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October 2018 AD

Jewish Inquisition
against Catholics

As Dr. E. Michael Jones tells us, “The traditional enemy of the Catholic Church, the ones who do real damage, are Jews who reject the logos of Christ.”

Jews have a long memory. In 1492 AD, Spain asked for an Inquisition to investigate Jews and Muslims who falsely converted to Catholicism and who were undermining the faith of Catholics at a crucial time when brutal Muslim invaders were poised to retake the newly Christian Spain they had just freed with much effort.

Today, homosexuals are the ones undermining Catholicism as an internal 5th column and Jews are utilizing these degenerates infesting the faith to establish their own Jewish Inquisition; this time, against the Catholic Church.

Just to be sure… Let’s imagine that the Catholic Church had convened a modern-day Inquisition to root out homosexuality from the ranks of priests, long before all these allegations of child abuse started to occur. That’s right! The Jewish media would have had a massive heart attack in grief that the Catholic Church was still living in the Dark Ages where homosexuals were deemed degenerate sinners.

The picture can be painted any which way the Jews want. Just give them a blank canvas.

On one hand, Catholicism would have been condemned for envisioning homosexuals as fire and brimstone statutes, which would have prevented the abuse; while on the other hand, Catholicism ARE condemned for forgiving 70 times 70, which is said to have allowed the abuse.

Never are the police accused of not taking a criminal complaint against priests seriously. That would be government, and in Democrat hands, only government has papal infallibility.  Not the Pope, only government. 

Pennsylvania Priest abuse

Let’s talk about the recent allegations of state-wide priest abuse in Pennsylvania and previous revelations in the Pennsylvania city of Philadelphia. 

What Dr. Jones says is happening is Jewish psychological warfare.

This particular form of PsyWar is called a “moral crisis”; that is, a fake crisis created to further a Jewish agenda.

As these things go, the motive will become clear latter perhaps years later.

Perhaps the motive is to somehow help Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senator Casey win his bid, whose up for election this year in a State dominated by President Trump just 2 years ago.

Perhaps the motive is to also deflect attention away from their own Jewish women-created moral crisis against their own Jewish men, which I found entertaining.  As Ann Coulter points out, the #MeToo movement was liberal women finding out they are also allowed to accuse the the liberal men in their  sphere of sexual harassment, same as conservative women have been doing for centuries.

The Jewish Harvey Weinstein moral crisis needed a Catholic priest moral crisis to completely bury it in the news.

We have been here before with the Day Care crisis of the 1990’s when Jews talked Christian women in pursuit of their career ambitions into abandoning their children to “lesser of morals citizens”, those employed in day care.

Nevertheless, the same two parties, Jew and Catholic are at play here:

Jew Lynn Abraham

Jew Lynn Abraham, when running for District Attorney in Philadelphia promised to investigate all institutions for child abuse, but after winning the District Attorney race, she only investigated the Catholic Church. She brought many allegations alleged in a grand "Inquisitor" jury, but ZERO indictments.

She was replaced by black District Attorney Seth Williams who was an alter boy for what’s wrong about prosecuting priests. A heroin addict in prison claimed his addition resulted from being molested by two priests. One of the two priests would enter prison in lieu of taking a plea bargain should he plead guilty. He was denied life saving medicine while in prison and died. Later the woman comes forward to say she lied. Turns out she was holding out for a large settlement with the Catholic Church out of court. Thank you, Philadelphia District Attorneys, for your sterling work in getting to the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.

Here is a letter by Carol Johnston to the Philadelphia Inquirer dated September 29, 2005,

I think its legitimate to raise the question of District Attorney Lynn Abraham’s general background. The District Attorney is a member of the Anti-Defamation League, which issued in 2002 a press release denouncing the remarks of Cardinal Rodriquez, who had been discussing the issue in the Middle East about the suffering of the Palestinian people. Ms. Abraham has been a DA in the greater Philadelphia area for 40 years and during that time she must have known about sexual abuse cases occurring in the Catholic Church, but why in 2002 was she moved to convene a Grand Jury to investigate such cases? Does her actions have anything to do with the Church’s reservations about the political direction taken by the State of Israel? Perhaps we will never know, but I do think the view of a Jewish District Attorney’s investigation against the Catholic Church ought to be investigated from the view of possible bias. 

But add to this the DA’s imprisonment of 11 Christians who were peacefully demonstrating in Philadelphia last year.

Add to this her own bias in favor of Planned Parenthood.

And this again, her own strongly held views in the death penalty which has earned her the moniker of “The Queen of Death”.

Questions of prosecutorial abuse and prejudice do indeed become legitimate to raise.

Robust debate?

Nope, this letter was never published.

Christians cannot claim Jewish bias. Not allowed!

Jew Josh Shapiro

Then Jew Josh Shapiro becomes the Pennsylvania Attorney General in 2016, immediately convening a grand jury which investigates 500 of the 7000 priests during the 40-year investigation window and comes away with a mere 2 indictments.

A word about Jewish Shapiro as well.

He ran as Attorney General of Pennsylvania with money from outside Pennsylvania.

He took fellow Jew Michael Bloomberg money.

Once again, NYC buys an election in another State.

Shapiro ran on a lie, which I know is meaningless as he is a politician. His platform was one of helping the Pennsylvania victims of pollution from oil and coal concerns. But in fact, the real love he threw himself into was convening this massive Mueller-styled, Grand "Inquisitor" Jury to persecute the Catholic Church.

From out of this debris, the New York Times falsely reported that 300 priests are alleged to have engaged in child abuse.

Now child abuse is against the law with this being the only way the State could have become involved.

Adult homosexuality is legal, thank you Jewish mafia. So a Jewish Attorney General cannot make a name for himself attacking the Catholic Church on just Catholic morals. Would look bad for Catholics, but certainly would look bad for him investigating a non-crime.

Child abuse is to get the foot into the door.

In fact, most of the allegations were adult homosexuality, many taking place in adult seminary school; a sin for Roman Catholics for sure, but certainly not a crime the state can be investigating. This is especially indicative of Jewish mafia motivation to have it both ways, since the Jewish mafia has long mainstreamed homosexual behavior as acceptable and even uses the State to prosecute private citizens who hold out homosexuality as against their religious beliefs.

Would have been silly of the NYTs to out 300 practicing homos in the Catholic Church.

Why should anyone accept the NYT’s fake news about 300 priests when only two were indicted by a Jewish Attorney General anyway?

Catholics seem to be their own worst enemies. South Bend Bishop Rhodes laments, “fF the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report taught us anything, it’s that victims deserve to see the names of their abusers made public for all to see.”

Only two will ever get a trial to clear their name. How does Bishop Rhodes expect the hundreds of other priests to clear their names decades after the fact?   There are legal reasons for statute of limitation laws and this is a great reason, but instead of adhering to the government’s own laws on wht you can prosecute on, even with Jews, for Catholics, the solution given is to extend government statute of limitation laws out two more years just for religious persecutions (er. prosecutions) against Catholics.

No Bishop Rhodes, Dr. E Michael Jones says you are succumbing to Jewish psychological warfare.

Violation of the First Amendment protections of Religion

The Catholic Church problem is homosexuality.

These Jewish prosecutors, using the immense power of the state, have no interest whatsoever in criminalizing homosexuality, of actually arresting homo priests, so the only remaining possibility is an official government persecution of a Christian Church.

Per the First Amendment, the State is not allowed to single out for persecution a single religion or any religion for that matter.

Jewish Rabbi Child Abuse?

What were the resuts of investigations into Bar Mitzva students in the hands of child molesting Rabbis in Pennsylvania?

We don’t know because the Jewish Inquisition is only allowed against the Catholic Church.

Protestant minister Child Abuse?

Where are the results of the investigation into Protestant Churches?

No need, many are already in the process of ordaining lesbians as deacons.

And another reason, unlike the Catholic Church, Protestant churches are much more open to violating the 10 Commandments regarding murder, so long as you can lie and say God never yet gave the fetus a soul. The real Jewish problem with the Catholic Church is the Catholic Church says birth control prevents nasty Christians from being born in the first place.

Public school teacher Child Abuse?

What are the results of the last 40 years of public-school teacher abuse against our children?

We don’t know that either because governments don’t regularly investigate themselves.

Besides, and this is BIG,  they have their government-created principle of sovereign immunity.

No multi-million-dollar casino jackpots for anyone who foolishly thinks they can sue any of the 30 odd government public school teachers every young child will experience in their public school past.  No allegations against teachers who died a decade ago and cannot defend themselves, making you the only witness to the crime.

A sure bet bound to pay off by a sympathetic jury.

Now, just so you know, our secular government who scream separation of Church and State whenever it suits them, will never acknowledge the sovereign immunity of God.

It’s one thing to say all our laws come from the Constitution, so you cannot hold the Constitution liable for violating a law; hence, constitutional government has sovereign immunity from lawsuits.

But it’s quite another thing for Jews to acknowledge that all moral laws come from God, so how could you ever accuse HIS Church of any violation of moral laws and therefor Christianity itself can claim it has its own sovereign immunity.

We in the past did call God's Sovereign Immunity to be Separation of Church and State.

A Jewish liberal Democrat may say that a Christian Republican politician is corrupt, but he would NEVER say that the root cause was government itself and that government must go.  The Constitution, absolutely yes, but not government.

They love government. Government can do no wrong, since government is the only entity who they say can do good for the people. So, government, and in this case, the American government, cannot be sued.

America has reached the day when Jews may indeed sue all Catholics in a congregation for the sins of their FATHER. 

God and God’s Church can do wrong, so say our Jewish persecutors.

Christian churches and in this case, the Catholic Christian Church can be sued by government, First Amendment be damned. 


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