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November 2018 AD

Gab down!
Take down Samsung!!!
 Take down Twitter!!!

Posted on a Samsung Hosted Site:
Samsung's Robert Bower

Less than two weeks from a crucial national election, Gab, a major conservative voice for hundreds of thousands of American voters is being silenced, until after the election -- by a foreign company!!!

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the world's biggest smartphone maker, said on Monday it bought U.S. cloud services firm Joyent Inc in June for 185.3 billion won ($170 million).

Free speech social network Gab was blacklisted by its web host, Joyent, and by Big Tech payment processors Paypal and Stripe, Saturday, prompting the social network to announce the possibility of it going off line for two weeks.

Who gave foreigners like Samsung the right to censor free speech in America?
Who gave anti-American Samsung the right to meddle in our elections?

Gab, the conservative social media alternative to Twitter, responsibly took down the Gab line of Robert Bowers after he shot up a Synagogue.

Gab took down Robert Bowers' gab content and fully cooperated with the authorities as any would expect a corporation to behave, but that was not good enough. Simply because Robert Bowers was on Gab, then its Samsung-owned Internet provider Joyent took down all of Gab for millions of innocent users of Gab.

But then, since Samsung bought Joyent two years ago, should not Samsung also be held accountable and also taken down?

Should Samsung be allowed to sell phones in America when their phones have Samsung-hosted hate-speech content on them?

Was it not anti-Semite Samsung, who allowed its US-based anti-Semite Joyent to host anti-Semite Gab, who hosted the real anti-Semite, Robert Bowers.

Donald Trump!! Want to make a message that you REALLY are against Anti-Semites and in turn, to awaken all the censors out there, then censor the biggest smart phone company in the world, Samsung.


It's a guaranteed win.

Cite Samsung on two counts...

Count 1:
Despicable foreign company Samsung violated the free speech rights of all Americans, conspiring to influence American's elections, by shutting down and thus censoring a major political voice in America, a mere two weeks before a major American national election.

If Samsung counters by saying it is their private right and responsibility to monitor the content on THEIR hosting service, fine, no problem, then hit them with Count 2.

Count 2:
Despicable anti-Semite foreign company Samsung had a responsibility to monitor the content of their host services, and yet, still hosted an anti-Semite mass-murderer, thus proving anti-Semite Samsung conspired with anti-Semite Robert Bower as an accomplice to the hate crime committed in Samsung's name.

Like I said, a win-win for Trump; if he can prod his Attorney General to take action.


Cone to think of it. Isn't Trump a Nazi Hitler?   Sort of makes Twitter a hate site doesn't it, since they allow him to send out his "racist" tweets.

Time for Judeo-liberals to shut down Twitter as well.

Come on Jewish libs. For once in your life, be consistent and take out Twitter.

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