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October 2018 AD

Jewish Show Trial
Kavanaugh for Life

He Said / She Said

Kananaugh for Life

Mud on Justice Kavanaugh

The deferent and visibly fragile academic with a high, mousy voice makes a lousy feminist role model

She was a "I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR" feminist before Kavanaugh, complete with tough outdoorsman-like California living, and everyone said she had "courage" to come forward, but after Kavanaugh, she was being painted as a still Innocent and entirely insecure 15-year old mousy girl complete with Librarian glasses.

I'm not buying the Democrat magic elixir.

Before Lawyer preparation
Christine Blasey Ford
as her Feminist self-assured self
Professor at Stanford and
roughed outdoorswoman

Christine Ford Before Lawyers

Christine Ford Before Lawyers

After Lawyer preparation
Christine Blasey Ford
NOT as her Feminist self
but as insecure 15-yr-old mouse
complete with mouse voice

Christine Ford After Lawyers

Christine Ford After Lawyers

Christine Ford After Lawyers

Christine Ford After Lawyers

Never forget in the coming years of Justice Kavanaugh, that Catholic Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's career was being killed by the Judeo-MSM, and I'll bank on this, the Judeo-MSM will hound him for the rest of his life, so that they can continue to kill babies.

#MeToo Christine Blasey Ford cried crocodile tears that she was afraid of being raped. Fact is she wasn't raped, even by her own accounts, but just doesn't want to see her  "Constitutional woman's right"  to kill her own baby  taken away by Justice Kavanaugh should she herself rip a boys cloths off she desired and taunt him into impregnating her.

Heh, if she has a "Constitutional woman's right" to kill the baby Kavanaugh would had allegedly created with the fake-rape, then she should be defending his own "Constitutional man's right" to do what he wanted to do with his own body, which after all, is what his teenage raging hormones would have been telling him to do.

Again, this is all over abortion which was largely sold to the public years ago with the singular racist propaganda of "Would you want your daughter to be able to get an abortion if she were raped by "A BIG BLACK MAN"?

The obvious question never raised during Roe V Wade deliberations were, "If you have the right to kill a baby inside your body, why doesn't that BIG BLACK MAN also have a right to do the rape his body so much wanted?"

Are you now a RACIST in keeping a BIG BLACK MAN from having his fun?

Rape is a crime because it creates an unwanted life, but the murder of a life has also always been a crime?

Historically, the two have gone hand-in-hand as our most heinous crimes.

Since the murder of an innocent life created by consensual sex is now legal, so long as the murderer is the same complicit woman who consented to engaging in the sexual act that created that life, then why is the attempted creation of life with non-consensual sex still a crime against the man who, on his own part, consented to the same sex which creates the same life?

Survival of the Species is genetically built into each and every one, of us, even BIG BLACK MEN; therefore, any liberal should concede it's perfectly natural to engage in sex; and thus should be also be deemed by liberals as an absolute right.

No, Christine Blasey Ford was a typical feminist who railed against "old fashioned" Christian ideals of protecting women from predatory men with protections like chauffeurs and curfews and adult supervision and the prohibition of not wearing skimpy swimming suits to parties where there's drinking going on.

Until 35 years later, she showed she still wanted protection from men, but on her own terms.

By her own admission, she freely admitted to placing herself in harms way by attended a teenage party with no adult supervision.

Now that she is 52-years-old, what should she think would have happened? 

Why are her parents not being investigated and interrogated for child abuse and neglect in not monitoring her behavior?

Why do we have to respect her "vaunted morals", when after all, she's at a drinking party at the tender age of 15 YEARS OLD with no adults present!!

All Christine Blasey Ford has proven to date is that she was a irresponsible 15-year-old, who now wants to blame others for her own folly. 

Truth is that Christine Blasey Ford, or as Rush Limbaugh calls her, Christine Ballsy Ford, is a full pledged "I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR" professor at Stanford. Our first picture of Ford was of a rough and tough outdoorswoman, where she was wearing ski glasses. What we got before the Senate hearings was a lawyer manipulated image of a still insecure 15-year-old mousy little girl in big ugly librarian glasses.

Proof against poor Kavanaugh is still to be established, unless you agree with President Trump, as I do, that Kavanaugh was proved innocent.

Jewish Show Trial

People are comparing this to the Clarence Thomas/ Anita Hill spectacle before a Senate Confirmation hearing. That's an interesting compare.

No one believed Anita Hills "Long Dong Silver" slur testimony against Justice Thomas, which we learned she had pulled out of one of HER own trial cases.

Not even a DEMOCRAT-RAN Senate believed her, who then voted Thomas into office.

Why would a REPUBLICAN-RAN Senate not elect Kavanaugh now?

To establish the “credibility” of the Judeo-MSM on this topic, may I introduce some thought about this upcoming Judeo-Commissar show trial?

Jewish Senator Diane Feinstein gets the ball rolling by referring a letter she had received over to the FBI of an alleged event occurring when he was just 17 years old, where an unidentified woman accuses devout Catholic and loving family man Kavanaugh of NOT raping her 35 years ago.

In a real court:

  1.   Kavanaugh would demand his Constitutional right to meet his accuser (Shades of Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill here). So far, his accuser doesn’t seem interested in pursuing “justice”, which is the greatest injustice of all, because the country will be left with the “judge, jury and executioner” decision of the Judeo-MSM, which they will use to lord over him for the rest of his life. 
    1. (Update: she did come forward with outlandish claims that no one backed up, not even the vaunted FBI investigation Democrats demanded . Two 17-year-old boys were outfoxed in a bedroom by  a 15-year-old mousy girl like  Christine  Blasey Ford.  Who would believe such a story?
  1.   Kavanaugh would call for the disbarment of this ladies’ attorney, since she insists that Kavanaugh is questioned first on charges he doesn’t even fully know yet, and furthermore, the lawyer insists his accuser have the last word with him having no opportunity for rebuttal. This is far worse than our Constitutional right to be treated as innocent before found guilty. If Kavanaugh must respond to an allegation which has not yet been alleged under oath, then he is being judged guilty before a crime has even been legally alleged. Sending a letter to Judeo-Senator Feinstein is not the same as officially filing a criminal complaint with a police department. Having Feinstein as your proxy to send the letter to the FBI is not legal procedure either. This is all standard legal process the accuser’s attorney is legally required to follow. Absolutely, she needs to be disbarred.
    1.  Update: We discovered that the attorney participated in one fraud after another.
    2.  Update: We were told a delay was needed because Ford was afraid to travel by airplane. We found that to be a lie when her former boyfriend told us she flew in tiny Cessnas around the Hawaii Islands and that she had traveled to Washington by plane for her lie detector.
    3.  Update: We were told she put a second door in her home so she could escape another attempted rape, while her boyfriend tells us the real reason, the door was so she could rent out a part of her house.
    4.  Update: Ford testified that she had never coached others on how to fake a lie detector, when in fact, we learned she had  coached a friend in how to beat a lie detector test for the friend to become an FBI agent.
  1.  Kavanaugh would insist that no crime is alleged here, since no rape occurred (penetration being the legal standard); hence would call for and receive a complete dismissal of all charges.
    1.  Update: everyone who ever knew Kavanaugh in those days testified under oath that Kavanagh was indeed a Catholic Alter boy in those days.
  1.  Kavanaugh would insist that the statute of limitations had long expired. Once again calling for a dismissal of all charges, even if a crime was alleged. A woman who has waited this long and does not even make an accusation of a real crime is not someone who was never serious about her morals being violated, even if true and even if she is accusing the right man.
    1.  Update: A big reason for statute of limitations is exactly for this purpose. A crazy woman bringing up crazy allegations of crimes years ago and there being no one around to testify in your defense. Failed thankfully in Ballsy Ford's case, as this was a national story which allowed the real truth to come out.
  1.  Don’t know the law on this, but Kavanaugh may insist that the State is criminal in violating laws on publicly identifying minors, as he a minor was at the time of the alleged crime, by revealing these mere allegations which will never see a courtroom and would insist that Senator Feinstein be brought up on at least ethics charges relating to this smear of his character and good name.
  1.  Kavanaugh would question the motive of a Jewish Senator Feinstein to derail the nomination of another Catholic to the Supreme Court. Ok, on second thought, no he wouldn’t, since she was smart enough to never publicly make his Catholicism a factor. But the Jewish Senator would have to face the fact that all Democrat Presidents in recent history, all the way back to LBJ, have nominated only Jews, with the exception of Thurgood Marshall, the token liberal black justice.

In a word, the Judeo-MSM has no credibility other than that of master conspirators.

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