a slob, white man.

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